5 Tarot Readings (please read all) :-)

  • hello everyone

    These names are sounding familiar. Im sorry I dont remember every reading Ive done or the details so if I have read for you before & forgotten please dont be offended.

    So if I have read for you before & those details could help with other readings let me know.

    thanks guys

  • Hi Laura,

    You did a reading for me a few months ago about a job, a new relationship, a move, weather the settlement would come through, and everything you saw was very positive, however, I am still at a standstill...nothing has happened, just more and more decisions about what to do. I was hoping an updated reading would help!

    Thanks...many blessings,


  • hello laura...yes,you have done a reading for me but the reading was regarding career where you told me that i would meet a young male water sign and an older female earth sign who would help me in my career and you also told me that my love life would be passionate and intense ....

  • have any of those things happened larajj90? it can be difficult doing predictive readings personally I use the tarot as a guide & stay away from predictive readings, but most people seem to want those kind of readings on here.

  • Thank you Laura, you did a general reading for me two months ago but i wanted to know more specifically about my job situation this time. i really would like to change something in this area of my life. Your reading indicates that i will have to decide soon. What worries me is the 10 of swords card. It turned up in your previous reading too. Would you say that the outcome might bbe positive?

  • maybe the 10 of swords is a warning regarding something moonalisa or maybe it carries a msg that you need to pat attention to.

    I would say that the reading I just completed for you was positive considering the Ace of Pentacles. Aces are cards of high energy and new beginnings.

  • Thanks Laura for the extra info. i guess i should be positive about it. 🙂

  • yeah 🙂 for sure

  • no laura....i can intuitively feel sometimes when things are coming and i can almost feel the big changes in the air but no,they have not happened yet

  • i too do like predictive readings laura,but please choose whatever method and tool that you are most comfortable with and thank you for your time

  • hello larajj90, Libra Luli & Arieslass

    Im very sorry but something has come up & I will be unable to complete your readings. Im very sorry again.

    all the best

  • Its ok Laura, Its disappointing since I was the next one bt I understand...thank you n alll the best.

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