Sick dog

  • My dog has been sick for over a week and under vet care. Lots of medication and injections and more coming--surgery already in vet's mind. Any psychic thoughts about this?

    Thanks for any thoughts, suggestions, prayers.

  • Tellstar

    I feel like this is all related to something about the dogs stomach. I would say that the dog will try to stay longer, but I need to say also that if you feel like this is to much money for you to spend at this time and you see your dog not improving, than you may want to go ahead and send your dog to it's heavenly home. I know how hard these decesions are as I have been there myself.

    My prayers are with you.


  • Shuabby,

    Yes, he has stomach ulcer and unable to eat. His albumin is going down. But last week he wasn't walking at all and now walking. I understand it might be the meds that is keeping him. I am just not ready to give up on him. I tell him not to give up on me. It is hard. Thanks anyway.

  • I am SO SORRY Tellstar. I will pray for your dog. I can feel your fear and pain, as I read you post.. Take it one day at a time please.

  • Tellstar,

    Has the ulcer perforated? Ulcers aren't normally mortal, but they can be tough to heal. Stomach acid keeps working at them, even though your vet is giving him meds. They can take some time to recover from. I'm glad to hear that he's walking now, though, that sounds like he's doing a little better. 🙂

    Sending prayers, hugs and healing energy your way for you both!

  • Shuabby, StandTall and Darkness angel,

    My dog is doing better this morning. I hope it holds the rest of the day. We're doing a day at a time. Ate about a tablespoon of food this morning. Yes, bills are climbing and I am at the end of the rope with funds and hope his slight improvement continues. My dog is special to me but if things go south I will have to let him go. At this time I don't want to think that way. Thanks for all the support.

  • may God keep your dog in Love and Light.

    Sending healing prayers and cuddles to him, and also some reiki.Take care and try not to be anxious around him.If you are calm ,he will feel less distressed,maybe

    Love and Light

  • Tellstar

    If you want you can pray to St Francis of Assisi, Patron Saint of Animals. My Jack Russell has

    bad allergies and I prayed hard to St Francis of Assisi and then the allergies are completely gone now. His Doctor was quite surprised. If your dog is suffering so much try to pray whats best for him. We dont really like our dogs to suffer after all they cant talk so we dont know exactly whats going on. I will pray for your dog also.

    Many blessings

  • Tellstar,

    Good to hear your dog has improved. I have a name of a pet communicator and I go to her myself in time of need for my pets. Her name is and she is really excellent when you need to know how your dog feels and perhaps what he may want in regards to staying or going.


  • Shuabby,

    My dog had a surgery yesterday. Vet says surgery was successful. There was a blockage in the stomach. He's observing how my dog would do for a day. Hopefully he'll be ok and I could take him home today. Thanks for your suggestion. I'll check it out.

  • Shuabby,

    I got bad news.

  • Sparky passed on at 3 am this morning in the hospital.


    The Delta trip is exhausting. I am drooling. Here comes my "new mommy". I must look my best, now. Oooops I'm drooling again. I don't like the car ride from the airport. My new home sweet home! What's this, sniff,sniff. Ooops I need to poop. I'm gonna hide behind the wood burning stove and do it there. Oh, here comes mommy. No, I don't like the huge crate! I guess I have to do better to get out of this crate. Oh, now she's taking me to a trainer. I like all these dogs--small, tiny, big, huge dogs. I don't care, I'll check them all out! I like celery but I like the carrot best! This training is exhausting me but I get to play with other dogs. Wow, I graduate - ya think I'm a scholar now! Wow, got a prize for the best jump! I'm a mighty papillon! My dad's a champion jumper and handsome, too. I don't poop in the house. I don't poop out in the street. I do it in my backyard. I'm a good citizen! Hi Miq, my new friend! Hey there skunk! Outa my yard, creep! Tito Boy and Tita Thennie are treating me with apple bites, wow! Hi Alyssa, Renzo. Gotta go sit on Sonny's lap. Comfy and toasty there! I like him scratching my forehead. What a life I have! Swell! I'm not good at goodbyes. I'll wait out in the garden until they come back. Oh who are these friends. More friends. I need my celery! No, I want the apple. Yes, green beans my new favorite. Tita Stella and Tito Tim, lotsa relatives visiting. Who are those men working in my yard! I go check it out-- arf, arf! Hey guys, I'm in here. Hahaha,walking on a leash. I'm not good at this. I want to walk free of anything and I could go anywhere I want, like explore my neighbor's backyard sniff, sniff. Bobo, where are you grumpy shih-tzu? I gotta go say hello to Jack mowing the lawn. Hey Jack, how are ya? Hey there Daisy black lab, how ya doin? Oh, look goldfish! No, leave them alone, mama get mad. Hey Tita Monet, Tito Erie, Loizel, I have a big family! Oh, no, have to go to the kennel, well ok. What, I have lyme disease? What is that? Oh, very hot here. Thanks, mom, for the AC. Oh, my joints are painful. Gotta see Dr. Sam. My tummy hurts. I want that carrot but I can't swallow. What's wrong with me. I better sleep. Oh, more Dr. Sam? I hate those injections. Mom, I'm tired. I just want to sit on your lap all day. I'm tired, tummy hurts, I go bury my head under your arm. I guess, mom, this is goodbye. (No, fight it). Ok, surgery, but I'm tired. ( Sam says you need it - our last fighting chance). Ok, if you say so but I'm really tired, ma. Our pact--never say goodbye and I stand by it! I love you, ma!

    Love Sparky Bob


  • TellStar

    You have all the wonderful memories now of him to wrap your heart around . He was lucky to have had a Mom like you.

    I feel your sorrow so deeply that I want to cry myself, as I'm empathic. I know that it is hard but he chose to go and made it easier for you in that way.

    God Bless,


  • I am very very sorry Tellstar. He sounds absolutely adorable and he feels your love.

    May God keep you both in Light

    Big hug

  • I am very very sorry. I know he will be watching you, his friends and the neighborhood !

  • Tellstar,

    I am so sorry of your loss, my heart goes out to you,

    Im sure you will treasure the good memoires times you had.

    One paw at a time he remember you always..

    : )


  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your support. Like any loss grief just has to go through and pass. Thank you.

  • Tellstar, I am so very sorry to hear this news. I hope that you're feeling okay. Many, many hugs to you...and I hope that you can find comfort in knowing that you gave him the best home ever. ❤

  • Shuabby,

    As you felt, it was a stomach problem and as you felt he would stay longer but will soon fade away. As you advised, give up on expensive vet cost. Would I find as nice a dog as Sparky?

  • Darkness angel,

    Thank you. I keep myself busy.

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