I need to build my tarot reading confidence

  • Hello everyone, I want to practice doing tarot readings. I think I should start with one subject at a time. If you are interested in getting insight in a particular area of life and you don't mind being a guinea pig please respond! lol. I would love any and all feedback. I've never done this before so please be kind! =o).

    If i could get your first name and date of birth that should be sufficient enough for me. Thanks!!

  • Hi Mizgator,

    You can practice on me...thanks! My name is Leslie and DOB is 10/16/56. Can you tell me what the cards say about my love life please....things have been turned upside down in the last several months in all aspects of my life, especially this one!

    Many blessings and thanks again!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you Mizgator, I saw that you posted a reply on my posting. I think right now I need all the suppor and confidence that I can get. I do have a deck of Tatot cards but I am not sure that I yet trust myself to get my own answers. I did however tried to concentrate on my delima and pulled just one card out to see what it may say. It was the 10 of coins. I am guessing that it had about the same answer as your 3 card spread? Thank you for responding!

  • Hi Libralull,

    I did a quick 3 card spread on your love life. As I said before i am a novice but I hope this can give you some insight. It looks like there was a relationship in your past that you had a deep connection to. It almost feels like there was a past life connection to this person. Please know that whatever happened was completely OUT of your control. There was absolutely nothing you could have done or nothing you could do to save the relationship. I see that in the near future you will be finally getting over this pain. I received the death card, which means death to your old life as you know it. Please know that this is a positive card. Because it shows you moving forward in life and leaving behind the past that did not serve you. I see you walking away from what you feel is "prosperity, riches, security, stability, etc". Please do not feel like you are losing anything because you will actually be gaining yourself and a new perspective on life. Your future looks bright even though right now your present seems uncertain. It won't be easy. However, it will all be worth it once you come out on the other side. Blessings to you.

  • Hi Moonalisa,

    My first impression of you is a woman that's about her business and career/work. Is that accurate? Although you ask about your love life I do not get a sense that you feel emptiness or that you are not loved. You are a very successful woman, if huge success has not yet come it surely will. At any rate, if you are single it looks like a new man is on his way into your life and he has an aries personality. If you are not single there could be a marriage proposal on your way. I get a feeling that you are already fulfilled in this life but you're just looking for something different or a little more to change things up. Your a natural leader with great energy. You will naturally attract great things into your life. Just let your hair down every now and then. =o)

  • you can try on me too...i want to enter the entertainment field in a country thats nt mine....will i be successful?

  • my dob is 15th sep,1990 n name is harsha

  • Hi Irish Elf,

    The 10 of coins definitely means the same thing to me as well. Right now you should focus on your career/gifts etc. Love will surely come later on!

  • Hi Mizgator, may I have a reading please? do you see if my bf proposes sometime soon? like in the next couple months or so? thanks!

  • and if possible, I would like your insight on my love life/relationship in general... thanks. xx

  • sherry, april 8, 1985..

  • Hi Mizgator,

    You definitely shouldn't worry about not reading the cards right....you were right on with the past relationship...it was a strong connection, something from past life and I have been struggling horribly with what he has done to me. I know I am moving past it, though very, very slowly.

    If you have time, can you tell me what you see about where I will be living in the future. I am in California because of him, will I stay here or move back to Illinois where my family is.

    I really appreciate the reading....I am amazed at your accuracy!

    Many blessings,


  • hi larajj90,

    I see that you are really talented in what you do. It seems that you are feeling a sense of pressure to make a decision about this career choice. However, you will find that some people are not interested in the work you normally do or what you have to sell, but this will be a blessing in disguise, because new avenues will open up offering unexpected gains in a different direction. Things don't have to go according to plan in order for you to benefit from them.

    This was all that i received. I hope this helps! Blessings.

  • miz,so i believe wat you are trying to say i wont be successful in the entertainment field...i m sorry miz,its just that its a bit vague n m only studying college right now

  • Hi DDTT,

    It looks like your love life in the past made you feel left out in the cold. Unappreciated or under valued. It also seems that now you are actually putting in more effort to make this current relationship work. Your current boyfriend is emotionally available which is something you always wanted which is why you are willing to put 100% into this relationship. You feel as though he is your knight in shining armor. It looks like either a marriage or living arrangement will be proposed soon from him. I do not see a date with this. However, because your question was in the next couple of months I'm assuming that this is when it will happen. I hope this helps!! Blessings!

  • Hi Miz, thanks so much for your reading! SPOT ON! what you described about the past and recent is totally true. the prob between us is that he works too much and i dont spend much time with him.. and he's kinda reserved... i fee like he's not opening up, but as you said, im 100% sure that he wants to be with me.. well, maybe i shouldnt be over confident 😉 do you mind pulling a few more cards to see how he feels about getting married and our future together please? maybe some part of him i just dont know about. hope you can get me some insight on his inside.. thanks again 😉 much appreciated.

  • Mizgator, such a lovely reading, thank you. 🙂 You put a big smile on my face. As far as my career i am at the crossroads at the moment, need to take the right course and to make a decision at last. And my love life? yes, i feel loved and happy at the moment 🙂 although there is something that could make things better. 🙂 i only am not sure about me being a leader, have never thought of myself as one but maybe there are some hidden talents in me?:)

    Thank you very much for the reading and blessings to you. 🙂

  • Hi Libralull,

    I am getting that you will "return home" so it seems that you will be moving back to Illinois close to your family. You could also be looking for a roommate to move in with you. There may be minor set backs when it comes to the move/travel but everything will work itself out.

    Love and Light

  • moonalisa,

    Please know that you are a leader. I'm actually surprised that you aren't sure about this. A natural leader doesn't have to be the stereotypical type A personality. You know, you don't go around telling people what to do. You lead by example. People will listen to what you have to say. You have a quiet strength that others sense in you. Your name moonalisa. When people think of the Mona Lisa they see a quiet strength in her. Look at a picture of her when you get the chance. The energy you get from it is the same energy you give off to others. It's definitely in there! There is no surprise that that's your username!

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