Ok I have a weird question - Can someone help me with this?

  • Recently I went to a psychic to ask about my future (more specifically my recent break up). She said that I will marry someone who I will be friends with for a while first, and that we will have met through a mutual friend. I didn't even think to clarify... but have I already met him? (Do I know who he is?) Have I never met him before/no clue who he is yet? I ask because my ex and I met through a friend and also there is someone I have only met once a few years ago that I was introduced to through a mutual friend who I am now interested in.

    Any insight? Thank you!

  • LeoBethany,

    I first doubled checked with my guides and they confirmed that the psychic was accurate. My guides say on your current path you have not met him and you are "scheduled" to meet him early next year but that is if your current path doesn't change. Good luck!


  • Thank you so much - You know what? The psychic said that things would start happening early next year. How cool. I'm excited. Thank you so much for clarifying and double checking.

  • My pleasure.


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