Final out come on a break up question.

  • Hi I am new to this forum. Never done any thing like this before but I hope you guys can give me some of your interpretations on a tarot reading I had on June 25.

    Mu question was - Did me and my recent ex make the wrong decision to split and if so would we reconcile.

    I dont remember much of it but the final outcomes were as follow (all uprght placement).

    3 of Cups

    2 of Cups

    Knight of Cups

    The Tarot reader said that we would come back together, it will be a new beginning for the both of us by wiping the slate clean and we would move forward in our relationship so it will be a very happy time in our lives. And it would happen around August/Sept (apparently each card laid out in a tarot reading equals one months time and it keeps adding up. So initially I had the two minor acarna cards but then I pulled out the knight of cups which when adding from month of june lands around September.

    Whats your opinions??

  • 2 Of Cups is as renouned as the Lovers in a reading , signifying one and one makes two, a love and bonding. It can also heed as a warning though so please be aware, that although it is a positive card in a reading when wanting to know an answer to a question regarding love, it's also asking you to be patient and to let things unfold in due course. It can also mean the end or the beginning of something new.

    3 Of Cups signifies a mutual friendship right now, something that isn't what you want but may be how it's got to be, it's all about compromise for the good of each. It of course can mean a celebration later on of something becoming successful, by that I mean the stars can shine down on you to help you achieve and gaing great success if that's what you're looking for. You also need to have faith at this time.

    The Knight of cups is indeed a card of reaffirmation in love and deep rooted feelings but doesn't necessarily mean that it's a re joining of two people, could be a new attraction there, on either side of course. Cups shows emotions and the card maybe telling you to think of your actions before throwing yourself into the unknown. It also shows that you have a flair for being open and not scared at showing your feelings even though the other (ex) may be the opposite to you and is driving you crazy with not showing hers, or even winding you up at the moment to hurt you (Even I know that one!) :s

    Hope that helps 😉 Good luck too!

  • Hi,

    Thanks for that. Yeah I wasn't sure if it was heading more in the direction of friendship or a relationship. The psychic said it would be more towards relationships because of the many cup cards. Sorry I'm a girl :).

    There is a guy who does like me I think and he is a pisceas which is reflected in the Knight of Cups.

    My ex partner was a Sagi and fit the Knight of Wands description correctly.

    Is the knights of cups a sign of moving forward?? just like the knights of wands.

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