Desperate for input from anyone and everyone.

  • I was wondering if anyone out there can help me?

    I know that I have had a "special gift" all my life. My Mother and everyone around me always seemed to know that I was "different". My Granny knew this too, because she told me when I was about 8 years old, " You got the Gift child, don't be afraid of it". The trouble is, is that I was afraid to let people know about it and would try to hide it from them. But by doing so, I always felt that a piece of the puzzle was missing in my life. And that I was alone. Set aside from everyone else somehow. I then had a dream that made me realize that the puzzle piece was not to be found anywhere in my past, but rather to be found in my future.

    Well, I aways knew that my gift was as a medium, a ghost whisperer, able to channal communications with the departed. I have done this with several people and astonished them as well as myself with the precisiveness and accuracy of what I "saw" or "heard". But there has always been a fear of what others would say or feel towards me for this ability. But recently, I have begin to realize that I am alone anyways, not really any friends or boyfriends to really speak of. I have begun to wonder about this, since I am a kind and caring, nurturing type of person, then why am I still all alone? How can a person with a heart full of love be feeling so empty?

    Right now, I know that my life is a blank slate, to write anything on that I want. Is this where I need to go now? How do I get started? Is there anyone out there that has any ideas? I never really thought about actually putting myself out there fully till now. Fear, I guess has been my greatest hurdle. I am desperate for input. All opinions are valuable to me at this time.

    Thank you,

    Irish Elf

  • Hi Irish Elf,

    You are so right. I do feel that you have such a loving spirit and energy about you. I'm kinda in the same boat as you. I'm developing my intuitive gifts as well and I too have been single and wondering why I haven't found someone yet. I can tell you however that I did a quick 3 card tarot spread on your situation. And the cards tell me that you need to follow your excitement. You should focus on developing your gifts and starting your own business (if you haven't already). I believe you will do well at this. Love will come once you are completely happy with yourself. The more you embrace all of you (including your gift) the more you will get in return. Your relationships are a direct reflection of your relationship with yourself, or the way you view your relationship with God. It follows then that if you want your relationships to improve, you must first improve your relationship with yourself. When you trust yourself, you are trusting God.

    How do you get started? Wake up each day and do something that excites you. I believe that excitement comes from our higher self. It's the road map to our success and fulfillment. So when an idea or opportunity excites you..follow through with it. That will lead you down the right path.

    I hope this helps in some way!

  • Hello Irishelf, I just want to tell you that the description you are giving of yourself, speaks to me of a person that is very enlightened,, and your mother saw this in you when you where a child. I Think you would benefit by reading many of the posts in the DIVINATION FORUM. I would be delighted to hear that you have past the fear factor . Very few people in this world have this ability, and with a bit of learning of HOW and Why you have should find yourself with no fear to utilize it. NO I do not have your gift but I FEEL just from your post YOU ARE SPECIAL. Best Wishes Lienida

    P.S. I wished I did

  • Hello irishelf,

    I was just wondering if you would like to do a reading on me or just practice your abilities. My dilemma would have to do with the person that I am presently in a relationship. I want to know if this relationship is viable or is there something I'm missing.

    Thank you and many blessings to you!

  • Dear Arieslost,

    The gift I have written about above really is only connecting with the deceased and getting much needed closure or very important messeges through from the other side. However, I do have a deck of beautiful Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg. I really have not even used them much even though I purchased them several years ago. Might have been an intuition to get them then as there no longer is a place in my town to obtain Tarot cars. But if you would like I can try to use them. It may be that with my other gift I may be able to get a bit more of an insight. Shall I try for you?

  • Dear Arieslost,

    I am trying to do my best for you. I first pulled 3 cards,They were

    1. The Moon in reversed

    2. 3 of clubs

    3. 5 of swords

    My feelings of this so far were...that one of you may be a but of uncertain or even a bit on the decietful side ( that was the moon card upside down). The 3 of clubs, however, I pulled as a present situation, which says to me that at least one of you is trying to be diplomatic over this or possibly trying to run the show, so to speak. The 5 of clubs as the immediate future, concerned me greatly, as it shows a battle where there is only one winner. I then felt a strong need to pull a 4th card for you for a more distant future. That one was the 7 of clubs, which tells me that you are most likely to be the stronger of the 2 and most likely be the one to be victorious. I don't know what is happening in your relationship or what problems you may be having right now. The battle may actually be within yourself as to whether you even want this relationship to go forward. Are you doubting him or yourself?

  • Irish Elf,

    I think your interpretation of the cards were accurate. Again i'm also a novice so this is just my opinion. I do get the sense that Arieslost is feeling like something is missing. Arielost needs someone that she can love deeply and they can do the same for her. However, at the moment she may feel the relationship is a little too much on the "surface". My feeling is that no decision should be made at this point as she may already be overloaded and mental pursuits won't give her what she needs. The cards you pulled are in line with what I am also getting!

  • Read books by other psychics you like. One that really helps me is Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff, MD. She a website as well where you can read for free on just about any topic--she answers any question you can think of as a psychic medium and an empath. She is a psychiatrist and really has mastered being sensitive and yet balance a life that is not always structured around the issues of being a medium. She really covers it all. She doesn't just help psychics as she also adresses the laws of energy that affect everyone.She has many books but Emotional Freedom is the one I bought few years ago. I love reading exerpts of her other books on her website and she gives away free stuff. If you need to find your others try visiting a spiritualst church near you--look one up. They often have church services and classes and events. Personaly, I've found that you do attract psychic others but most are quiet about it. After you know someone long enough they notice if you are psychic. Parents know but may not talk about it. A lot of psychic connections never get validated so you think others may not know. You know that saying that Angels speak through strangers unawares? It means all people can be the messangers of spirit if they just let their gut rule and not censure from their ego. I have many times said a silent prayer only to have a stranger in my busy day blurt out the answer! When I was younger I took it as something wrong about me when after talking with someone they get that startled look----when really you do not know it but you said something that was very psychic. OR a Spirit loved one just spoke through you to them and you had no idea why you said it or that it meant anything. Some strangers will say something but others will get shocked and walk away. Now I know that's what's happening and do not think people scurry off because they do not like me! But younger-yes it was confusing! Look up the woman I mentioned---she'll answer everything. BLESSINGS!

  • Hello,

    You are pretty accurate especially here: (My feelings of this so far were...that one of you may be a but of uncertain or even a bit on the decietful side ( that was the moon card upside down). I am not being deceitful though and I have expressed my feelings on this to my boyfriend. I am doubting my boyfriend and would like a little more clarity concerning this situation.

    Thank you and many blessings

  • Dear Arieslost, What I was getting at was the fact that I was feeling I bit of doubt from one of you rather strongly, with the possibility that one of you may even hiding something? it may only be as simple as one is hiding some deeper feeling or a past experience. It may be even something as simple as a dislike for a habit that is left unexpressed. I am hoping that niether of you are doubting your own emotions. Open communication and total honesty here is very essential. Someone needs to take the lead (3 of clubs). No doubt this may be a bit of a struggle, as the cards were drawn. The last card however, does point to a possible victory or success. But remember as always the final outcome is determined not by the cards, but by you. The cards only reveal the future as things stand at present as long as things remain as they are. I do hope that this helps? And I do hope the best for you both.

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