Breaking in my Tarot deck as a novice

  • Doree,

    It looks like if you must choose between the 2, The one that starts sooner may be your better option at this time. The one that starts later seems to hold trouble, more distractions that may interfere with your success. This may be due to friends meaning well or family issues way to close causing you more distractions.It may be to your best interest to take the college further away.

  • Dear Standing Tall,

    I was trying to see what that might be. The cards are a bit confusing here. It may be that I am just getting a bit tired. But what I can see, is that it is possible that an error was made either by accident or by deciet. Either way, a bad judgement call was made.This accident may have cost the company a loss. Or it may cause him a considerable material losss. This may be the reason for his indicisiveness. It may cause him a bit of trouble should he try to get out of this now. This may also be why I also saw a bit of immaturity in this situation. It takes a pretty big man to sometimes own a mistake.

    I will try to look into this a bit more after I get a little rest.

  • Could you please read for me as well ?!

    I would like to know if I would be satisfied with my job during first 6 months of 2013?

    Thank you in advance

  • Thank you Irishelf I do hope to get a job soon I been out of work for a few months now. I do housekeeping here in there. Will the job be related to that?

  • Hello irishself. ....I hope you can do a reading for me...I have been wanting to enter the entertainment field like singing/acting in a country like Korea n USA in 2 yrs or u think I ll b successful according to the cards?n anything u see regarding love life too....thank u for ur time

  • Dear Irish. Can i please have a love reading? Thanks!

  • Irishelf, You're right the past hasn't all been cheery for me & recently there have been a few challenges. Guess its best summed up by saying I'm making lemon aide out of lemons. Good to hear there will be celebration coming, hope that means my house sells. In my personal life I'm focusing on family & friends which is bringing me lots of 🙂 Thanks again, keep up your readings you're doing well. Seems like you've found a new nitch for yourself

    Blessed Be

  • Dear Highpriestess,

    I see that you will be satisfied with your job overall, but I also see some kind of a loss for you during this time which will bring some dispair to you. There will be some kind of a change for you occuring during this time. I see that there will be a period that life just isn't treating you fair. But don't worry too much because I see you pulling through this time alright, maybe even becoming a stronger person for it all. There still we be a few more struggles or hurdles that you will encounter, but you will still be moving forward. Your efforts, however will pay off in the end results.

  • Irishelf, could I please get a reading for my son?? Thank you.

  • Dear Saggitarious Gurl,

    I see some kind of a change here, but possible leaving you a bit feeling bored or a little underqualified. This will leave your imaginition too much time too wonder. Be extra careful not to let it wonder in the wrong directions, as it may cause some conflicts with others. I see that if you take heed here, you will will find harmony.

  • Amused59,

    Thank you very much for the compliment. And I am enjoying trying to help if I can.

  • Thank you I just got all confused with that.

  • Dear Larajj90,

    I tried to see if there would be any success for you there, but the outcome was quite unfavorable. I then tried to concentrate if there was anywhere else that would be better for you. I tried Europe, New York and California. All the same results. I then asked if it was Las Vegas and found that this IS where you are to go. There is where you find all that you want, success, happiness, and love. Your astrological influences are the strongest there for you. I am so sorry that the other places just all had such a bad reading for you, I know how much you wanted it.

  • Hi Irishelf,

    I was wondering what the cards say about falling in love and who that special guy might be.

    Love and Light

  • Dear Sagitarious Gurl,

    The change may be that you will recieve an offer to a bit higher position such as a supervisor or something. It will be a change from your usual position and looks as though it will also offer better pay. I did not mean to confuse you at all, but to make you aware of a possible change for you. Whatever it is, it will be a bit more challenging for you.

  •,no offence but las vegas?that place is my least favourite place on earth,i would rather stay at home than stay there....and the place doesnt really matter ,it was that i wanted to know if i ll be successful in the entertainment field in general as a career ...i was just concentrating more on korea/usa......m sorry,irish but damn,you were kinda way off in my reading.....i wish you all the best .

  • Dear irishelf ,thank you so much for this reading. This indeed is helpful in understanding where I will be by the end of this year that has been very trying so far . I can only try to give my 100% and rest is unto the universe to provide me with in return. However I am curious to know what will happen during that time that will cause despair and bring a situation of loss in my life? What will I lose?

    Could you please do a reading to give your insight into this if you can sare some time ?!

    If not that's okay too. I totally totally understand your limitation. I am just wondering what could happen by the end of this year that will bring me despair and a situation of loss.

    Thanks so much for doing this reading . It indeed was helpful in many ways honestly . Thanks once again .

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Pinkrose08,

    I see that you have been struggling with a lot of bad boy influences, maybe in the past present and in the near future. You have family and friends that want to help you. You need this at this time. You are going through some very tough personal issues. Once you can overcome these things and the conflicts within yourself, you will find happiness. But not with a bad boy influence. Stop looking to them! They will only bring you misery. You may even have to seperate from an old friend to accomplish what you really want down deep inside. This old friend may even be a part of yourself that is pulling you down. By any chance could part of the bad boy influence actually be a bit of yourself? I am not sure why I get this, but I feel I have to ask you.

  • Dear Larajj90,

    I was only asking the cards about your success there, and I was not getting a very good outcome for you there at all. I was trying to bring you some hope for the carreer choice. I can only tell you what they say. I was hoping that you wouldn't mind if I took a peek as to a few other places. It just seems that the breaks that you want just happen to be there. I am sorry if you did not like the reading.

    Just curious, have you gotten any favorable readings on that from anyone else?

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