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  • Hi, I need some insight on relationships. I must be doing something terribly wrong. At 41, I don't have a friend that I can connect, hang out, talk on the phone with on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. And I haven't been in a relationship/dating in over a year. I dated someone last summer, but I was settling for what I could get (he was an Aries male) after a 3 year drought and before that a 10 year relationship with an Aries male( 3 children together). I stongly believe in energy/vibes and I try to have positive enrgy when I am out. Any direction you can give would be helpful. My birthdate 4-18-71

  • CreativeAries, it looks like you have only been in relationshops with other Aries. Too much fire ? Have you tried dating other signs ? Also, have you tried to connect on a "non dating" level ? In my experience best relationships are the ones that start as friendships, developing slowly and naturally, without pressure, without expectations.

  • I DONT want another Aries man!! I always attract other Aries. I would love to form a friendship with anyone and have tried. I can't seem to connect. Im adventurous and I love going to and trying different things and I often go by myself. I must have a strange vibe going on.

  • Could it be that you come across as somewhat intimidating to the less outgoing signs ? Maybe people assume that you don't need anyone, since you project lots of self suffeciency ? Which is good, actually, it's just that not everybody is comfortable with not feeling needed.

  • CreativeAries18,

    I did a one card spread on your relationship life and i got the 8 of pentacles. Which shows someone working very hard. I can feel the hurt and pain you are going through. I feel it in my chest. It's heavy on your heart isn't it? I can appreciate that you go after things that you want. Not everyone has that in them. The message I'm getting however is that the work you are putting in can tend to come off as desperation b/c you so desperately want to be loved and cared for. You almost treat this like it's a job as oppose to it being fun. Could I suggest a new approach? Relax, enjoy your own company. Go out to eat and get a table for one. Leave space for GOD/The Universe to work. You are such a good woman and someone needs you in their life. But the more you look for it the more it resists you. I know it's not easy, but trust that you are worthy of all the amazing things you want and they will come to you. in the mean time enjoy doing things on your own, when you can have fun with yourself others notice and what to be apart of that! Great things will come, be patient and enjoy life in the meantime!

  • I needed to hear that! Ive asked myself what lesson am I suppose to learn from the Universe during this alone time and I greatly appreciate your response.Thank you VolpySoply & Mizgator, your response was greatly appreciated!

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