I need to build my tarot reading confidence

  • DDTT,

    I can surely try, what's his name and DOB?

  • miz,i hope you dont mind but could you pick a few cards for my career in general....i really want to enter the arts field like in singing/acting,i know i have got a long way to go too

  • jeff, aug 10, 1967... hes much older than me... thanks!!!

  • DDTT,

    It looks like you have stiff competition. You have to compete with his work and his "ideal" lover. He's a really emotional guy so he may have mood swings. He's also kinda flirtatious. However because he is very nurturing when you are around him and its just the two of you, you feel such a sense of comfort and security with him. Nothing else matters when it's just the two of you together. I will tell you that I did a quick 1 card spread for next year. It looks like the honeymoon may be over before it gets started. Although he's not a bad guy you will soon want more. If you're willing to put in more than 100% effort it can work if he also does the same. However, the result of this relationship will be based on what you feel you can handle.

  • Ah, right, your spot on once again, Miz. what you mean by this - He's also kinda flirtatious.? is he still looking around to see if the grass is greener on the other side of the land? I dont think he's a possible cheater... i also feel like i have all his love attention.. maybe im wrong? what you think??

  • Dear Mizgator,

    Arieslost just asked me for a relationship reading on my posting. I have never tried to do one before online. Is there anyway you can take a quick look at it and feel free to correct me? I would appreciate your input as well on it.

  • btw, Miz, it seems like whether this relationship will last or not is based on how i handle it... is it correct? if so, does that mean he's in line with me that he truly wants a future with me??

  • Hi Larajj90,

    Unfortunately the cards I keep getting shows me that you are currently in a limbo/transitioning period. Which means to me that you are at a crossroads. I can not tell you what field you need to pursue. The best I could tell you is to let go of your control in this situation and let the answer come to you. The saying "let go and let God" pops into my head. I do see an opportunity coming your way that can help you with your decision. I know it feels like you need to know right now but the perfect time will come soon enough.


  • thank you miz and dear,you are very accurate in your readings......

  • DDTT,

    he can be a little flirtatious meaning that he doesn't mind the attention of other women. However, I do not get that he's a "cheater" constantly looking for women. I see that the future of the relationship depends on what you will want. Because I do feel that he has an emotional attachment to you and does like you. The question will be, is that enough for you?

  • your right.. im really blown away by your readings.. your quite talented! i have always asked myself this question too that if its enough. as i said before, his problem is he works too much, and not much time for me... well, we'll see.

    Miz, if possible, can u please do a reading on the job hunt? i have been looking for a job for quite a while since i finished school. no luck yet.. my friend who is working in a big firm offered to see if he can help me get a job as hes a big boss in there n he has good network.. im not sure if i should still count on him getting me a job? what you see? or will i find myself a job? when probably? any insight would be appreciated. thanks!

  • Hi Mizgator,

    May I have a reading on love - moving forward?

    Thanks a bunch!

  • Hi! If you're still doing reading, can I just have a love reading? Lorie 4/11. Thanks.

  • Hi Mizgator, Thanks for offering to do readings. May I have a general life reading ?

    Blessed Be

  • Hi Mitzgator,

    If you are still doing readings I would love one. What I should ask about is my job hunt, getting discouraged but what I really would like to know if is if I, (Lori 2/20) will ever get over the hurt from Mike (7/1)?

  • Oh, did you need the year too? me - Lori...2/20/68 him Mike 7/1/66.


  • Opps..Eileen 3/4/59

  • Hello mizgator,

    I would appreciate a love reading. I'm Laura, dob 6/8/62. I'd like to know if my relationship with Luis is over for good. Will my chats with David amount to anything relationship-wise?

    thank you.

  • Danceur, can i have your name and DOB?

  • Hi Arieslass,

    It looks like you are seeking a successful partnership and you want to overcome a nagging feeling of fear or apprehension. I get the feeling that you have been really hurt in the past and you're not sure if you can trust someone or give your whole heart again in the future. Are you feeling a sense of "i wonder if i even know how to love anymore?". Please know that regardless of what may have happened in the past your hope and determination for love will be renewed. I do get a sense that you will find someone new to date (if you are indeed single). There may not be fireworks this time around..but you will still be heading in the right direction to find that ultimate partner that can love you the way you deserve. I hope this helps!


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