Breaking in my Tarot deck as a novice

  • Yes I feel so too. Bad boy influence but that was in the past. Both in me and the guy I hope things will work out with.

    Right now is it once I make a decision on what I want and I can find happiness? I have someone in mind and I know that is not going to come easy. I just hope to know if there is any love opportunity for me soon. Really hope

    Things will work out with this guy.

  • Irish Elf,

    You are doing such an amazing job with your readings! I've been at work all day so I havent been able to read anyone. =o(. However, i was wondering if you had time to do a reading on my love life and work life? I would greatly appreciate it!

    Tonya May 2 1982 if you need it!

  • Hi Irish Elf,

    I would love a reading on my love department 🙂

    thank You so Much !! U

  • Dear dmick,

    If you could try to post a pic of him or an object that may have been a personal posession on here it may help me focus in him much easier. Thank you.

  • Dear Spratbrat,

    I am getting that your son is really struggling with himself at this point and filled with so many ideas, both good and bad. He needs help to sort out what he wants and needs. It is almost as if there are two individuals within him. One that wants everything good and the other one is trying to destroy him. I haven't yet ran across the cards quite like this before. It seems as though he moves forward only for another setback.

    Can you tell me his age? And by any chance, is he bipolar? I really hate to ask this. But it may help to understand if this is an influance from within or an outside source.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello again Irishelf 😉

    Thanks for helping me out once again last night!

    When you are fully rested, I was wondering in regard to my situation; if you could tell me if I will be relocating and in how many months. And the mistake that Gary made whether it was by accident or deceit.

    Thanks In Advance!!

  • He is 17 and bipolar..

  • Hi Irishelf,

    If you are still doing readings. I would like one. A general one.. whatever comes through

    Thanks so much.

  • yes irishelf,i have actually...from everyone else that read for me,yours was the exception....i am sure you are a good reader but i am a reader too,i have been practicing for about 2 years now and even i get positive messages when i ask the tarot....i mean you no offence at all irish but out of curiosity, the reading that you did for me ,was it disturbed or did the tarot not connect to u during mine?it kinda happens to me sometimes too

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