Where are the Scorpio Men???Need Advise

  • Hi Guys,

    I just want to know how do you know if he is interested ? still.... we have been seeing each other for almost a year, the first half was surprise trips, we spent all our holidays together, he sent flowers to my job. just because not a special day. beautiful romantic dinners, the intimacy was extraordinary. then he would take these days off, with no communication. I was not the same after each one. its not easy for me to stay close to a person who is not consistent. Is he still interested ? we have not spoke for a week. I feel he cares, but what's the little vacations he takes from me about ? and why doesn't he understand me. I"m not a faucet, you can't just turn me off and on. please let me know.

  • Hi I'm a Gemini Women that thrives on communication, this is a very tough area for the Scorpio Man, I have been dating, to some degree, it seems as its on sometimes then off, I'm not sure if he really wants to only date me, and he is very secretive as well, along with the non communication and the me time he takes, its been puzzling. which keeps both of us wondering. we haven't talk for more than a week, is he not interested, I do care for him a lot. The time we spend together is wonderful. I don't know if I could have a better time with someone else. its been about 9 months and I don't know if its time to let go. Contradictory to my sign I am very loyal. however I can detach myself from a person emotionally if I feel, they are not interested. And still love them very much at the same time ( that's twin power for you..lol). I don't like to smother people. but I appreciate a man who is attentive. what to do??? is there any Gemini Scorpio Combos out there. Is he interested. PLEEEEEESE Let me Know.

  • Hey Gina,

    I'm also with a scorpio man and, only thing I can say is that scorpios are very complicated beings. because even you give everything they push you jus over that red line you thought was not possible to happen. We are waters type and we are very cancer alike. But only thing is that we are fixed signs so we try to maintain our needs and our believes but though some show differently. scorpios know from the start deep inside if they can't keep you on or not. Just spending time with you, if it click they will be ur soulmate if not months and years passes but you are still stangers too eachother. And alot of confusion is also because people settle so fast. And because ur a airy sign it can be a rollercoaster but if there is enough nurturing you could make it as well. And what is most important is be ur self if he care about u, he likes the real you. scorpio can see persons personality. So live you life and be open to everything life as the offer to you in a good way,



  • Thanks Zimy for your advise, I appreciate it. I have to say I'm not a waiter, if he is as intuitive as you say, then it should not be a question about how our situation should go from today forward, I know I'm a good ketch. not to sound superficial, contradictory to my sign I love hard. and I'm loyal. but I also appreciate a man that wants the best for both of us. and can communicate what he is feeling.

    Im happy no matter what, I wanted to understand what was happening.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi Gina & Zimy,

    My first time in sending to Tarot's forums and felt the urge to jump in...splash! Wake up! You are the catch, so fine and the Scorpio guy knows it too. They will not let you go completely if you know what I mean.

    Give your guy some line and let him almost go because you are here on the planet to have fun, right? Give yourself a chance to shine with girl friends, guy friends, or take your puppy to the beach. Believe me, dress to kill and the Scorpio dude will perk up and come running. He'll never lose sight of your gorgeousness. Be playful, write poetry, or plant a flower garden and play guitar there. Be interesting to both yourself and the people you hang with. Hope my tips will be helpful, lots of luck. P.S. It's still a big ocean out there of possibilities.

  • I like your style piscesflame, oooops I spelled catch wrong, back what you were saying I think that is a great idea, to invest in your self. you can't go wrong I already have plans for next weekend. I have lots to do this weekend. I'm happy because there are so many possibilities to life.


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