Shaubby dear,can you please do a reading for me

  • shaubby,hi i have had a reading from you long ago....i am in my final year of technical education and will get my degree in a year...but i only took it up due to pressure from others...i actually want to enter the entertainment field(singing/acting) in usa and s.korea...with both these countries ,i feel a strong connection ,eventhough they are far away from mine..i am planning on going to the us or uk for my higher studies after a year and procceed towards this career path...will i be successful,shaubby?will i be able to secure admission in a college in the us and will i be able to get discovered/enter the entertainment field in a country like korea?...

    you did a love reading for me last time where you told me that i would have to pick between two men,nothing of that sort has happened...any insight that you can share would be greatly appreciated,thank you shaubby

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  • laarajj90

    Just hang in there where the two men are concerned, somtimes these things don't happen overnight.

    I feel you can get discovered if you have a good agent. There are a lot of talented people out there and you most certainly are one of them. I see you singing on stage in a Korean outfit , very beautiful red, yellow, some green in this silk. You must hold tight to your heart your dreams and spirit will help you find your way is what I am being told. This move will take courage and I feel you have this on your side. Somehow I get Hong Kong here for you , you may work with someone from there feels male to me.

    Yes, you can go to college in the US with all the proper channels you will have to go through , I do believe that you have what it takes grade wise to achive coming to the US and going to college. I feel that if you deceide to do so that you will meet a young man in college and just may be one that you will have to make a choice about because there is a second man that is of your culture that you will also feel your heart strings being pulled by, he feels like he will be into medicine.

    You will succeed that is written in the stars for you.


  • Thank you shaubby,I do have talent and spirit and believe me,I have enough courage to take leaps like that but I lack proper people who can help and guide me...that is why I basically want to leave to the us n study. parents n relatives,especially my mother would rather I marry. ..I am nowhere near ready for that...I am aware not many people succeed but I feel it my heart that I can in this field...there also the racism issues that scare me,..what I most want is love n adoration from people and a place in the entertainment industry that can command it...shaubby,when ypu saw me on the stage. ..did you see me alone or where people near me...

  • larajj90

    What I saw was you stepping into center stage and singing. You would have people around you just that you would step forward to showcase your talent. Keep in mind that the entertainment industry is one in which you have to command or better said earn the respect ,.Than when you are known and requested among those who count, you will have respect. Ask spirit to bring in people around you that will respect you and have good intentions.

    Racism issues will not be a problem around like mined people.

    Sometimes people that achive being well known and at the top of the success ladder may end up felling lonely if they have given into the greed that comes with money, and have lived a life of choicing superficial love. I know that you want love and can make wise decesions of the heart with standards set. There is no reason why you can not reach for the stars and try to fullfill your distiny.


  • thank you shaubby,you have put me much at ease...i am going to follow your advice thank you very much

  • my parents are very much against what i actually want to do,so i might have to distance myself from my mother for a while when i go to the us in order to do it,do you see any chances of us reconciling after or will she come around ? my main weakness is that i dont want to hurt anybody in the process of achieving what i desire and definitely not my own mother eventhough she may have been the cause of my past grief for a long,long time......i love her,i do and she wants me to be happy and secure by marriage but i know her and she will never realize that her idea of what makes me happy doesnt necessarily make me happy..on the contrary,it makes me feel like a prisoner ....and shaubby,do you by any chance hear the name jae or variations of that in my future career or love life?...this is a person i have never met in person but i feel something strongly for him (its a weird sensation,almost as if i remember him from a past life)and would like to one day or i may just be fooling myself

  • LARAJJ90

    Family tradation is something that is hard to break, so I understand where your Mother is coming from. She will always love you but must respect her tradition and beliefs, so it would be a while before she would understand enough to let you go and than know and love you in a diffrent adult way. When you break away there is always a saddness for everyone at times, but it does pass and life goes on.

    Jae- this name seems to be lit within with energy and life such as you yourself are at this time, that is the draw and if you are fantazing a life with this person than I would be guided to tell you to find out as much as you can about him before basing your life around this desire. You need to shield yourself at times until facts are known to help you make imformed deceisions.

    That way you know you are making good choices for your future.

    You not fooling yourself if you feel deeply drawn to do this, there is always a reason.


  • i have been literally feeling my energy level rise for the last few days and today,when i got up and meditated it felt a lot more stronger..i felt happier and more excited for no reason at all or for something that i know is coming.. thank you for the valuable advice,shaubby..your an angel,thank you for taking the darkness away and making it that much more clearer

  • hello shaubby,i hope you are well...just wanted to update you on a few things.things have been looking up for me-in fact,things have been going quite good-lots of doors opening up and i dont think i have ever felt so lucky before....but in the case of my parents,my dad has been having a few health problems..he's gone through major health illnesses in the past and come out of it without a scratch years ago but hes on medication,this time the doctors suspect a small complication from his test result...i am worried about him,will he be ok? and my mother is so stressed about dad ,worrying about my dad not being with us anymore(paranoia really,its only a small block that can be dealt with )that she keeps telling me that she wants to marry me off soon like after a year or so ...i have my dreams and marriage has no place in it in the near future.i am scared ,i know i wont let it happen but i dont want to fight with my mom,stress out people and turn the house upside down.......and do you still see achieving my dream of becoming a singer and actress?

  • larajj90

    I'm sorry to hear of your father illness at this time. I cannot predict health because I am not a medical intuitive. I can say a healing prayer for your father and will do so.

    In answer to you achieving your dream of becoming a singer and actress. We all have a destiny that will unfold for us with the choices we make called free will. You want this career and no marriage so you can achieve it. Why can you not achieve it being married? The right man may actually help you to achieve your career goals. If you feel that marrying the man your parents pick for you will disregard your wishes for a career than of course you have the right to stand your ground and request with respect to all involved that you be allowed to reach for your dreams and fulfill them much like an athlete has to train so that they can be a master and be in the Olympics. I do feel that you most certainly can achieve your goals with the help of other people along the way. This may cost money for training and you will have to work harder than you thought you would. You are strong willed and I feel you will do so with ease. Don't expect for this to happen overnight, I feel two years before you really feel that you are where you want to be. I hear the name of Charles and Di-gee which is an unusual name, a man in whom will be of help to you along your way. Please keep in touch as I always enjoy hearing from you.


  • thank you shaubby...the reason that i dont want to get married in the very near future is because i think that i am not at all ready for it and my dad agrees with me...i dont work well under pressure dear and giving into the pressure and emotional blackmail and marrying a guy she picks is the ultimate nightmare..i love her and she loves me dearly but she fails to understand that her idea of what would make me happy actually ends up making me miserable..she thins that marriage is the only thing that would guarantee me security if anything where to happen to my dad and i do not think so...i do want love and a lasting marriage but not an excuse for it and that time isnt now..she's put me through a lot-abuse -physical and mental,pressure,depression,breakdowns but at the end of the day i still love her solely because the poor woman honestly believes she's doing it to help me and arguing or fighting or discussing with her yields no results,she doesnt listen....i have understood her character and so,now me and my dad kinda works around things with my mom rather than to go father is my best friend ,i have already lost my grandmother who was my comfort and eventhough its not anything serious now,i cannot bear the thought of anything happening to him...i do want to keep in touch with you dear but i am afraid that i might be disturbing you unnecessarliy...

  • and dear,when you said that i could get to my dream in two years,you meant two years from now like 2014-15?

  • larajj90

    You are very intutitive yourself and know how your Mothers internal mind clock works. It is really sad to think that some women believe that a man has to be the stablelizing block for a woman, when like you yourself believe and know that is not true for some women that know what they want and that they are not emotionally ready to marry.

    You are not bothering me, as I love to hear from people that reach for the stars and with stand a lot of inner and outer challanges to achive their goals.


  • Your words are always such a comfort for me..yes,I have known for a long time how my mother's mind works however my own nature is to be direct and straight forward and so,it gets tough at times to play along with her. And if you do have the time to do the healing prayer for my dad tat u mentioned,it would be greatly Appreciated.thank you so much and when you said that I would be able to get where I want to in the next two years,did you mean like two years from now like 2014-15?

  • larajj90

    Yes, two years is what I received for you to be on the pathway to acheiving your career goals.

    I know you can do it.


  • Hello shaubby...I hope you have been well...I have started preparing for all my entrance exams into colleges in the us....if I do get in,do you see the college or place that I would be going to for my grad studies?.....theres been something thats been worrying me...u c I have always had a bit bad skin and skin troubles,I have tried everything from medcation to diet change but it gets Better then goes back to being bad...a psychic suggested that my problems stem from emotional trouble and that I am trying to show an ugly mask to the world so that I can protect myself .he says that I have a fear of not fitting in...I thought about it a lot and I have never had problems fitting in,I seemed to intuitively know what people need and expect and always work about it and I would never want to keep people away,I am a people,what this psychic says,do u think there's any truth in it? N do u think I ll ever b able to have clear and flawless skin?

  • larajj90,

    In regards to your skin again I have to say that I'm not a medical intutitive. You may need to start taking skin vitimins in which you can go on the web and search which would be best recommended. Diet has a lot to do with your skin too. Do you drink a lot of coffee and soda as they both can affect the skin. Some women have flare ups when their bodies are perparing for their monthly period. You may want to talk to a OBGYN in this regards also.

    The college you would go to for grad studies? I see a red buick building and it feels like Rhode Island to me , but there also seems to be a second choice in a much warmer climate like CA State.


  • Oh,Rhode island or California.....I was looking more into the nyc area since I have this feeling that it would be more beneficial for my career training,goals and growth... One more thing,I really hope that I am not going overboard with all my questions...if you feel so,then feel free to tell me so...the industry that I want to get into depends a lot on a ceo of a company or talent scout or manager/agent just randomly coming across and noticing you else,you should have been a trainee of theirs for years from a very young doesn't seen to work anyother way and since,I am not even from the same country and am not like 15,16 years old young and am only option would be to be discovered or something along those you see something like that or Must I try a different route? It would help me prepare and be ready

  • larajj90

    RI is not that far from NY so a college in NY would be a good choice.

    No one is just discovered unless it is distine to be. You will have to take training and also get an agent to help you. Once in NY you will begin to know people and will meet certain people in the know about an agent to choose. It will not fall in your lap so to speak. You will have to work hard for it to happen. There are drama schools and you will first have to go on stage in plays. I feel you will be in plays , than move ahead with your talent. There are shows on TV called America Got Talent you can audition for when they come to NY , or travel to a city they will be in to try for a place on the show, which would lead to stardom.

    Always the Best Wishes,


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