Brightmoonshine from Shuabby

  • I feel with you that something is unfinished in the career area. Like you need to go for more training to get the job you are seeking at this time. You can find a job that will be temp until you complete your training for the job you really want. When? How? I feel it will be in about three weeks for the temp job and a man named Joe will help you in some way is what I receive. How? You know how to find a job as you have been working at it for awhile. I need to say for you not to give up , but to buck up and do it.


  • Shuabby would I be able to get a love reading?

  • thank you I will keep working at it!

  • Shuabby I have applied to over 40 jobs within 48 hours, but so far nothing, I just feel at a dead end, like everything we worked for is going to be lost.....maybe relocation is the answer....I do not want to give up any thoughts?

  • brightmoonshine

    40 jobs in 48 hours is to be comended. I feel that a man will be calling you within the next week for an interview. I hear the name of John and this job will be to your liking and enable you and yours a chance to substain your lives.

    You will not give up because you are made of stronger stuff than that. Yes, you will feel like you have been walking trough a flood to get to the shore , but I hear that you will be rewarded and soon. I see a buick bld and it has a lighter color of buick on it that you will go into with blk and white tile on the floor and you walk through double doors to a warehouse area or a work area .

    Let me know how next week goes for you, as I feel you will get good news.


  • Thank you so much I will keep you posted, blessings

  • A man called me to set up an interview, this a position I have been waiting for three years, I have the interview next Thursday I will let you know if this is the one, lots and lots of blessings to you ...

  • Shuabby I got two more phone calls, but I want to go to the interview on Thursday first what do you think?

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