For Shuabby, really need advice

  • Hi Shuabby,

    Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing what you told me. Am letting things be - although I still do miss B a great deal. Thank you for your advice regarding this. May I know what you see will happen, in this situation with him?

    Just seem to be at the crossroads of so many thing all at a go. Do you see anything, with regards to work opportunities?. Been at a job for almost a year and I'm not happy here and wish to leave. I want to find something that will have work life balance, financial rewards, and that I'll love and be good at. Do you see any opportunities out there for me?

    Do you sense that I'm ready to be in a committed relationship and are there any long term opportunities coming my way? I keep meeting lots of people (at work mostly) but there's no one, if you know what I mean.

    Finally, i need some advice regarding my cat. His limp has worsened and he's having difficulty bending his legs. There's a lump under his arm - either that's affecting his leg or he's got arthritis. He's not been exposed to much medication or diet changes ever since he was a kitten. He doesn't do well with vets and I don't want to subject him to visits or treatment. It would be too traumatic for him. I'm trying to spend more time with him nowadays and hope that's comforting him somewhat.. Is there anything else I can do to help him.

    Thank you.

  • Danceur,

    Hello, Nice to hear from you.

    Your work situation will continue the same for a while longer until you begin to envision what it is you truely want to do in the work area. I do hear the name of Norman here around you in the work area, he may be someone new that comes in that will cheer you and make your day brighter, than you will find that you will have a different view of the whole work environment.

    Only you can make the change in yourself and know what you want to do career wise. When you do than things will begin to open up and the change will come like roaring thunder into your life, along with a man that is just so cheery to be around that you will really never want him to leave.

    Your cat is a deep concern here and may I suggest to you that you go to GNC get rescue remedy and spray him beind his ears and take him to the VET ASAP as a lump is not to be dismissed lightly as cats get cancer as we humans do, and lumps need imed attention.

    He may not like the Vet or what will have to be done to him , but it has to be done to save his life. You will be there to comfort him and that will help him alot along with a young tech that will just be wonderful with him as she loves cats and he will sense this about her.

    Please keep in touch and let me know how things work out for you dear.


  • Hi Shuabby,

    Thanks so much for your reply and sorry that mine is late.

    I'm worried about my cat too. But I'm equally worried that he cannot withstand the visit or any poking and prodding, let alone survive treatment He's an elderly cat and easily alarmed and generally uncomfortable around strangers. Having lived indoors since his whole life, he is very stressed out whenever we bring him to a vet, just to clip his nails. He kinda shuts down and it worries and frightens us.

    I hope we can bring him to the vet for assessment - but I'm also afraid to do it. I don't know how to move forward. And I hate to say it, but there's also a matter of us not being able to afford treatment since pet care is really expensive here.

    There's a development job-wise. I went to an interview and it went very well. it's an international relocation company. They may offer the job and I don't know if I should take it. Is this the opportunity I've been waiting for? Or should I wait it out at my present job and continue the job search? The manager thinks that I'll fit in with the team and that I have the pre-requisites to do the job - even though I only have the fraction of the knowledge. But she's also under pressure to hire someone because she's leaving - and taking all the knowledge with her. She says it's a great company and the people are nice and they can be flexible about my schedule and she believes in work life balance. But i don't know if I can trust her. I really need your advice Shuabby. Should I take the job if it's offered to me?

    I don't know any Norman at the moment. But Paul from dance class has caught my eye. Is there anything there worth pursuing (should an opportunity arise) or should it be just "see, don't touch?" 🙂

    Thanks dear.

  • Danceur:

    You must ask yourself a question before accepting the new job offered>

    Have you stopped growing on your present job and is it affording you the money to meet your needs? Yes, I understand your mistrust of someone leaving a company. Just remember this: they are leaving so that they can grow somewhere else, allowing an open spot for someone to take up the opt that is now open. Can you and are you willing to step up and improve yourself?

    The cat may need to be sent to it's heavenly home rather than to suffer. That does not cost a lot to do, and all I want to say is: don't be selfish and keep your cat with you just because you will feel a bit lonely without it. It will visit you from the other side in dreams and you will feel it jump up on a chair that you share or sofa . They are still with us even though we can't see them. When I don't feel well I still get visits from my two cats that are on the other side. Even in my dreams one visits me.

    Good Luck,

    Have faith in yourself and the gifts God gave you.


  • Hi Shuabby,

    My cat is actually doing very well for his age. Still behaves like a kitten, eats well, still enjoys our company, and we spend a lot more time with him nowadays. He's very loved, and he loves us too. He seems very healthy. We will do the right thing by him when the time comes.

    As for the job, I do trust in my ability. I was keen on this job because it'd mean more money and I could learn a lot. They did eventually offer the job but they retracted something I considered important. it's a deal breaker. And I think if I accept it, I won't be happy at the job. Even though I'm so frustrated at my present job, it doesn't feel right to take something I know may be a wrong fit.

    I feel like this job offer is a lesson in recognizing what is important to me, and sticking by it - even if others don't understand.

    Do you have any advice for me?

    Can I ask you about Paul? I'm sensing something from him?? Or am I mistaken?

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