Can somebody help. career reading?

  • Thank you to anyone that responds. I am really down right now and kind of lost on what to do. I just finished my junior year of college and just applied to the occupational therapy program. I recieved the letter that i didnt get accepted and am uncertain of what to do. College has been a huge hassle and dont know if its even right for me? is there any insight or things you can see about what will come of this? i have some plans but don't know if they are the right choice. if anybody can give me some guidance id apprecitate it. DOB 12/18/1990

  • Namaste Gino64,

    I did a 3 card reading for your Past, Present, and Future. The Cards were (Past)4 of cups- reversed ; (present) 5 of wands; (future) 9 of Pentacles Reversed. This suggest that your problems are stemming mainly from a loss of interest in the things you that were once really interesting to you and that you have been fighting these feelings and fighting yourself because of it. College was a hassle because it seems you recently have not been as passionate or interested in what you have been studying . This has made everyday seem like a struggle and fight. You future card suggest that you have the skills and talents and discipline to succeed at your other plans. You just have to learn to rely on your self a little more. Your power is inborn and you are your own abundance. When you move forward trust that all you need you already have within you and you will succeed.

    Also you may want to read Ralph Waldo Emerson's "self reliance essay" it may be very inspiring to you at this juncture in your life.

    Hope this helps!

    Love and Light

    -First Mann

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