Concern for daughter

  • Hello. Thanks in advance for anyone who can offer insight.

    I am worried about my daughter. She doesn't live with me, is 21 and yes in the it's all about me stage. And that is fine..... She is an adult. However, she rarely returns calls, texts, emails, ect. And not even from the beloved grandparents, which is really hurting them. My gut says she is In a bad place and we can't 'reach' her because she doesn't want help.

    I hate not knowing how to proceed. Should we give her space or be more forceful in trying to help?

    Thanks again.

  • Maybe you could try a lighthearted approach so she doesn't feel defensive, such as offering to take her shopping for some clothes, and then maybe you can get a better feel for what may be going on. Best of luck with this, I hope this suggestion may open a door...

  • Thanks for that. I actually have tried to connect with her this way to no avail.

    I guess I was hoping for some psychic vision but looks like no one is picking up on anything.

    I am very concerned for my daughter and what she is doing with her life right now.

  • sweetgem29

    Did your daughter move in with a man? As I feel a male presense here. Did she indulge in drugs when at home? Liquor? I feel that she does not want to be told what to do and is shuttng you all out , as she wants to live her life the way that she wants to now.

    If you have instilled moral values in your daughter you will have to trust her to know right from wrong and release her at this stage.

    She does love you in her way, this is a form of rebellion on her part also, the parent , child role does change once the child reaches adult age. They view themselves as an adult no longer needing the parental advice and command.

    Do you think your daughter is in danger or a danger to herself? If so Why?

    I feel she is rebelling and standing up for her own space to create a life for herself.

    Respect is needed on both parts here.

    I hope this helps.


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