5 Tarot Readings (please read all) :-)

  • Hello Tarot Friends!! 😄

    This week I will be doing 5 readings for 5 different people. I plan to complete them by the end of next week. People continue to request readings after all 5 places have been filled, if you do this you will just be ignored. I will give each person one reading no follow ups unless you are willing to wait until my next topic. However I will be willing to give you advice and clarification regarding original readings. Also any feedback is welcome and please let me know if what I have said has been helpful/unhelpful.

    I am an intuitive reader so not all the information I receive from a card will necessarily be its traditional meaning & I also dont do reversals.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

  • Hi LauraSA87,

    Can I please have a love reading? Thanks 🙂

  • perhaps i try to formulate a more specific question on my love reading request.

    How does this particular guy feel towards me? 🙂

  • I forgot to add also please formulate a question for me if you can, I find it makes the reading process easier & gives more accurate readings.

  • thanks pinkrose08

  • Hi Laura, my question is: what do i need to know as far is my career? what steps should i take as far as my career? Thanks Laura 🙂

  • thanks for the opportunity,laura.....my love life is in a lull...when may i expect to meet the one/my future boyfriend? what will he be like?

  • Hi LauraSA87,

    Thanks for the offer. I have a couple of questions. What is the future outlook with this guy that I like? Is it really over between us? Will I pass my exam this year? Thanks so much again. Blessings, Arieslass

  • Hi Laura,

    Can you tell me what the outlook for getting a job is for me....I have been out of work for 4 months now! Also, do you see a move across country for me in the next few months or anything on my love life....thanks!!

    10-16-56 Leslie

  • Hi Laura,

    I just reread my post....I will formulate the questions better for you...sorry!

    1. Do you see any job prospects coming up anytime soon?

    2. Will I be moving back to my home state or staying in California for now? (I am taking a a trip "back home" this month for an extended period)

    3. Are there any new or old loves coming into my life...so tired of being alone!!

    Thanks....hopefully that is better!!

    Many blessings to you for your offer,


  • awwwwww i just missed it!!!!!! ;((((

  • can you plesae check my thread, but i have less then a week to decide, help if you can thanks 🙂

  • hello pinkrose08 🙂

    I have been using the Ludy Lescot Tarot lately. Im going to use a 3 card spread.

    "How does that particular guy feel towards pinkrose08?"

    Card 1: how he feels toward you emotionally

    7 of Cups

    He thinks you are troubled & need rescuing. He wants to save you from yourself. You intrigue him. He suspects you have body image issues.

    Card 2: how he feels toward you physically

    17, The Star

    He wishes you knew how beautiful you were. Gentle grace and femininity. Innocence. He feels you have a softness about you, with fine features. Ethereal.

    Card 3: what he is hoping to happen between you

    20, Judgement

    He weighs up the pros & cons of approaching you. He does not want someone who is like the rest- a follower, but he is unsure if you are a follower or a true individual yet. He wants something he has not had before.

    Story of the Cards:

    There are sparks, thats for sure, he just does not know you very well yet. He is intimidated by you, his physical attraction to you is strong & you do enter his thoughts.

    Have I read for you before pinkrose08?

    I hope this reading has been helpful in some way. 🙂

  • Thanks Laura

    Yes u did a general love reading for me and u were right previously. I was stucked with a choice to make and there is a risk I have to take.

    I am currentlyattempting to take the risk you mentioned earlier in order to let love enter.

    Why he feel intimidated by me? I have been approaching him and it seems like he is the one holding back. He seemed troubled and I have problem entering his mind/heart when he is shutting himself off from me. I don't know if he is having some troubles at his side.

  • your welcome pinkrose08

    Ok I thought I had read for you before. Im glad your attempting to take that risk, thats very brave.

    He probably feels intimidated by you because he thinks your very attractive. He could be holding back because you make him nervous. Maybe he is shy.

    Do you think he is having problems? Does he seem upset?

  • Actually we almost got together at certain point but things just changed suddenly so I was wondering how he is feeling towards me now.

    I felt he is troubled and upset over something. I have no idea since he doesn't want to open I can ask much either.

    Have seen your free reading topics several times and I rem the previous time you had for me was pretty accurate at spotting my current situation. So I request for another reading this time. Hoping that I can have a better idea on what's going on with him. I am glad that he still has interests towards me.

    Do u have any idea if he is having any troubles at his side? I took a lot of courage to take this risk and I really hope it will work out.

  • pinkrose you should have explained the situation & that I had read for you before. It would have made the reading much more accurate.

    If he does not want to talk maybe it would be best to give him some space & when hes ready he will come to you.

    I think taking risks always takes courage & good on you for taking it. No I dont know if he is having troubles. But after your reading when I was shuffling the cards back into the deck. The Hanged Man, The Chariot & the 5 of Cups jumped out. Maybe those were describing him. If so

    I think that he is in some sort of emotional turmoil & he has some serious decisions to make, & maybe even that he needs to take a break from the world & think about things. Maybe whats going on inside his head is caused by a major life upheaval & thats why you cant get through to him.

    I thought those cards might have been for me, but now I think about it they were probably describing him.

  • Thank you so much Laura

    Next time I will take note and bring up whatever info I am aware of in order to make the readin as accurate as possible.

    I think the fallen cards fit into the whole situation.

    Really enjoyed my reading with u. At least I know he still find me attractive and there are sparks bewteen us. I guess the judgement card also take into consideration of his current situation.

    I will be patient. Thanks Laura once again! 🙂

  • your welcome pinkrose08

    yes do that next time. I dont remember all the readings I do for people & I can forgot details.

    Yes I think the same about the fallen cards.

    🙂 I liked the reading to.

    I think the Judgement card is about him making a decision & doing what is best for him.

    your welcome pinkrose08


  • hello moonalisa hope your doing well 🙂

    I will be using Ludy Lescot Tarot.

    What does moonalisa need to know regarding her career?

    6, The Lovers

    Your attitude towards your career is affecting your love life negatively. Your energy & focus is spent entirely on work. Loved ones feel as though you are a slave to your working commitments & that you need to take yourself away from it- take a holiday. A decision will need to be made soon between your old job & a new one.

    What steps should moonalisa take regarding her career?

    10 of Swords

    Beware of working yourself too hard. Dont overdo it. Be reasonable of what you demand of yourself. Follow the logical route.

    Advice Card

    Ace of Pentacles

    New opportunities to make money will be heading your way. Your job can sometimes be the mask you wear to hide from the world, & neglect other areas of your life.

    Story of the Cards:

    A big decision involving your career, probably a choice between the old & the new. No one else would push yourself as hard as you do, be reasonable of what you ask of yourself.

    Hopefully this has been helpful somehow for you moonalisa. 🙂

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