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    Thursday, July 30, 2009 5:15 PDT


    Im a capricorn in love with a taurus and he doesnt make love to me. Any help?

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    Thursday, July 30, 2009 6:14 PDT


    Does your guy know your interested??? He may need more mental or physical stimulation from

    you to become interested in making love. I'm a taurus girl and communication is what works best in my opinion. Let him know in some way you want him and he may come around.

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    Thursday, July 30, 2009 9:06 PDT


    wusupper 🙂 i'm a taurus/gemini chick. Taurus at least me loooove being handled sensually like touching, massaging, smelling unless there is trust loss, doubt of faithfulness, or a lot of stress/mental growth happening but even when we're stressed we LOVE making love basically any attention where there is good (sensual) buildup and satisfaction. we're gluttons for doing it and coming- do you and your honey have ANY chemistry???? that's all u need with a taurus coz we are secretly unsatisfied if we are not wanted all the time in bed by (our) loved one. Honestly though, i think if you guys aren't a set set couple that knows the score wit each other, then act cool with him, like you got other things (or people!) to do (and look hot doing it) if he likes you he'll have a hard time being patient and playing that game. if he just aint giving u no love girl- ignore his (butt) kick rox! alotta men taurus are mentally stuck on some serious --. and can't communicate it... well good luck babe

    hope u got it this time 🙂

  • THANK UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU full bull for reposting the messages

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    YES i did GET to Read the posts TYTY TY lol


    i love my Taurus boy !! he ain't that complicated to please ~ actually he's very easily pleased ~~



  • taurus doods are quirky i find, like lonerish but very passionate about what they want, they don't really care what people think of their mysteriousness or differences- i think they are straightforward about working towards what nice things and security they want and they really get them through sheer determination, i don't really know how they interact with women tho.. never really got to know one well enough we're all a little introverted?

  • I was madly, badly in love with a taurus man, we had issues (many) disagreements (few) miscomunication (frequently), but the one thing that never failed was his get up and go if you know what i mean. I am not a ney sayer infact I'm an eternal optimist, but if homeboy aint getting from you..... it doesn't look good.

    I wouldn't ask him to talk about it (it's show and prove time) I'd put on my make up, silk robe,sexy lingerie, perfume, pour some wine, cook some good food in my high heels (red) and feed him with my hands... if he doesn't charge like a good bull's supose to I'd look eleswhere. If that doesn't get a rise out of any man (any sign) for get it! Forget about that mental stimulation bussiness, that may be the problem,too much talk. Passion is primal, you don't have to read or talk to study chemistry, biology, anatamy ect. you get my point.



    i was not interested at all~ tho he was cute and had a lovey way about his words and gentle manners somethng that i loved in him~ but soul to soul i was not ready for him or to be involved S XXX ually with him ~~ i was immature naive and afraid .. My Bull Boy

    he understood me~ & you're right words were not needed~ Here we are Still Together~~ i am blessed to have been given this life ~& to be blessed to know & to love & to be blessed to have wonderful gorgeous 2 sons ~ they are wonderful loving young men~ I hope they get to experience wonderful loves & joys in their young lives ~ as much as i have in mine...

    this is my life with my Bull Taurus~ for some others they might not understand me~~

    don't matter~ Right ..LOL my Bull is all i need ~~ 🙂

    peace & LLLLL

    millle 🙂

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