Will I win my Libra beauty?

  • Hi,

    I recently made contact with a long lost ex girlfriend (20 odd years ago) from school, she's a stunning Libra. I've met with her for lunch and on another occasion, and other than catching up with news from the years gone by, it feels like we've never been apart. It honestly ake me wonder why I left it this long to find her again. I think I can feel a bit of a spak which I'd really like to re-kindle. Any tips, guidance, advise reading etc??

    I'm a leo male incidently.

    Thanks in advance

  • Have you tried asking her out on a date? Her response will tell you what you need to know.

  • Yes, but I've found out she has a boyfriend so I think my interest is causing her some conflict. She's having a few issues at the moment and I'm trying to be a friend to her, so when that dies down I'll ask her again.

  • That's a good idea.

  • Librans are traditionally very indecisive so you may have to have a lot of patience and endurance to see this through.

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