Breaking in my Tarot deck as a novice

  • Ok, if anyone would like me to try to do a simple Tarot card reading for them I will try, but let's try to keep it very simple at first as I have had this deck for awhile, but never really tried them much.

    I am using Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg. Each card design was actually handpainted in actual size, at times using a magnifying glass and a brush consisting of a single hair. The deck was Yury Shakov's last commissioned work before his death. I selected and special ordered this deck without even realizing that I was indeed getting such a special deck. All that I knew is that I was drawn to these.

    Now, please keep in mind that I am very much a novice at this, and please try to keep the question very simple. As I gain practice, I may be able to go more indepth. And please, don't add too much info that may confuse me at this time.

    Ok, any takers?

  • yes, i would like to have a reading from you please.. do you see if i can get a job by the end of this month? or at least get some interviews? thanks!

  • Can you do a reading to see if I will get a job soon?


  • Thanks Irishelf. Can you do a general life reading? Would you prefer a specific question?

    Blessed Be

  • I would love to have a reading from you!

    I would like to know what do you see, in regard to anything exciting happening in my life within the next 6 months? My life is kind of boring right now. LOLOL

    April 21,1973

  • Dear DDTT,

    I do see an offer for something that may not be what you want. It may hold a title but no where near the pay you want or the benifits. This may mean titghening your belt even a bit more than you may already have. I tried to see if anything better may be in the near future, but I was not getting any positive cards right now. I am sorry if this was not quite what you wanted to hear.

  • Saggitarious Gurl,

    Yes, I see that there is something fresh that you will be able to bring to an employer, but you also lack a little something as well. I see that you will be working alongside of someone. But this may also be a new friend as an outcome of the position. It is possible that you may be partnering with someone soon? But your fresh ideas are very welcoming to this new position.

  • should i get in this college i got now, or should i wait for another chance in semptember?:)

    my sign virgo

  • Dear Amused59,

    I see something interesting here. That the past may not have been too fruitful for you, but something recently has occured that has brought something new to your life? I see happiness in the near future, possibly a celebration of sorts. Am I right that you have taken a situation that may have turned out not quite the way you thought and made the best of it. Perhaps you have recently righted some wrong?

  • Dear standing Tall,

    Yes, I see that things haven't been very well for you. I see that you may have been sourrounded by some false friends and your life is at a stalemate or like a standstill at the moment. But the Justice card indicates that whatever you are deserving is about to happen. Also I got the Strentgh card for you which means that you will find a new strentgh or perhaps a knew skill. I then drew for you the 10 of cups, this is good because something is about to bring you much contentment, happiness or joy.

  • Dear Doree,

    I am getting an impression that what you plan on studying isn't really what you really want to do, but rather what you feel is expected of you. So, unless you decide to figure out what it is that you really want to do, it doesn't matter if you wait or go now. I see a better chance of your success if you study what your heart really desires. This may be why you hesitate.

  • 10 of Cups!! Oh really 🙂 Is it possible that you can tell me what exactly will bring me much joy? are SO right about the False Friends statement. I had a very difficult last three years 😞

  • To each and everyone of you who ask me for a reading,

    I hope I have done well for my first readings, but you all must remember that I am a novice and I am doing the best I can at this. I know the answers will not always be favorable, but life isn't always "fair". But please give me feedback on how I do. I would love to know how things do turn out.

  • Dear standing Tall,

    What I am getting seems that possibly an advisary of yours is bringing on their own downfall and this may open a window for you for new success at something you may have been wanting or had deserved. Does this ring any bells to you?

  • does!!! I am thinking that it might have something to do with My ex-boyfriend Gary's situation!! BOY..did he mess up his life!!! He has this EVIL Woman by the name of (T) who is a sociopath, who refuses to get out of his life! I think that is what you are picking up on.

    If Yes, could you please take the time to give me a reading and outcome of this particular sticky situation? Gary's D.O.B. is June 30, 1950.

    (I think her's is March 20,1968) I am only 95 % sure.


  • smth like that, so i got in the college i want but in the another town far away from my hometown, and i really wanna stay here, but here i didnt get in that college, 😕

    can i ask one more question about that ;if i decide to go to that college, how will it turn out? is it good for me

    and thanks so much:)

  • Dear Standing Still,

    I thought this might have something to do with a male figure, but wasn't quite sure if that was right and was afraid to say so. But what I see is that the relationship he has right nowis pretty much uncertain for him, he is still a bit undecisive but the relationship has become platonic, as roommates and not much more. He is still showing signs of immaturity. The cards indicate that he may want to try to reunite with you in the future, but the cards also indicate this will not work without relocating. This woman may be the reason for that. Even if you don't take him back, you may have to relocate should they split up, for your own peace of mind. She may try to make your life miserable.

  • Standing Tall,

    The question is...Do you want him back, or do you just want to see his downfall?

  • Okay, when you say relocating; do you mean as in another state? If yes in how many months will i be relocating?

  • I miss my relationship and my friendship with him; therefore, I do not want to see him fall. I think that GOD has punished him enough so that he has LEARNED a big lesson; in regard to hanging around with negative people.

    I WILL only take him back if his is honest about his life and the secrets that he has kept from me.

    I know that this woman (T) {she is the supervisor and currently the program director in Gary's company} has been holding a "Trump Card" over his head. This wall of distance has torn us appart. He is afraid I guess that I will find out what this "Trump Card" is. I have a feeling that I will find very soon what it was.

    Could you give me insight on this matter Please??

    Thanks A Million:)

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