I need to build my tarot reading confidence

  • Hi Mizgator,

    My D.O.B is 25 October 1979. I don't want to give my name - is that ok?

  • Hi Miz

    Can I get a reading too?

    My name is Vania 18/3/76 his Ed 22/3/81

    can you tell me if theres a chance of us being friends and I having the answers that I need from him, so I can move on. and what are his feelings towards me?


  • Wow I read some of your readings on this post and there impressive...

    I'm here if youre up for one more.

    My name is Judith 1/26/81

    You pick. 1.My love life, I'm in the process of beating my self up regarding letting my ex go.i had to do it. I have also met a young guy who likes me but turns me off but bc I'm still in love with my ex.

    Or 2. My career, I finally found work but not so stable and I plan to move out of the county to live on my own with my son, but the sudden instability of my job is making it difficult to save money.

    Advice is much needed as well.


  • hey mizgator...can you do a love reading for me?my dob is 15th sep,1990

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