A reading from anyone please?

  • Hello all you wonderful readers out there,

    I'm wondering is it possible in your own time of course to see if you are able to pick up anything for me please.

    I would like to know will I get work in the field I'd like soon?

    Will I be moving house any time soon?

    and will i meet 'The One' anytime soon?

    Thank you in advance

    Crystal d.o.b= 23/11/77

  • Hi Crystal

    I am happy to try a reading for you...

    "I would like to know will I get work in the field I'd like soon?"

    3 of cups looks VERY positive!

    "Will I be moving house any time soon?"

    I drew the Moon, and that is more of a mystery or emotional energy, doesn't really indicate any movement. There must be some emotional conditions attached to your present abode you are dealing with. Hang in there seems to be the word on move. Queen of swords is another card here which seems to be to keep your cool in this situation and something will open up eventually allowing you to move.

    "and will i meet 'The One' anytime soon?"

    The Fool card. I would say this is a very positive sign that "someone" will certainly be entering your life and it can mean taking a chance (which is usually the case with a relationship 🙂

    I hope that helps...

    blessings, astra

  • Thank you astra

    I'm looking to set up my own business in the future( no money to fund it at present) or work with children, so good to know I am likely to be doing that soon

    Your right about the emotional conditions,unfortunately it is not nice on the street I am on,lots of unsavoury characters and goings on

    the house itself is nice,I love it as I have alsorts of spirits visiting me it's like a gateway for them (I'm clairsentient)

    As for this someone coming along,well I sure wish he would hurry up, I'm getting fed up of waiting now....lol

    Thank you for doing a quick reading and brightest blessings to you and yours


  • Meandkids, this is Asia's thread so I will just reply briefly to you. If you start your own personal thread, I will answer you there in more detail if you need it. What I am picking up from you right now is that you feel 'jinxed' in love or that you are unlovable, so thus are preventing your soulmate's arrival in your life by not feeling you can ever find love. The house will sell - you have the courage and tenacity to see it through - you may have to drop the price however because of the neighbourhood.

  • Sorry I just copied my reply from the other thread and forgot to take out the 'this is Asia's thread' bit.

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