• When I was 18 I was raped in my house by a drug addict , held for 18hrs with a weapon , but I survived that , time went on .

    I dumped my first love of almost 3 yrs cos he couldn't understand or accept it .

    I decided to live life to the full and have fun . and I did , till

    I met my husband to be in August 1988 , ( aged 19 ) thinking that I finally found a man that would love and protect me wrong I was .

    Within a month of dating him he started getting abusive and violent , drink related , I later found out he had been an alcoholic since the age of 12 .

    By that time I stupidly convinced myself I loved him , he asked me to marry him , I said yes ...because I thought I could make him stop hitting me . and mistrusting me , we got married ...9 wks after we met , and from that day the violence started .

    I was desperate to be a mother but it didn't happen for a year , so I went to the doctors .

    I was told that I couldn't have children , so I filled my life with pets and joined the IVF clinic . 6 yrs later the doctors found out it was my husbands low sperm count , they treated him and I became pregnant , I sadly lost that baby at 11wks ..but 5 wks later I was pregnant with my son .

    Life got a little bit better , my husband stopped drinking so much .

    We moved to England whe my son was 6mths old in 1995., but I got pregnant with my daughter in 1996 and was homesick , we came back to Scotland .

    Life got worse , he started drinking again .

    Little did I know he was screwing my sister .

    didn't find that out till 2008.

    Anyway , lots happened till my daughter was born in 1996 ( 9 wks premature ) he was going out drinking and coming home with different underwear etc .

    We moved house for a fresh start , but It wasn't a fresh start . I got pregnant with my youngest in 2001 , and when I was 6mths pregnant , he had a drink driving car crash , after spending the day in the pub with females .

    I had enough . I lost all love for him .

    But didn't kick him out till 2005 .

    I tried to get on with it , but he still came to the house like he lived there , and wanted ( friends with benefits ) I didn't want that ,

    Things turned nasty , he wouldn't stop constantly calling and txting .

    I found out he was screwing a 20yr old girl ..he was 36 I was 37.

    I tried to get over that and tried dating a long time workmate of mine , he found out , got kids to steal cd's from my house and found an online ( sexual ) chat with me and this guy .. he let our children read it ..aged ( 10 ) ( 8 ) and ( 3 ) and told them that mummy had an affair .

    I didn't . I never even had sex with the guy , I wish I did now , cos he took all 3 kids off me . I had to fight through the courts for custody of my kids . I got my youngest after 10 days , but took almost 2 yrs to get my son ..after his dad rejected him .

    but my ex brainwashed my teenage daughter against me , I didnt see her at all for almost 3 yrs , .

    Till monday last week when he kicked her out for having a boyfriend .

    Lots more to tell , but hope this is enough for now ,

    I also found out in 2007 that he has a child , from before we were married . she is the same age as the 20yr old he was with .

    Well now Feb 29th 2012 I got a call from my teenage daughter . asking If I could come get her ...her dad kicked her out for having an 18yr old boyfriend ..she is 15 .

    I collected her and she was acting strange ,,I asked her If she was taking drugs etc ...then found out she swallowed a bottle of pills ...drove her straight to hospital ..where she had a seizure as soon as we entered the hospital doors .

    They kept her overnight , and she got home next day ..turns out its the 2nd time she overdosed cos of her fathers controlling nature , she also self harmed .

    She has been home with me for 3 mths now ..things can get difficult but I now have all 3 of my kids back home and happy where they belong .

    My ex has turned to drink again and is using his anger as an excuse ( calling it bipolar ) somehow I don't think so . he's a narcassist .

    Being positive has brought me a long way , and I hope now that life is going to be so much easier 🙂

    Glad to say , my past is history , I am over it , through the help of a prophet who help me restore my husband back to his right sense,not knowing he was under a spell.. To tell you am stronger for the experience and i pray it should never happen to you out there,i know some people out there will have same or diffrent problem, you can get the prophet on

    Never thought in 2005 I would be here to live to tell the tale , but I am 🙂 and you will be too 🙂 trust me x

  • It's too easy to blame bad choices in life on "being under a spell". You will never own your power and beauty if you don't also own your mistakes and responsibilities. Believe that you create your own life - no one else can do it for you.

  • Is administration on vacation!? This forum has always been well watched over and safe but for at least 6 weeks now we are seeing stuff that doesn't go away. SPELLS? And psychics coming here with free readings--mostly scary ones by the way--then directing people to their website to pay for more? What is going on? I have hit the complaint button several times but nobody is home. Unless Tarot is part of these other buisnesses advertising here. I know many of us give links to FREE info we find enlightening but using this forum for making money is not the kind of agenda I have seen here before. Am I the only one turned off? A lot of people in a low spot come here for safe help. I'm out of here if Tarot continues to let in the sharks. Too many people come here in desprate state of minds--I can't be part of a forum that allows spell fixers. It is unethical and dark. It goes againts the very core of spiritual growth and awareness. It promotes victim energy to validate a person has no power on their own but can buy a spell from an outside source. Give God some credit. There are guides, Spirits, and Angels who are there for us just to serve all of our calls for help. It is the human condition we must see past to step away from our earthly woes and detach from helplessness to see the truth of our predicament as not some dark god who trapped us. Evil is an action---an action we often get touched by and it is free will to choose not to be marked in A way that perpetuates evil. A battered woman is a victim of evil actions that spilled over from another evil action that person passed forward. It's all cause and effect and it is within a human's own power to find theIR way out. That's what earth is for--growth evolution and soul developement. If spells were the fix all we'd all get one and call this place HEAVEN! There are no short cuts. There ARE miricles and divine help but spirit always requires we do the work--learn the lesson. BE EMPOWERED! BLESSINGS!

  • PS--this same person above used a different name to tell the world about the same spell maker who helped her get pregnant at 51 after being unable to have a child yet she has children in her post above.

  • Blmoon, It has got to be a SCAM...

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