Hi would I be able to get a reading

  • Hi would I be able to get a reading.I don't know where my life is headed to I recently graduated college but can't find a job. My birthday is 3/13/1988. Thanks I really would appreciate it.

  • What type of job are you looking for? Do you have alternatives if you cannot get the one line of work that you want?

  • Hi no I don't have any other alternatives my field is in health education. I have had job interviews but I don't get call backs for the job.

  • Do you know why you aren't getting callbacks? You can ring the interviewer and ask why not - it's a perfectly acceptable practice. It will be very helpful in future interviews if you know where you are doing wrong. It may just be that they want someone with experience or more qualifications. But if you are doing something wrong in the interview, you need to know. Maybe you just don't push yourself forward or promote yourself enough. I feel you may not have enough confidence in your own abilities and this can come across at an interview.

  • Thank you I think you are right I am a sometimes not confident enough in my own abilities.

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