Experienced readers, i need your help

  • hello all,

    i did a celtic cross reading for myself about where things are headed between this guy and me and got these cards. i'd really appreciate it if you could share what you make of it so that i can compare them with my own interpretation. i thought it'd be good practice for me to see how different people interpret certain cards in certain positions. thanks so much in advance!

    these are the cards i got in order:

    page of cups

    four of swords

    wheel of fortune

    ten of pentacles

    two of wands

    the fool

    ten of cups

    the devil


    ace of swords

    can't wait to hear what you make of it!

  • Hi Cylll,

    Is this a current relationship or something that has recently ended? It's coming through as something that has ended, which is why I ask. However, it may just mean that it is something you are being urged to let go of. I am seeing and feeling a lot of emotional resistance and being shown a change in direction which requires the engagement of truth - being honest with yourself and not allowing your heart to overpower your head. Have you been compromising yourself or your own needs out of fear? I feel you have been selling yourself short. That part above about engaging the truth -- it feels like there is some denial going on. Are you ignoring the signs that are being sent to you? You need to remind yourself that you DO count, what you want DOES matter. Stop settling for less. Why hang around for more disappointment when there are other opportunities out there waiting for you?



  • wow, this is why i find tarot soo amazing. i didn't interpret this reading like that at all, though what you said about denial and resistance makes a lot of sense.

    could you please tell me from which cards did you get that? the way i try to read (i'm a beginner) is more of an individual look at cards, i'm not good at looking at them as a whole that tells a story at this point.

    anyway, thank you so much for your help!

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