DDTT from Shuabby

  • I felt right away that more effort is needed on your part to secure work, it feels like you are holding out for certain amount of money and beneifits et. Spirit says that you will be working where there is a yellow bld or a lot of yellow in their logo or on the walls of the bld.

    You will have to change your view on what you can do and look at different ways to make a living also here, This is temporary and feels like a job that will just get you by until another one better is offered to you. Now it feels like with the love life that you need to stand up and tell this longtime lover that you need his help now and either an agreement needs to be made about living arrangements and finanial help or you need to start looking for another man that can support you and help you in your time of need in which will not be hard to do is what I am being told as I hear the name of Harvey around you and Jim these two men are waiting for your door of invite to open so that they can walk through it and introduce themselves into your life. You will like one more than the other due to his wonderful personality and charm. Your life is into new beginnings and endings is what I receive and no matter how hard you try to hold on to the old it will not secure you and you must now reach out and find a new way of having life meet your inner and outer needs.

    I am a reader that is short term most of the time meaning the above is happening now and more to come in a two to three months period.


  • wow, thanks so much for this detailed reading!!! much appreciated. its funny that you mentioned Harvey.. as it reminded me of this show i have been watching.. the main actor's name is Harvey. Funny. it's called Suits. great show. Anyway, Thanks for the information provided by you and the spirit guides. it gave me a lot to think about!! Thank you!!!

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