Typical Cancerian male's reaction if ignored?

  • How will a typical Cancerian male react if they are ignored or giving the cold shoulder???

    I have a HUGH crush on this Cancerian male that I've known for about a month. We work together and we clicked kind of instantly. I am a Leo so I am very straightforward when I like someone, so I am pretty sure he knows that I like him, and I think he likes me to. I show that I like him, and isn't that a good thing since the Cancerian motto is, "I Feel,"??? One day he walked up to me, before I got where he was, all gentleman-like and said, "hey (name)," all sweet and innocent. Before that day I texted him. I'm the first to always text him so far btw, but for some reason he always cuts it short. After that, like an hour later I went into a room and he followed me pretending he forgot something, but he didn't. He just wanted an excuse to talk to me. I peeped his game. Haha (you know that little game.) The next day we were alone because he was on break and he asked me what am I doing to night. When his break was over, instead of going back to work, he told me he will be back. He did come back like a minute later and asked me do I have a boyfriend haha. I said no then he stared at me and then left to go back to work. Weird. One time he tried to physically play with me, like joke around. He's always staring at me and finding something to say to me. One day we were alone, again, talking about random stuff for a good 15 minutes and then I told him I had to go. He was like, "okay," and then stared at me as I left. I always notice him staring at me because, Hello, I have a crush on him so I do look at him from the corner of my eyes haha.

    On another day he was acting kind of funny like he didn't really want to talk to me. All he did was stare at me majority of the time. He spoke to me only when I spoke to him. He usually would ask do I need any help, but not on this day. When a Cancerian male stares at you like I'm describing what does it mean??? Does it mean he may like you??? Anywho, he treated all the other coworkers the same like he always treats them. Talking to them and all, but he treated me different. When it was time for me to leave he stared at me like I can read minds or something. All he does is confuse me and I am a Leo, so I don't have time to chase a man who is confusing. I might just move on or give him the cold shoulder to let him slightly know that I don't appreciate funny acting people. He has venus in Leo if that helps any.

    May he like me???????

  • I HearMeRoar,

    I don't claim to be psychic or anything but reading this story I kinda got the impression that he definitely likes you. However, it's more so that he wants to sleep with you than be in a relationship with you. He knows that you can see him staring at you. It's not an accident, it's on purpose. Have you asked him if he is in a relationship? I have a feeling he may be which is why you have to do all the texting first. A cancer guy does not like to be chased from my experience. They love to go for the kill. So, if you give him the cold shoulder he will definitely try even harder to get your attention. More so because he feels like he's losing a game. Be careful with this guy...but to answer your question if you ignore him his reaction will be to get you to pay him more attention by any means necessary. Hope this helps.

  • Wow, this did help alot. I barely know what to say. Thanks alot. I'm going to ignore him.

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