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  • sorry for getting back to you so late. thank-you for your reading. I do however several questions for you. you said things will get better with my mom when i shift my mode of living, what does that mean specically? you always talked moving out from my mom. right now my mom still hates my boyfriend. iv been staying at his place since he moved out. my mom is still upset with me,she feels betrayed by staying with him. she asked the other day if im going to move out since iv havnt been home anyway. my boyfrien wants me 2 move in with but my mom says she wants me 2pay back what i owe her which is probably in the thousands. i want to leave the nest but im stuck for now! ill get a student loan check again this quarter but my mom says she needs it all. cause she is paying my bills right now. my ex stepdad who had sexually harrassed me since i was 12, is starting up his crap again. he sent a text to my boyfriend friend/roommate asking if he could my man 2send naked pics of me for exchange of money! because of him is why she left him and we moved out. well she went camping with him this weekend, he has a site next to my moms my sis works til late so has been taking my moms care out to camp, and my mom is riding with him out there and he helping around my moms site. i using his laptop cause mine is broke, but he said if i put a restraining order on him he will take laptop back. so im stuck yet again. i dont want anyone knowing that my mom is on talking terms with him! especially my man. im so lost as what to do. i love my man but i also love my mom, i dont want to lose either one of them. my man is more serious about me more than ever, he wants a future with me and i feel the same way. You said ill be working around alot of men and ill meet a man with light hair. what does that mean? is something bad going to our relationship? im not attracted to light hair men at all! I want to be with my current man forever. you said something about moving out of state, the thing is i dont want to leave ohio, this where my roots are and where everyone i care/love for is here. can you please help me make some sense of the reading you did for me? im so happy with my guy and my family doesnt like him, and im scared and feel like im in a catch22! my guy says he will take care of bills for me if id move in with him, till i get a job,back on my feet. it seems like no matter what i do ill lose something precious to me!

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    Your not stuck with your Mother. You can move in with your BF if you so choose. It seems your Mother does not want to let go of you , just assure her that you will pay her back. When we fall in love we want to be with that person and we put away childest things and leave our parents and become one with our chosen mate.

    Your not stuck with your step-father either, as you can go to any library and use their computers for your needs. I would say that you should try not to depend on him for anything as he is not the type of man you want in your life .

    Noting bad is going to happen to your current relaionship, I gave you people that you will be meeting and the blonde man is one of them. You always have free will to make your choices in life when they need to be made.

    Again, you don't have to leave your Ohio roots, but if your BF finds a job elsewhere or even you do that would help your lives to become more stable and afford you a decent lifestyle, why would you stay? Life sometimes throws us curve balls and we have to allow ourselves the faith and belief that all things happen for a reason and for our own growth and wisdom.

    I hope I have helped clear your questions up and wish you the very best in the future, as I know you will someday look back and understand WHY everything happened the way it did in your life. You are to fearful and need to find some inner strength to fullfill your needs and live a happier life . Everything changes in time and with effort on our part.


  • shuabby can you check my thread please please?:)

  • thank you for your comforting words. i have decided not to put a restraining order on my stepdad at this time. The text messages my friend had on his phone were deleted anyway so i cant do anything without evidence. and right now it would be difficult to go to the library since ill only be able to study late night anyway and dont have my full driving privileges back yet. I totally agree with your advice, I just hope I dont end up moving out of ohio though. when i do get married/kids i want to be close to family/ friends. Im a homebody like that lol 🙂 if i do move out of state it would definately have to be a climate that has all four seasons. I hate places like florida, etc.. Alaska would be nice lol 🙂 I do have a new question for you I applied at this homecare company, they sent out my background check, but its been over 8 weeks! Iv been calling them ealmost daily, to keep updates. Today they said they have to ask the company they deal with to remail it! I cant keep waiting on them I need to work like now! also do you see me moving in with my boyfriend here soon? Im not looking forward to living in that tiny apartment with my boyfriend friend and his girl and young son, because she is lazy, cant cook, doesnt clean, my boyfriends friend is ok, but he has no patience with his one year boy, and his yelling just makes the kid cry more! My boyfriend want so bad to have our own place but its not financially possible yet. If I do move in there ill need a storage unit for sure, theres babrely room in my mans bedroom for just a bed! and i will not get rid of my hard earned things, especially since ill be needing those things for the future. What is going to happen between my mom and I? she barely speaks to me now, and she will flip if i move out without giving her 6 month notice i promised her. so she can find a new roommate. Id hate to go back to my house right now, cause i dont want to see my ex stepdad at all. but he does come over on fridays to pick up my mom, and i dont want anyone finding out that my mom still talks/hangs out with him. my ex stepdad says he wants to beat up my man, so those two can never cross paths!

  • vettech78

    I have given you what I can at this time dear and it feels as though you need a minister or counsler to talk with. As you have alot of turmoil going on with decesions to be made in your life. You can ask Watergirl or others to give you a reading and hopefully this will help give you some guideance tools for your journey called Life.


  • thank-you so much. I do talk to my pastor and his wife almost every day. I believe Im a very strong person and I do my best to pray on decisions before I act.

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