I need to build my tarot reading confidence

  • Hi Amused59,

    It looks like you have had strong desires in the past to make more money and be more successful. It looks like you have had success in your work/career and are very popular, some would call it "in demand" as you make good impressions with superiors or peer groups. I get a sense that you are always in your head. You have high level of mental activity going on at any given time. You may tend to hold conversations in your head over and over again. Thinking of things you could have said differently or what you will say next time. You may have had a career change as well in the past as you are not a complacent person. Have you found love recently? It seems like you have been finding enjoyment in socializing with friends, family or a significant other. Which helps you to "free yourself" from all the cares of the world and enjoy the simple things again. I asked earlier if you have recently found love? If you have not yet, it looks like someone is coming in for you. This man will be hardworking, responsible and realistic. All the things you value. Love will be the most important and all encompassing thing in life. You won't want to work or do anything else! You will soon be very grateful that some of your desires were realized and that you have the ability to sustain yourself.


  • Hi doeyeyedpisces,

    I can feel the sadness and heaviness on your heart from your relationship with Mike. Right now it feels like you are going through every emotion possible. I'm getting that you will have to let go of any resentment and anger that you feel. You have to also be more compassionate with yourself and others. You have to forgive yourself. I'm not sure what happened in the past but I get the sense that you feel "stupid"?? I keep hearing "i should have known better or I knew better?" If you look at the situation with a different perspective I think this will help as well. Sometimes we go through tough situations because we need to grow. The hurt and anger you feel now is ok. It's ok to cry until you have no more tears left. It's healthy. Tears are cleansing. You are getting rid of all that anger and hurt each time you cry. So, please don't feel weak if you feel the need to cry. The most important thing you can do now, is feel the anger and feel the pain. You will surely move on in time. You must love yourself through it. Don't ignore these bad emotions, acknowledge them and they will go away. Say, "I am LOVE going through pain" or "I am LIGHT going through heart ache". In doing this, you are affirming that you are not these negative emotions you feel. You are still a star. You are still a light in this world. You are still beautiful and worthy. You are just experiencing an emotion that's necessary to mold you into the perfect woman for your soulmate.

    In due time, peace will come again.

    Love and Light to you!

  • Thank you...very accurate in how I feel.

  • Hi Lola6862,

    It looks like you may find yourself in a strange love triangle. You may have to choose between David and Luis. I do get the sense that David likes you. He may be a little apprehensive about starting a relationship with you. Only because he's not sure how you feel or if you are ready for a relationship. However, I can say that it looks like the relationship with Luis should be over for good. When all is said and done you will feel that things with him are just not worth the effort and you will want to avoid relationships that frustrate, anger and cause you stress. David appears to be the better choice but you will have to like him back first! I get the feeling that your hearts not totally in it with him. That could just be because your not totally over Luis yet. Hope this helps.


  • Hello I would love your insight 🙂

    What do you see in regard to career and romance? Will I get a business opportunity? Do you see marriage within a year? My name is Chandra 04-21-73

    Thanks In Advance!!

  • Hello Mizgator. My name is Elise and d.o.b is March 25,1954.

    Can you give me a reading pertaining to the next 6 months.

    Thank you and blessings

  • Hi Mizgator, thanks so much for your reading. I’m currently involved with someone right now, but I just feel that he doesn’t love me and just staying just because we have kids together. Is this the same person you are seeing in the future that will still love me? How accurate you are about my feelings about love and the hurt that I’ve went through. There’s another guy that I like, but he just stopped communicating with me. Is it over between us for good? Thanks so much again..


  • Hi Standingtall,

    I do see a new career/business opportunity coming in for you. I say within the next 4 months but most likely much sooner. Right now I am not seeing a marriage within the year. I do see a passionate and sexually exciting relationship. However, the sizzle may die down before the end of next year. I'm seeing that you marriage is really important for you. However, I'm not too sure if your partner feels completely comfortable with being "tied down".

  • THANKS!!! You are very insightful. I will keep you posted about the new career. I am happy to hear that in four months or less things will change for me:) 🙂

  • Hi Arieslass,

    I wasn't sure if you were in a relationship currently b/c I didn't get the sense that you were. This to me means that you two may no longer be in love anymore. It sounds like that was your fear, that he is only with you b/c of the kids. You have such strong intuition yourself you don't need a tarot reading! The love is still there..but it's more so because you are the mother of his children. He's very loyal so even though he may feels as though that romance is gone, he doesn't feel like thats good enough reason to leave. Do you want to be with someone that's just going through the motions or do you want someone thats completely in love with you? Maybe you two can talk about what you are feeling. Marriage/Relationship counseling may help re-ignite that spark. He is not the person that I was seeing in your future however. We always have choices. Please do not stay simply b/c of fear that you won't find someone else. Because I see that If you choose to move on there will be someone else for you down the line. However, you may not want to move on after couples counseling. The first step however, is opening the lines of communication and letting your partner know exactly how you feel. I hope this clarifies things.

  • Hi Miz, can you please look at my question on page 4 please? Thanks!!!

  • Thank you mizgator!

    You have seen the situation very well. I had to reschedule a date with Luis several weeks ago and he quit responding to my messages. I let him know how I felt about his lack of response and the nature of our relationship. He didn't respond to that either and I haven't felt like pursuing him further is worth my effort. I am upset at this point about the lack of closure .

    I do like David , who I met on a dating site. I have been reluctant about meeting him because he gives me the impression of being a player and I am older than he (I'm older than Luis too). I have felt the same reluctant-about-meeting vibe from him as well.

  • Thanks again mizgator

  • Hi Arieslost,

    You received one of the best cards in the deck for the next 6 months. It seems that you are becoming more aware of who you are, your limitations, your choices and taking responsibility for yourself. You can look forward to success in relationships and all creative enterprises in the next 6 months. Stay on course and you will come out on top.

  • should i get in this college i got now(it is in another town), or should i wait for another chance in semptember?:)

    my sign virgo

  • DDTT,

    I do see a job opportunity coming your way. It looks like someone (a male) will be helping you get this job. It doesn't look like something you went out and looked for...it almost feels like it falls into your lap. However, that does not mean to not apply and search for jobs. I would encourage you to keep looking...you doing this may be the reason someone is willing to assist you. I unfortunately can not see who this person is that's helping you.

  • thats okay! thanks for the reading, miz! May I ask when i can probably get a job??? and will it be a big or small firm? Thanks for your time and help 😉

  • DDTT, I am not sure. However I wish u all the success in the future. Thank you for allowing me to read for you!

  • Hi Mizgator can I have a reading love wise please.

    Thank you

  • Thanks Mizgator, you were right about my mental chatter & replaying conversations. My job change was to become trained to specialize in my field which is why I'm in demand at times. BF & I broke up 6 wks ago, so have been spending my time with family & friends. Good to hear there's love in my future. I've been working hard to get house ready & anxiously await the day it sells so I hope thats the celebration. Seems like you touched on many things happening in my life thanks again

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