Happy Ending with Cancerian?

  • For the full history, you can view some of the topics that I started...it has been an emotional rollercoaster, tumultuous, a relationship full of turmoil...whatever you want to call it for over a year. And no, my last post entitled 'Given up on Love' was not the last break up. There was another one...

    The relationship has been nuts. He broke up with me 8 times, for a variety of reasons, ranging between him 'not feeling it' to just being reactionary, angry and bitter. He actively pursued others at times. He disrespected me. He hurt me brutally...he did quite a few numbers on me and crossed more red lines that I can mention.

    Now he has come back again. This time he says he is changed for good. That this time it's back for good. He has been sweet and more emotional and kind than ever. He wants to spend the rest of his life with me, loves me with every fiber of his body and won't stop until he stops breathing. Called me his family. the love of his life.

    He says that he has always been terrified of being abandoned. But I stayed and persevered. He says he never had a romantic relationship before (although had a wife of 14 years, and a boyfriend of 5 years). He never felt romance or genuinely loved. He says that he knows for sure that I love him, because I stood strong despite his incessant dramatic fits, trauma, tantrums, seesawing, and I just never gave up really. He says that he knows what he wants and he will do whatever it takes to keep me, to make it up to me and to prove himself to me. He doesn't deserve me but he wants to make me happy and proud. We've been talking for a week now. And he started a blog where he publicly dealt with a lot of his issues and problems and insecurities.

    I can go on forever with the details...but what do you guys think?

    Does a leopard change its stripes? Will he relapse into the old him and hurt me again? What are your thoughts? Can people really grow and change...I read that people only change when the hurt and pain from not changing outweighs that of staying the same...it seems that he has been truly depressed and miserable from what he says, posted on Facebook, the way his friends hate my guts (for they do not know details, just that we broke up). People usually assume that I'm the one who would cause all these things, because I am the stronger one in the relationship. I'm very outgoing and fun, and although I never really moved on, I just don't wear my heart on my sleeve the way he does...

    I would appreciate some words of wisdom here!

  • How about a HI!!! 🙂

  • Oh and by the way, the answer is NO! and hi to you Taurus 🙂

  • So you didn't succumb to his charms?

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