Leo woman and Sag man.

  • I don't see why everyone seems to think that Leo's and Sag's are just perfect for each other. This is the most frustrating relationship to date. We've been together for 1.5 years. Obsessed with video games and child like in his affections. They say that Sag men are hard to tie down, I find thats true with my other ex-sag boyfriends (with women) but I feel like this one is hard to tie down from video games. Maybe looking at his other signs would be helpful (and mine too). Also, can an astrologer tell me, would my current bf and I have what it takes or should I consider dating this guy (Him #2 below). I've always been interested in this other guy. I think our Venus's are just not working at all though with my current boyfriend.


    Sun: Leo

    Gemini Rising

    Moon in Capricorn

    Mercury in Virgo

    Venus in Cancer

    Mars in Taurus

    Jupiter in Cancer

    Saturn in Capricorn


    Sun: Sag

    Cancer Rising

    Moon in Gemini

    Mercury in Capricorn

    Venus in Aquarius

    Mars in Scorpio

    Jupiter in Cancer

    Saturn in Capricorn


    Sun: Cancer (my favorite sign)

    Mercury in Leo

    Venus in Virgo

    Mars in Capricorn

    Jupiter in Pisces

    Saturn in Sag

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