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  • Is anyone willing to give me a health check? I am having major hairloss issues. Doctor said bloodwork normal have an appointment with dermatologist but not for three months/ at my wits end. hair so thin on top from one day to the next ...Thanks to anyone who will help me out.

  • LaD, I feel this is tension and anxiety related, caused by you feeling particularly powerless in a certain situation or even in general. You need to deal with the stress by firmly resolving the situation in your best interests and not letting it just go on and on, even if it means taking drastic action. If it lingers on, it will only result in more bad health for you. You have to make a tough but definite decision (which I know is hard for you Librans).

  • It's also about you feeling vulnerable and exposed. You need to build up your sense of security and self-protection but without you withdrawing or isolating yourself. You can be very sensitive so try to build your confidence by confronting difficult situations and not avoiding them.

  • Thanks TheCaptain, I am stressed and more than i expected I guess. Will my hair stop falling any time soon? I am working on several situations in order to remove stress. I just made a decision to make a drastic move. Thanks so much

  • Yes when you are feeling stronger and more secure, your hair will return in abundance. Just remember your body reflects all that is going on inside you, and good health is all about doing what is right for you and not taking any bulldust.

  • When my motherinlaw started losing hair--my healthfood store owner recommendid BIOTIN--it is a B vitamin--look it up it does work. Also, before I went through the change I used to take Primrose oil to keep my hormones balanced and it made my hair grow like crazy! Since I'm past the change I no longer take primrose because it affects me as if my body wants to go back to having hormones again--NO WAY! God bless menopause! I do use biotin though--it's water soluable so you can't take too much--the body just Ps it away. It will also start turning your grey dark again. Not enough protien will cause hair loss as well---and a coincidence that meat which is high in protien is a source of biotin. My motherinlaw went from thin and balding to thick again just with biotin. I used to send her bottles of it. Stress by the way really eats up your B vitamins. OH, saw your other post about your crazy maker at work. YES she will eventualy be gone but you will keep butting heads with similiar situations because it is your challange to master balance and boundries despite environment you can't control. I went through that passage myself--once you conquar it it is no longer a threat to your health and sanity. It's a combination of boundries AND inner power. The boundries to protect and shield AND the inner power of your HEAD to detach from the emotions and actually overpower the offending energy--to drive it away. GOOD LUCK! It's not an easy one but doable! First key requirement is to protect yourself--proactive things you have to do to stay your healthy self. There is a power in timely retreat. Lose a few battles but win the war! BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon Thanks so much for your advice. I am currently taking biotin and it has seemed to help. I don't eat red meat since 2006 and maybe that along with the stress has taken its toll on me. Thanks to you for your encouragement and I seem to understand my situation better, Thanks so much.

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