• Hi.

    Here is my story:

    Earlier in March, the results from the Mini-school test back in January came back, and to tell us whether or not we've been accepted the to the mini-school(s) or not that we've applied for.

    I had a choice between Summit and Flex.

    Ultimately, I was lured by the fancies of Flex, and how we would go on a field trip to Quebec in Grade 10.

    I known that instant where I sent the e-mail, I felt regret.

    I should have chose Summit, because it would help me much more in my future and I would be much happier with Summit. But now, it seems to me that, once I begin High School. I have a choice to quit Flex and reapply for Summit.

    But I'm scared that, if I get rejected from Summit, I would HAVE to stay in Regular for the rest of high-school.

    Would I be accepted if I quit Flex and reapply for Summit (the mini-school)?

    Should I take that chance in September?

    Can someone help me please.

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