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  • Sorry, the site is called Happy Holidays! I had a senior moment!!

  • Hello Dare:

    I am new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself. I am a true Sagitarius, with a little Aquarius and Cancer mixed up in their as well. I look forward to sharing ideas and opinions with other signs. happy holidays.

  • Hi all my fellow Sag's

    I am a dec 19th Sag with Virgo moon & Pisces rising. and to make things really crazy, my venus, mars and jupiter are all in scorpio. talk about which way to go....

    So life is definitely interesting! LOL

    Yes, after all that I am a true Sag and I absolutely love it!!! All the good and not so good things.

    My mom and my sister are also Sag's.

    I have had to learn tact over the years cuz I am brutally honest, but I still sometimes let it all out before getting the chance to filter it for those that are a little more sensitive to certain things.

    I look forward to being part of this forum and interacting with people that are like me 😄

    I have a huge sense of humor and it really runs from one end of the spectrum to the other.

    I am ever the optimist! Love socializing and being with people but sometimes just want to hermit away and read a good book or watch football and just vegg.

    I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year (which I think will be MUCH better for us Sag's than 2009 has been!)

  • I am a tride & true Sag, except I'm not good at sports. I live to laugh & have fun, its a huge turn on for me too, a man that can really make me laugh. I love a challenge. I am blunt with my feeling & tactless at times, although I usually don't mean any malice in what I say. I'm an open book, you know how I feel about you or what I think. I yearn to learn new things & go to different places. If a man does not please me, I will start to wander, I hate that I'm like that, but it is what it is. Having said that, if a man does please me, loves me & is passionate like me, then I will stay loyal to him and never stray.

  • be fun, make them laugh and as much passion & intensity as you can muster.

  • @fishy76

    Dear fishy,

    I am a Sag and Tiger. Sounds like your case?

    What can I say. Dragon and Tiger do usually get along. One of my family members is a Dragon, we get very touchy, but we too explode constantly. I find that the Dragon is constantly seeking attention, which is ok, but he also wants the power, which unlike Tigers he does not really have. In my view Dragons are adorable a shiny, natural leaders, but on the other hand I always remember the chinese proverb, where the Dragon decided to fight for the power on Earth against Tiger. The result? Well we all know that the Dragon was kicked out and still hiding on the Moon, lol! I have nothing against Dragon's entertinmenet, but don't cross the line. Sometime Dragons can be just too much of a hastle over nothing, they go on and on, it is great, but can wear you out. Why not use your energy for something positive and productive? On the other hand, Tigers are not the obvious rulers, we are like grey cardinals behind the scene, firm in our standing, however, revolutionary. Be with us and we will take you on the ride around the World and together we can make a revolution, if you like. We are passionate, we are burning with desires, we are easily hurt and can be valnurable, but who dares cross our path. We become narrow minded, we do not trust anyone that easily, we will check, weightand measure for as long as it takes, lol and we will do it in such way that you will never notice we are actually doing it. Do not confront us, we will never tell you, but you are being watched by the Tiger. We form our opinions early and we are trustworthy, we will stand your ground for you, even if it comes at a cost, but we will never let you down. If we unhappy, you will know we are restless, we do not talk, but perhaps become emotional, when we are, we reached the melting point and making our decisions, once they made, there is no way back.

    Apart from the above, we are charmers, unbearable flirts, sarcastic and funny. We life as a theatre, strange that as B Show said this, wasn't he too a Tiger? lol But life is not a game for us, we are pretenders, we will play the role to the end and will never take our masks off, but once we reach the goal, we way start moving in opposite direction. It all depends on how long it took us to get what we were after. If too long, we seems loose interest, it becomes like sport, we need it, as it was set as a target, once reached, we get bored.

    As to Sags and Fishes. Both signs are dual personalities. If some other signs are just plain, the Sag and the Pieces have the darker side.

    With the Sags it's not about catching big ideas and running around else where, it is about doing their best what they love to do, so let them. Let them have male and female friends, let them have their hobbies, let them cry over soup operas, let them express themselves, it is for their own sake, this is how they grow. Don't worry they are out there not because they do not love you, not because they want to make you jealous, but to feel their freedom, to continue to develop. Trust me, when we had it all, we always come back and love you even more for letting us simply be, for loving us for what we are.

    One thing though, and this is a paradox, do not loosen the lead, you will be eaten alife, but do not tighten it either, you will stay with the lead, but never see us again.

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  • Hi Lis1,

    Thank you for your sharing.

    Yup, i totally agreed with what you have said regarding a Dragon & Tiger encounters.

    I love Tiger for the sturdy, firm and wise characters. I have a sibling and few cousins who are tigers. We really get along well and as long as I don't trigger their button, they are as adorable as a kitten. So the same goes for my ex...i love her for being very loveable, funny, a wise, intelligent and fun-loving person to be with.

    When i do cross over the line, these 'kitten' can transformed to the most hungry tiger out in the jungle....thats when i will back off in order to get myself out of trouble. Then i will need some time to pacify them. hahaha...quite a challenge though but i like it when they finally give-in.

    Dragon are proud & smart pple, we don't normally listen cause we are born leader. Unless the other party have traits which we admired or something we can learn from. So i find myself very drawn to Tiger born i said, when i get to know them better, i find them charming, resilent and very wise. So as of right now, only a Tiger can actually tame me. are very right. I want the attention which sometimes, my gal don't give me. And it makes me feel insecure.

    I can be very expressive in writing but when it comes to personal contact, i'm quite reserve. But i can be very attentive, caring and sensitive towards my partner cos i'm having my Pisces as my sun sign. And i am as extrovert as a Sag or Tiger....and sometimes need my solitude to sort things out.

    When a Sag and Pisces comes together, the world just goes upside down! hahaha....i personally have many Sag goodfriends. Its really fun and laughters when we get together. Thats how we were when i met my gal.....endless chat, jokes....and we are sporting together as well. She fits in to everything i want in a relationship. of cos, we have our arguements....but its fine and normal for me.

    I dunno whether you read my other threads. I'm having some emotion setback when i met my ex. everything was ok in the beginning until i realised i cant control myself emotionally. Thats when war starts. Anyway, its confusing and intense and i have hurt her alot. We din actually confront one another, just that i needed some solitude time to myself and i reckon she thoughts everything was over.

    She has been on my mind since and i wish to actually patch back with her....hopefully by explaining, she can be understanding enough to forgive me. But quite long already since our last contact which is 2007. I used these 2 yrs to sort out my feelings and thoughts...

    I understand that once you guys make up your mind, its difficult to change. But still, i hope for a chance. So am still trying to contact her.

    Putting yourself at her shoe, will you change your mind if you knows the truth...

    thanks for sharing


  • Lis1 well said about the lead and giving the Sag the space they need but using a good balance.

    sagabbey I can't even begin tell you how much you sound just like me! Your description of you fits me almost to the T.

    What day were you born on?

  • Hi everyone, I hope its been a great start to a spiritual New year, full of love, peace, health and of course new beginnings.Oh How I adore my sag. everything I have read here has given me valuable insight and yes my sag. man does "opps" hurt with words but being a Leo I let him know right away My saying is "Ouch that one hurt "but he is always willing to figure out what he had said and what he meant to say 🙂 he is the most spiritual, adventurous,honest, loving,flirter,etc. man I have ever met. We laugh, play, love amazingly if you know what I mean.

    BUT I'm at a confused time in my life, I'm finding myself going in circles and not finding an opening in regards to my dearly respected relationship.

    I do my Tarot readings,I ching,Horoscope etc. paid reading and also sample.faithfully still trying to understand and learn about astrology.

    I just need to know that my Relationship is based on honesty, I have uneasy feelings at times.

    I feel I'm very intuitive at times.

    Its the first relationship at my age where it is healthy, strong, loving,spiritual,amazing you know what! we have so much in common besides our fire signs... I have fallen hard for my partner and he shows me the same,anyways it might be a silly request at my age, but I'm falling hard.I really want to know if we will be boyfriend and girlfriend for the rest of our lives or can he commit to marriage or even living together, he has been single most of his life and i am his longest relationship at 9 months, he has never been married or had children, hes 50 and I'm 49, I have a 10 year old daughter.My daughters daddy died in November 2006..I never thought I would find any relationship again.My daughter is a Pisces and does not click to well with my Sagittarius man.One day she likes him and the next moment she doesn't.may the bluntness of the Sagittarius comes out with her.

    His DOB is December 20,1959 born in Vancouver Canada at 8:00 am

    My partner is sag. His moon is Leo and rising sun sag.

    My DOB is August 10,1960 born in Vancouver Canada at 5:00am

    I am a Leo, moon sign Aries, rising sun sign Leo.

    Thanks for your responses in advance I truly love this site and the people that contribute to it, we are all on a journey.

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  • sagiqueen, I was born on November 27, 1978. have you ever had issues with capricorns or cancers? capricorn has seriously confused me and cancers are just too darn sensitive & think I'm mean.

  • Im a Saggie too....and yes..I feel in a relationship I am "mean" to Cancer men...I have felt the sweetest love from them..but just sooo smothered and end up walking all over them as much as I dont want to do that to anyone...Capricorns....never had one.

  • Hello fellow sags! I think it is so funny how people always say I am a "people's person".....and "life of the party", i cant tell you guys how this is further from the truth......honestly a lot of people annoy me! Lol, is this normal? I feel like I have a lot of walls, and it takes a lot for me to let people in. Once they are I trust completely. Its a fine line, you know? I love people until they start getting to personal....I would much rather be out sharing my secrets with a herd of beautiful horses. I don't mind alone time. My idea of fun is going to an amusement park filled with thrill rides and then getting lost in a forrest. My friends say my attention span is super limited, but once I do focus on something I am extremely passionate and dedicated.

  • I am a Taurus woman with a Sag moon, Venus in Aries, and Mars in Cancer; married to a Sag man who has a moon and venus in Libra, Mars in Gemini, and Aquarius rising. My husband was born on the Scorpio/Sag cusp, Nov. 24. I had both of our charts done as I have all the info needed for the best outcome. It was very interesting as it was so on target! I think b/c I have a Sag and Aries in my chart that adds more fire to my Taurus sun and that complements with my Sag man. We have a HUGE attraction, both physical and mental; HOWEVER, we also clash big time when we don't agree. I have many Taurean traits more than Sag, but I do share the travel part and love animals, as does my husband. In fact, we have a vacation home 1000 miles away from "home" that we try to use as much as possible. My ex husband was a Libra and the Libran tendencies of being wishy washy drove me crazy!!

    I have always been attracted to men born either in Nov or December, but Scorpios are just too much for me. My husband does have the proverbial "foot in mouth" thing, and I do have the Taurus trait of being sensitive when he speaks his mind without thought to my feelings.

    I used to have a very good friend who was a Sag; she was the poster child of a Sag....VERY outspoken, blunt, opinionated. Well, she married a Taurean man who just completely took over her life and wouldn't let her do anything alone. Taurean men are VERY insecure, and a Sag woman like my friend made it worse since she was FIERCELY independent. Interestingly....I am a Taurus married to a Sag, and she was a Sag who married a Taurus! Both of our men USED to be friends; that is how she met him....through my husband. We all went our separate ways as I am not going to put up with a "friend" who cannot come out alone for an afternoon without bringing along hubby b/c he whines about being alone.

    I have read here that many Sag men can't be trusted; well, I think b/c we are much older in life, been through alot of stuff, and now we aren't interested in playing the fields like we did when we were younger; it works. However, I do get a sense of restlessness from my husband when he's in one place too long; interestingly, I am the same way. But, I just need more time by myself without having to travel 1000 miles away every time I feel the need for space.

    Sun compatibility doesn't tell the whole story in relationships; getting your chart done using birth times, place, etc. along with studying upbringing, experiences, etc. gives a pretty good picture. I definitely believe that personalities are shaped by our birth times, places, etc. and it's so amazing how accurate it is.

    I would love to hear about other male Sags here who are involved with a Taurus woman, and how your relationships are!

  • Hi,

    I am a Sag female. What can I say about myself, being a Sagittarius? I am outgoing, I make friends easily, I can be very direct and blunt sometimes but I can be sensitive and emotional too. I love my freedom, which explains why I love to travel a lot. When I love someone, I can be very forgiving because I feel the need to help them realize the mistakes they made and I strongly believe that everybody deserve another chance. I will stand up for the people that I love, I guess you can say that I am loyal. I love to party a lot when I was very young but now, I am quite homely. If I am not travelling, I just love to sit at home and get all domestic. Do not make me angry because I will just blow up and say things that I do not mean and regret them later.

    What does friends says about me? I am a good leader, very helpful, attractive and having me around is like having a sunshine in the room. I am brutal with my words occasionally but deep down inside, they know I do not mean every words I say. Stubborn and hard headed, very distant sometimes. When I need some "alone" times, I will build a wall around myself and shut myself out from everybody. I am like on a mission, as if it is my responsibility to help everybody and make the world a better place. When I am in love, I can be very naive and very blinded.

    Tauruswoman, my ex boyfriend is a Taurus. Easy way to describe us, we love and hate each other. We are still friends now. Of all relationships, I had the most headache with this one. Our personality clashes in so many ways but we do have many things in common too. I am surprised I have not killed him by now LOL. But the good side of it , we complete one another by being different. He has the way of "taming" me and teaching me what it is like to have patience and I color his life with outgoing and lively nature.

    I am at a crossroad now - deciding what's best for me and for us. He is very persistent on being friends ( although he broke up with me, afraid of commitment). Should I stay friends or move on and cut all ties with him? I am still undecided. Having him in my life will take me a long time to heal from our relationship but not to have him in my life is like giving up the best thing that ever happened to me. We will see 🙂

  • I am a Sag and I have to agree the last few years have been hell I finally feel like life is getting better. But I would love to hear if any sag woman and a taurus man has survived a relationship

    The taurus man is selfish & bullheaded and I would love to know if it possible to keep the relationship going I do love this man but I don't know if I should stay or go

  • Shadowmist,

    Looks like we are in the same boat. I would love to know too if it is possible for a Sag female to be with a Taurus male. Taurus are bullheaded but we, Sagittarius, are stubborn too! 🙂

    Even though we already broke up, he is being very persistent on keeping contact and be friends again while I am trying to decide if I should totally cut all ties with him.

  • your comment is crazy you need to judge people as they come and who they are not because of there birth sign, I am no where near the way you describe those sagg's , one thing i will say is my family, think's i'm mean . my children think that i am to hard on them my fiance say.s i am to blunt but turns around and ask me for my opinion, to be honest i love my own company i dont like people very much, they are liars cheaters and busy bodies, I love the beauty of life and what life can and should be I am not materialistic and never had suicidal thought's that one is funny but in any event my fiance is a libra and he needs to be neede and loved and is to bossy oh yeah and he is always right he actually feels he can handle everything in life and evryone else is beneath him but check this out he forgets almost everything he says and does he's also very confrentational, (I am not) im loyal trustworthy opioniated fun optimistic and pessimistic at the same time you would like me if you knew me you would not no that i am a sagittarius!

  • my sister is a capricorn she is the biggest liar i know and she does not care about anyone except for herself, and my younger sister is a cancer she can be nice but it comes with a price she is also slick and loves to embellish stories to suit her life and likes to put other's down , i am a sagg born december 15 and have been in a relationship with a libra for 12 years there have been many of times i have wanted to go upside his head for the non thinking things that he says and the things he do, but the loving is so good lol.

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