Please can someone tell me if my assistant will be fired

  • I need to know if she will be fired, quit on her own or ask for reassignment. She is causing so much stress for myself and those around us... she is a horrible, bitter jealous peron. her life troubled by substance abuse and family issues.. She is poisoning the atmosphere. Thanks in advance

  • When someone comes into our lives and pushes our buttons, we should thank them and be grateful for their presence, because if we didn't have our own issues, this sort of person would not be able to get to us so easily. These people expose our weaknesses which makes them so valuable as lesson teachers. Ask yourself what most vexes you about this person because it may be that her qualities are something that triggers fear or anxiety from another source in you or that you may have something of this quality in your own nature, though you try to reject it. Do you have any bitterness, jealousy, self-abuse, family issues, etc. that might be buried inside but not dealt with? People are our mirrors. Instead of asking when your assistant (and she really is assisting you, even if you don't see it) will leave, ask instead what lesson she came to teach you. When you stop sending negative vibes at her and creating stress in yourself, and begin to appreciate her teachings, the positive benefits to both yourself and her will flow. She may be here to simply trigger rebellion or fight in you so that you deal with life's challenges more easily.

  • PS Other people and situations don't cause us stress - it is how we react to them that causes us stress.

  • I hear what you are saying but this person has been moved around the dept because she sleeps on the job, has trouble taking direction from authority, and she sees 5 people in one whole month when the persont that was there before her, did 5 times the amount of work, She was placed under a previous supervisor who did not treat her as his assistant or gave her the position that she actually carries, he treated her as a clerical staff, I felt sorry for her and treated her with respect gave her - her place in the unit and now she thinks that she can do as she pleases, tries to throw me under the bus (which did not work) her works speaks volumes we get complaints from all different depts on her. I don't drink or use drugs, I am not bitter although before my move I know that i was heading in that direction. Her famiy issues are that her kids are also subtance abusers and in trouble with the law. My family is full of lawyers, preachers and educators who have no criminal history (although I can see that no one is above something like this happening to them) I think what bothers me the most, is that I have tried my best to help her and she keeps stabbing me in the back. I cant work with someone when I have to constantly watch my back.... Thanks,

  • Is that you fear having to watch your back that makes you dislike the woman or that she doesn"t appreciate you (like perhaps those close to you behave or have behaved?) Something about her is triggering old wounds or unresolved issues. Trust me, there is a message from spirit in this for you - otherwise you two would never have been brought together. If you wish to find a solution, you have to consider also the idea that there may be bad past karma between you to resolve. If you ask yourself why and are open to the answer, you will discover the reason for her being in your life, and in your face.

  • Thank you for all your insight. Things are becoming clearer as each day goes by. I am attempting to open up and see what message i should be receiving, Thanks again

  • I heard a resounding 'yes'

  • Thanks !

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