May I please get a reading, please?

  • Hi all,

    I am wondering if I could please get a reading on my career/academic situation. I know I have done everything right so far, but having many questions about where I want to go now.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Do you mean you don't wish to pursue careers that involve what you studied for?

  • The problem is that I have many doors open... I have been fortunate enough to have gotten rewards for my efforts. However, now that these doors are open, I do not know which one to choose. They are all within my field of study.

    It is always about either, will I be able to make it in choice a (am I good enough)? Choice a also has the problem that past experience has made me feel as if this career would make me feel unhappy because I would have to do things I don't necessarily agree with for the sake of progress. The benefit of course is that it would lead to considerable satisfaction in terms of contributions to my field.

    Choice b: Will I really contribute to choice b (is this a field that needs no further study)? Even though choice a is what I have wanted to do throughout, is it time to face the fact that it is not really that productive?

    Which one will lead to the fulfillment of my goals, in terms of wanting to dedicate my life to improving the lives of others, health wise?

  • You know, choices are not for life. If you try one and you really don;t like it, you can go for another one. Nothing has to be forever. But in general the only thing that will make any of us permanently happy is to follow our hearts, our gut feelings, and our passion. Do the work you would love to do. And don't do anything you feel in your gut and heart is not right for you.

    But of course, if you don't believe in yourself, no career will make you happy or fulfilled.

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