Doree from Shuabby

  • I did look at your thread and if this is about chosing the right college. I would say that the college that looks like dark wood or has an almost chocolate out side exterior is the one that you will attend. It feels like to me that you don't feel you can make a mistake in the chosing. Read on the internet about the college you feel most drawn to , there you will find some answers you are seeking also.

    You'll do just great once in and you will have fast friends which will help you feel at home. One young woman will really be very smart in her field of choice and be helpful to you along the way. I hear her name as Sara or Sally.


  • thanks a lot, it means a lot, this is my third try so im worried 🙂

    i feel like the both colleges are good, but both has their pros and cons, but

    i would like to be closer to my gf. hm dark wood one is all white, and other like yellow/white, but i think around first college is like some trees so maybe that, i dont know, never been there 🙂 jeah i've been reading about colleges on forum.

    oh i hope im gonna have some friends, im usually really shy so it's hard to fit in 🙂

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