Lots of fridays have gone by

  • Dear Blmoon,

    Well lots of Fridays have gone by with not a word from him. I did get a note from my lawyer today that Chase needs more time to get all him credit card info, no big deal.

    Something is going on with me now, I know my mind spins all the time, but I am back to waking everynight at 3 and now it is so bad that I can't breath and have to get up.

    I would think something is wrong with my health, but during the day other than being tired, I am fine.

    I have my protection stones and make my shield every night, I even pray for sleep. When I can't get enough I am so sad and the sorrow is so overwelming.

    Any idea what is going going on with him now, or them for that matter?

  • I was just wondering about you! Thinking the same thing---when will the Friday thing make sense. I still get a strong something important will have a friday connection. I try not to analyse it just give what I get. When you wake up withe panic attacks is your mouth and throat dry and nose stuffy? Just considering alergies or even sleep apnea. My husband has sleep apnea and he was not aware of it. I have woken up with a panic attack after not being able to breath in the middle of the night--it gets your adreniline going. I keep a nose spray by my bed. Even though I take claritine I still have times when my nose stuffs up bad and I can't breathe in my sleep. Didn't I pick up on your stuffy nose last time you had bad attacks? If my room is dusty or the weather wet and the mold count is high or even if I went somewhere that had dirty filters it brings on extra symptoms that come on during sleep. I will even wake up and my chest and rib cage ache and I realise I've probably been struggling for hours! Soon as I use the nose spray and breeth deep for a bit the panic attack goes away. If you honestly feel that it's not something like that but a real panic attack there is something from the healthfood store that is great for those--all natural. The lady who recommended it there said she sells a lot of it. It's made for humans but I give it to my dog who goes crazy when it storms--she will chew herself bloody and run in circles. It's made by BACH called Rescue Remedy made from flower essenses. I looked up their website as I was nervouse it might not be safe for pets but it works wonders! And you only need 4 to 6 drops. I know the lady that owns the store for over twenty years and she has always been right on with recommendations. She says many people who have anxiety attacks buy it and she has used it herself, specially when having to fly.I have a feeling though that you are not breathing well though at night. I still see them going through what I already told you. First he was just plain in denial and that's when he talked to you and acted nice--wanted to help with the fence--he was really scratching his head as he was surprised even though he shouldn't have been. He was hoping you were going to get emotional and talk all about it and he was sure it was still fixable with you and nothing realy changed. Reality took over and he called a few lawyers trying to get free advice. I sensed last week he did meet with someone and got the bad news. They are fighting as he told her this was all under control. The lawyer he consulted wants a very large upfront fee because he knows it will take work to fight back as you have the upper hand right now. Ron wants to just pay someone to hold you off but so far that is not happening. He's scrambling right now. He is still trying to process that this is happening. The financial records being subpened is what will make him crazy with rage.. He will not be able to put that out of his mind. He's trying to think up ways of putting off the court date--stalling for time. I'd say this is the week he cracks and has to do something---either through you or he'll try to talk to your lawyer--the male friend but I do not think he will answer him--he is done. I think next week will be the crazy week and you will not have to ask me whats going on--you'll know.I see them arguing and she threatens to pay you a visit. Don't worry about it though. Actually, I get no warnings for you at all. And still see the same thing I already told you--nothing new. Sounds like you jus have to keep your energy positive and have patience. BLESSINGS.

  • Dear Blmoon,

    You are right about my night breathing, I have been getting a very runny nose and sneezing alot before bed. I breath through my mouth and wake up dry mouth and coughing and can't breath deep enough.

    Why on earth would she want to visit me,? That would not be wise as although I blame him, I see her as causing this all to happen.

  • Dear Blmoon,

    Got an email from my lawyer today saying Ron called the office to find out what the supenas were about, they told him and he said that means a trail right and they said yes, he said fine goodbye.

    He does not want to try abnd settle out of court anymore.

  • Right on time--let the crazy begin! He is in how dare you mode and he was reacting to that news with the same misguided sense of control he has always had. Now he iis scramble mode to grab the reins and get ahead of this. His main objective right now is to just hold you off--he needs room to get a game plan and wants to find a cheap way of staling this. He's lawyer shopping but does not want to pay the price. He has gotten some info of what can happen but he'll have a tough time getting a bulldog to bite back. For one a good lawyer will want a very large retainer. I'm seeing like ten grand. Also, Ron wants too much control and will alienate any good lawyer as he will drive them crazy with his demands--lawyers know his kind. He was feeling ready to fight with that phone call but by next week he may still put on a show but I am seeing him totaly freaking out. And to add to the chaos she will be freaking out. Fasten your seat belt. Although I a still not seeing any warnings for you other then bumpy ride--Spirit is saying ignore any drama--the truth is you are ok and will be--all of it will pass. His ego has to have it's tantrum. He'll wish he'd settled but no way is he ready to say that yet. Go bake something yummy Nancy. Do something joyfull. BLESSINGS!

  • Dear Blmoon,

    well I spoke to my lawyer today and we are gearing up for a battle. She says Ron seems to wat a trail and if he can't afford a lawyer might represent himself.

    She told me not to be to sure about any amount I might get, we will do our best, but ultimatly it is up to the judge

    The information we asked for is trikling in, but no one goes back as far s we had hoped.

    I called the irs to get back tax statements to prove his higher income and when I put my social in it said not available, o I puthis in and the said stay on the line and started this recording about all the ways to pay back taxes.

    The lady that came on the phone asked right away if I had a number where he could be reached, so I gave it her and she assured me he wouldn't know howthey got it.

    I have a feeling it is all about to hit the fan.

    Do you belive this will come out in my favor?

  • bump

  • Dear Blmoon,

    Well as always I will keep writing in hopes you find your way back and all is well with you, I miss you when your not around.

    It is friday again, and I always think of you on fridays because of your prediction that something will happen.

    I don't know if you have Safeway where you live, but we have a program called just 4 you where you go online and download digital coupons to you club card to save a ton of money, and so each store has a few people walking around with an ipad getting people to sign up and teaching them how to use it.

    My boss chose me as one because I have a good report with the customers and because I use it myself and belive in it.

    One of us will get to win an ipad, we all want it of course and we all do things to be noticed by the brass so we might win it.

    We have a mean girl who is suddenly everyones best friend, who sings over the intercom, we have a few who just sit and play all day, and I walk around the store trying to help as much as possible.

    I truley believe I am doing the best, but it comes down to a vote, so it could be anyone. it will be a popularity contest.

    Anyway, yesterday I was walking around helping people make an account and I saw this lady in selfcheck and was drawn to her. I ask if she was interested and she said yes, so I took her aside, sat with her and began to show her the program.

    Her email address was something verymystic, and I laughed and said I love your email address you must be a phycic, and she said yes I am and so are you.

    I told her you had informed me awhikle ago that I was an empath and she agreed.

    She said I hope you don't mind me telling you this, but you have so much love and light in you and you are keeping all that bottles up and hiding from the world. she said all your gifts are stagnate and you need to get out there and find joy and everything will come together.

    She also said Ron is narcasistic and I should go home and read about it and it will take the chains that hold me off.

    She said he won't regret leaving until he is on his death bed.

  • BINGO! I got goosebumps! I saw your bump but a kind spirit who is watching over me right now said to take a break and you would get exactly what you need. HUGS!!! My mother is narscistic. Look it up indeed---one word PAIN! And the biggest empty dark hole imaginable for a picture---sometimes there's a smile in the hole---just to keep it a secret!

  • BIG PS.

    As an empath myself this getting a guided message from a stranger is a golden rule message for you. You miss me when I disapear a bit because the energy I give is real---the few budding special ones I get close to here does take energy---I right now need my energy but in the past early youthful days I was a too big hearted giver. So know that for your own big heart that the spirits and guides support you when you take care of yourself. AND the big message is to trust that even if I am not there for you that I am not the power--that spirit is all around and you will get what you need and mostly, it will come to you when your heart is most open. Remember that. BLESSINGS!

  • Dear Blmoon,

    I get it, I really do, but I can't seem to find anything I want to get involved in. I spend my time making my home a nice place to be for my boys and myself and don't really have any friends to speak of.

    You seem to agree with what the other lady said to me, so his regret will be on his deathbed, really?

  • I did not get that deathbed scene . What I got the first time I was pulled to your post was a big loud--OH HE WILL REGRET THIS! But also got that it would not matter or make any difference in the course of your life because the purpose you would make of your predicament (a good thing) would take you above him and you would choose love. There would be a choice. Nancy, you could have had him back already but only if nothing changed and if you did choose that it would eventualy kill you--spiritualy and physicaly. Without you, he is in danger of dying sooner as truth is he fed off of your energy. This event is not about just death of a relationship but a birth of YOU--who you really are. A lot of your energy is given away. Empath are often led away like that--me included. It is in our nature to be pulled to fix, heal, sacrifice. It is part of our entitlement to guidance that others come into our lives to teach us and empower us. I had a very good teacher who helped me and I pay it forward.. I did see him having a very seriouse health event--I already told you that--and it would be that oportunity for him to really face reality. I believe her seeing his regret as a deathbed event says a lot of truth about his nature. In his mind he always sees another way out and tomorrow is always anotherday--you know the Scarlet Ohara thinking in Gone With The Wind. Scarlet who was pretty narsiscistic herself! Although they painted her more child like so the audiance could love her and forgive her--children are narscistic by nature then grow up. I do not know how that psychic sees her predictions--we all have our own method. Some only hear--some see pictures--some both. If I saw him in his deathbed I would consider it either literal or meaning that he will only regret when he is completely rock bottom in some way--and without you--I do see that he is not ever going to do better or live better. He has only gotten as far as he did because of YOU. And this transition of redirecting all that energy has been a very tough transition and it is very expected for you to have no idea how to redirect your energy--you have been giving to Ron a long long time. When you were younger you could let him feed off of your healing energy and not have it be as terminal but it had to end at your age--something had to change or it would have depleted you into seriouse illness. There are two lives going on in all of us--the earth life and under that a spiritual life and a balance of that is what makes or breaks us. I still think Ron is mentaly ill and often several illnesses overlap. It would not be unusual for someone to be bipolar--adhd and narsissctic. Among others! I was told my mother has several mental illness. Some dominate. You are in transistion, and must apreciate that it is all good and not an overnight transformation. In fact you often can not see your own progress but you have come a long way.You are getting info as needed. A great deal of energy has been needed just to get you moving away from that chord from you to Ron that he fed off of. Ron is not aware of your gift to him---he is not spiritualy enlightened--many people do not acknowledge that untill facing the reaper. Ron has to be cornered and mostly he has not been. He has not been apart long enough from you TO GET IT. His spiril of bad luck as he sees it does not seem to him yet as being a consequence of his very delusional choices. He keeps moving--he avoids reflection and only knows how to deal in the moment. There are days he does miss you very much--yet he doesn't give due credit why. He just knows in his body that you would have made him feel better. It is very selfish! He misses what you gave him. But he does not acknowledge your gift--who you really are. You have a gift. You are a healer--a nurturer and a giver with much heart. People will want some of that--always! You are learning to manage your gift. It is a struggle all of us with this gift manage. To be of service to many as spirit directs you--and not p iss it all away on one lone lost cause. By cutting Ron off--you have gifted him with at least a chance to get it--really get what role you played in his life--on a spiritual level. BLESSINGS!

  • in a nutshell, forget about ron's feelings of regret, live your life and get on with it. your obsession is on poietic justice and that what you want to hear so you can feel better. move on

  • and the fact the other reader you met told you not until his death bed which is saying get over it, you might as well let go. I don't think you are going toget what you want. what you should do is work with him to be friends and wish him well. maybe not somehting you would considerm, but have you thought of holdong onto himuntil you hear those words keeps you stuck


    Sorry about the caps, but really, you nkow nothing about Ron r me or our 3 kids or our 25 year marriage, or his highscholl, bar tender 3 time divorced girlfriend.

  • Nancy

    I know how painful this high road has been for you. You are doing it. You have gone so far! There has been nothing easy about it. And being told to be friends with Ron and wish him well? Go ahead break something! Just the other day my boss needed an old potting table gone--it was too heavy to move myself so I wailed on it with a hammer--BIG TIME! Very cathartic! HUGS!

  • your welcome.

  • PS. You will be hearing from Ron very soon. That cool controled man who seemed fine with court is about to go "apey" . Whatever this drama is--I see you laughing about it---that's how out there it will be. Also, I hope it's not literal but I keep seeing destruction--in a crazy way. A man burning down a house--- standing there laughing as his house disapears in flames. Can't wait to see what this means! Has anything come up like that in your dreams lately? I ask because you are more psychicaly open now and it will keep getting stronger.


  • Dear Blmoon,

    Wow, no I keep dreaming of this new job they have me doing at work, over and over, with a few scattered pieces where I am with a man I feel is Ron and we are happy, so it can't be him, but someone.

  • Dear Blmoon,

    I also expect some anger from him as all the supeanas are rolling in giving us alot of info he didn't expect us to get and the companies that think he lives here are sending warnings to him, so the ones with his right contact info must be also.

    I am getting things I never wanted to see or know and it is hurting, but showing me who he is or at least who he has become.

    I really don't want to talk to him, I will tell him to call my lawyer.

    His mom used to be very distructive when angry. One time she took a sledge hammer to Ron's father and his girlfriens cars.

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