Beauty vs Pretty

  • I am fed up with the images I am bombarded with of unhealthy beauties that have been 'shopped to look even more sickly... and the diets they propound ... well let's not even go there.

    Being a tad passionate in my reactions, and having the experience of publishing a couple of cookbooks, I decided it was time to write something on the subject.

    The title, so far, is "Pretty Lady" and the basic premise is that happy & healthy = pretty and is a desirable goal that can be reached by anyone.

    I am looking for comments and stories by like minded people.

  • I kind of agree, everyone should look and be there personal best and comparing your self to others is a recipe for disaster, but the bottom line is everyone has their own strenghts and weaknesses. Just like everyone can't be an athlete, shcolar, designer, scientist, everyone isn't blessed with natural beauty, one should find thier own strong suit and take pride in that.

  • Hello Beautyful angels

    well i recently discovered a bit of interesting news on facial lines~~ those woes is me Crows feet and Frown lines and permanent happy smile line aroundthe mouth.... All have very important meaning to our self health & wellness~~ i found a particular segment on Chines Face Readings ~~ i found this educational for all ages ~ since beauty is the number one goal for all women~ maybe now when they View the link they will reconsider having a face lift.... one more mention ~~ Michael Jackson ~~ lookhow far he went to change his looks~~ he is now buried 6 feet under ~~ leave well enough alone accept the body & face you were blessed with.... i do believe in some cosmetic surgery ~~for better health which is also important in life ~~~

    thank you for reading my post.... i will find the video link

    i hope i can copy / paste it here....


  • Have you ever noticed a couple that were together and thought to yourself, those two certainly don't go together. She is extremely obese and he unusually skinny, yet they are hand in hand, they may give a little kiss to one another as a token of the appreciation they have for their relationship. My point is of course that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The object of our affection needs to be on finding ones soul mate. I know being on this site (astrology), you must certainly believe in that possibility! I speak from experience having been married more than once. I am a virgo who married a cancer that gave birth to our seven children. Astrologically we were compatible (at least more than most other signs) but after 25 years of marriage she left me for an old college sweetheart. It was devastating at the time. I crashed into chronic depression and I might ad that this was in 1998, two years prior to my introduction to astrology. Obviously codependent , I met another very nice lady and with in two weeks I was married again. Yes it was a very hard time in my life. This lady (come to find out) was also a cancer and for 5 years our relationship was a love hate experience. Her previous husband died with in two years of their marriage of brain cancer. To keep this in perspective, she too had been married twice before she met her last husband. She always over weight ( 300 lb.) and physically and emotionally abused by these men. After her divorce from person number two, she had her stomach stapled and dropped to 135 pounds. She was struggling to get her self esteem back. She was extremely attractive to me but husband number three was her soul mate. She knew it and he knew it. So when he was taken with in two years, she too was devastated and depressed at the same time I was but we masked it because we found solace with one another (Now two co-dependents together). To make a long story short, I wanted a soul mate and she had found hers and that was that. It became a marriage of convenience until it collapsed in the fifth year. During my marriage to her, I began studying astrology because I was earnestly seeking truth and needing answers. As a virgo, I went into it very deep and serious and nine years later have continued my quest, moving into numerology and even trying to learn more of the tarot. I bought a book called "LOVE SIGNS", by Linda Goodman, had my Indra report done and many other reports in order to help find me. I spent a year in Phoenix living with a son of mine to try and gather myself together. Knowing I wanted true companionship and knowing also I was going to return to the community where all my relationship nightmares took place, I began to research the sign most compatible for me. I am so grateful for Linda Goodmans book because she says it like it is and has an excellent way of writing to express her feelings. Plus, her book is all about behavioral profiling. Well, I returned to my home town and thought I knew what sign I was looking for (knowing there are at least four signs of the zodiac one is most compatible with). I went to an adult singles dance thinking that a particular lady would be there because we had met on the internet and she had invited me to attend and we would meet. She would be wearing a red rose to help me recognize her. Well, I went and she was no wear to be found. I search the whole place for her but she wasn't there. I stood by the door preparing to leave in disappointment when some one came up from behind me and said to me, "you're not going to dance standing in the door way" and grabbed my hand leading me to the dance floor. If you know Virgo's, we are more reserved than that, however I was polite. She was one of the leaders there and informed me that she had a three dance limit with those who come to these single adult dances. I was fine with that and we danced the three dances with some breaks in the middle to just get acquainted. Well after the third dance we danced every dance until the dance was over. We never left each other after that and were married six months later. She told me that when she looked into my eye's there was something telling her we knew each other (our souls). Bottom line, she is an Aquarius, which was not one of my preconceived options. However, the Aquarians are universal, they are a human sign of the zodiac and are years ahead in their perceptions and they are the humanitarians. The Virgo is the only other human sign and if I were to go on, you wouldn't believe how much the same we are according to our charts. After all the pain and suffering I had gone through in 55 years, these last 4 1/2 years have been worth all the previous pains. WE ARE SOUL MATES! We have never had an argument or cross word towards one another. We are best friends and it has been the guidance we receive from the language of the stars that keeps us grounded. The stars have enlightened the both of us and our relationship with others is that of humanitarians. So many are suffering because they haven't found themselves. They haven't realized their Karma, what happens when their ruling planet goes retrograde. Astrology and Numerology are no respecter of persons. It is the universal truth that puts religion in perspective. Pretty is self perception empowered. I wish you the best in your book. Sorry if I rambled.

  • "

    this is one link of ( 3 ) let me know if you can access ~~~

  • I don't think that anyone can say what natural beauty is because that is down to the perception of the person. I am tired of looking at airbrushed pcitures of these so called beautiful celebrities, models etc in magazines, but what really bugs me the most is if someone puts on a little weight they get called pregnant or the media states that they have let themselves go etc and if they then decide to lose that weiht they then get called skeletal or too skinny, either way they can't win. I do agree with the whole happy and healthy thing though, I have books like "diet doctors" etc and "you are what you eat" where these ordinary women change their eating habits to be healthy and they look amazing at the end of it all. Having said that there are some women who are on the larger side and look absoloutely amazing too because they just have this glow and personality and inner confidence, which goes to show that you don't have to be slim to be beautiful or necessarily pretty.

  • This is so true,

    what hurts the Celebrity is when they are caught in an addictive situation that they are then labled & branded ~~ their career goes down hill & how many of our actors have met this unfortunate end~~ END to their careers & their lives....

    So YES, Beauty when represented under such as Strict point of View...

    is nothing but a False message to all people young & old

    We fail to recognize the true Beauty within~~~

    XX Mille

  • I'm very happy for you Ephraim1!

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