Meankids from Shuabby

  • Hello and greetings from your spirit guides one whom comes in here with the name of Charlie.

    You ask about getting work in the field of your liking/ what I receive is that you will have to wait another six weeks to months before you find what you want.

    Moving house will be in the future , but feels like to me you will not be alone , either you take in a roommate or you will let a man of light hair and eyes move in with you to help you. I hear the name of Slim here may be a nick name. Do you dance? If so go out more and you will meet him , he is a likable fellow and handy around the house too.

    Your life is up in the air at this time and I do not feel you becoming grounded real soon . This is not a bad thing to happen to you as it can help you to grow in areas where you have been closed door or mine to. I feel a wonderful new friend a woman who is sort of old fashion yet knows how to have fun too coming in around you. Helen may be her name. I feel a cat male and tabby with dark and silver or gray in him rather young and if you don't have him now you will and he is a healer , one that will be with you for a long time.


  • Hey shuabby can I get a reading from u plz?

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