Do Cancerian men even realize how rude and heartbreaking they are?

  • I don't know if this Cancer man I have a crush on realize that he is being rude. When we first met he went out of his way to talk to me and befriend me. He also made suggestions of us being together. Now, it's like I don't exist to him. He quickly leaves before saying bye to me like he use to. He barely talks to me. We can be standing next to each other and he would say nothing. I don't know if he knows that I like him but I'm thinking about letting him know because it's frustrating. I do not like to be played. I am a Leo. Why is he acting like this and don't give me those baby excuses about Cancers being to emotional deep that when they start catching feelings they run because this Cancer guy is very assertive of himself. I wonder what he would do if I tell him I like him or if I just keep saying hey to him will he eventually stop being rude and distance. He's making me hate me. Should I ignore him like he ignores me?

  • Why don't you just start by calmly and sincerely asking him why he is ignoring you. No need to be so dramatic, Leo!

  • as a watersign we fear being rejected when we voice our inner most wishes too fas too soon. we question ourselves. this is not so much u but him. he fears rejection deeper han u can possibly think- if he has been burnt it it the harder to get back out there. to women this may b a rude act but consider placing urself in his shoes for a bit. i sense he has indulged in too secret wishes too soon too fas not realizing that going slow is the best way. so as rude n what the eff it may look it is a precautionary n in many times a good thing.

    consider had u gone on n the fire went poof within 3 months. who would u blame? him right? or urself? or ur both. please think that going slow taking steps back to assert the whol picture is a very good thing. right now u´re juss annoyed n its okay. again had u gone on n it went sour u´d blame him n him alone.

    another issue could b work. men r simple to understand. when work is well all is well , when work sucks all is a huge mess n i MEAN all is a huge mess. N that it aint got anything to do with u except he has no time 4 u n what he want with u deep down. to men is work a priority numero uno. so please understand there r a lot of reasons why he withdrew n non has to be because it happened to b u. so allow him n urself this time out.

    last i wish to ask u is, what is it with ur rushing? where r ya headed to? what is it u want so bad so soon? consider the story of the hare n the tortoise. consider being the tortoise rather than the hare which u by the way portray here so well. i know this bc i too was once a hare n i too had to change. consider it for ur own hearts n souls sake.



  • "No need to be so dramatic, Leo! "

    HAHAHA! Maybe I am being a little dramatic and you know how some of us Leos are about our attention. If I ask him why is he acting distant it might make him act more distant and he probably will think I'm crazy.

  • "last i wish to ask u is, what is it with ur rushing? where r ya headed to? what is it u want so bad so soon?"

    Oh my gosh, I think you may be right but I am a Leo and when most of us want things we want it now. I'm too straightforward so I guess that hinders me from taking things slow. Maybe I should treat him how he treats me as a way of learning from him. I want him because I like him so I'm on a hunt to get him. I don't want to waste my time either.

  • Taking it slow wins the race. Storming gets u no where. take it from one who has raced n rushed. say u won him snap now, where is u interest say in 2 week?

  • Darn, it's going to be a challenge taking it slow but you may be right. I like him now but if we ever were to start dating his flaws I didn't now about may turn me off.

  • what about ur own flaws? are u telling us u dont have flaws? HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAh oh my oh my oh my LMAO

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