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  • I am saravan.c

    what's is triple sagittarian and I am nov 22nd, i feel i am a complete sagirarian my enduarance and passions towards others felt me a scorpian also. do you have any idea. i might have so much to talk to you. I am from india, tamil nadu.

  • please be patient, that happens to me even. but its to my friend , he wants to have me all through his life , bends me to his wishes and expects me to endure all his till i manage, if not he expects me to discuss to set better approach.

  • Hi all...finally back!

    I knew that this was going to be a HUGE year of changes for Sagittarians......

    I would never have guessed just how huge!

    My mom (who is also a Sag) passed last month at age 60 (still in shock!)

    Relationships are changing already......

    Will be moving in just over a month......

    So far the only thing not changing is my job....and you never know what will happen with that!

    My sister (also a Sag) is also going thru lots of changes....

    Thankfully I have the wonderful Sagittarius optimism and try to look at all of these changes from a positive perspective.

    I think this is a year where we need to really apply ourselves and weather all the changes that will be happening. This could be the year where a lot of us will find out what we are really made of!!

    No matter what happens....try to look at it as life lessons that needed to be experienced and learned for the better or worse.

    Try to think of the doors that will be opening due to these changes also.

    Ok I'm getting off my soapbox now LOL

    Hope everyone has very positive experiences this year 🙂

  • sagabbey, I have a friend with the same day...different year though.

    Capricorns I really can't say too much on....only dated one for a little while and yes he could be confusing at times. Not very open about things like we (sag's) are.

    Cancer...I seen one as a friend for years.....I think they are definitely more sensitive than we are...(or at least than I am) sometimes it seemed like I was the guy role and he was the chick role where emotions and feelings were concerned..

    They are definitely more a homebody type than Sag's are. Cancer males also tend to have a strong bond with their mothers. They do have a tough shell until they are ready to let you in and then they are very affectionate and emotional, almost on the clingy side.

    While he was a good guy, it played itself out and I wasn't at the emotional level that he was so it ended but of course we stayed friends (sag trait)

    Hope this helps.....

    You got any insight into Pisces? I have one that making me crazy! LOL

  • Hi sagiqueen,

    insight on Pisces.....hope this helps ;D



  • This post is deleted!

  • hi.. been reading a lot of questions abt sagi and taurus. I'm a sagi with a taurus man. He's adorable but also sooooooooo exasperating. Feels that he's always right and that gets to me like nothing else.. coz am a sagi and I'm always right.. 🙂 we're the intellectuals right? but seriously, inspite of all that, he's adorable and I'm sure with a little (or lots) of work and patience anything can work if you want it to. And I hope that doesn't sound too pessimistic or negative. Not meant to be that..

    Apart from that, I too would like to know abt sag experiences with taureans. Are they always so exasperating?

    I'm not sure if I'm a typical sagi either. Am so fond of being alone and brooding abt things and keeping my feelings to myself that all the descriptions of gregariousness and being the life of the party etc. make me wonder if I really am a true sag.. but again I guess the other planets and stuff matter and I'm clueless abt those..

  • Thanks Fishy76 🙂 I finally decided that while we have a very strong attraction to each other...we just see things extremely differently and there are just too many differences overall to overcome!

    It was a fun and learning experience though! LOL

  • Hello everyone. This is my first time here and I find this quite entertaining. As I do most things..... for a minute.

    I guess I am your typical Sag. And then again not.

    I like being the entertainer but can't stand to hear people complain.

    I don't like furry pets but have been adopted by my roomates cat Bullet. She is just as onrry as me.

    I like to travel. But if I do I like to go unnoticed.

    I am honest to a fault. Do not ask me if you really don't want to know the answer. "Honey. Does this dress make me look fat?" It's not the dress.

    I am quiet reliable. I get trapped by my own words. If I tell you that I am going to do something then come hell or high waters you can count on me to at least make my best effort to accomplishing the task. Even if I don't really have the desire to undertake it at the time.

    I am empathetic to everyone around me. Just not sympathetic.

    My love is forever. But I have given my heart to a trusted friend to throw away and never reveal where it might be.

    I am at odds with myself all of the time. But cruising around this site amuses me. I think that this many Sags together is unsettiling but fun to find out who I am.

  • "Honey. Does this dress make me look fat?" It's not the dress. LOL Kimodragon nice one - thats what I love about Sags, the honesty. I'm a libra, have lots of Sag friends but one of 'em hates me at the moment (actually its been awhile) - makes me quite sad but thanks for that comment - made me laugh.

  • Hello! This is my very first time here and I find this all very interesting. I am a sagittarius with moon in Cancer and rising sign is Pisces. I am usually pretty quiet but if i am around people that I know i love to laugh and joke around with them. I love travel, and reading and writing, I basically love to explore everything. I am very restless, do any other Sag's out there know how to deal with that? I am quite amatuer when it comes to astrology but I find it absolutely fascinating! And I understand that restlessnes is a typical Sag trait. I want to do everything at once, but pacing isn't a strong quality of mine. Honesty is though, thats what I love about Sag's!

  • Hi

    I'm new to this forum. I have to laugh. I see a lot of myself in others here.

    My sun, mercury, venus and saturn are all in sag. My acendent, moon and Pluto are in Virgo. My fortune, jupiter and neptune are in scorpio. My mars and true lilth (whatever that is) is in tarus and uranus in Leo. Midheaven is gemini.

    I've been told I have an unbalanced chart. I guess you won't have to wonder what I'm thinking. :0)

  • Wow! The more I ex;lore here the more I have to say wow.

    I am learning a lot about myself by looking at yall.

    (Yes. Using the word yall in this way is correct. Yall is a group of three or more.)

    This is an insightful, informative, intelligent,impressive,entertaining, good looking, crowd.

    And the rest of you ain't bad either.

    By being you, I am becoming more comfortable with looking at me.

    There is an ancient Native American saying that comes to mind:

    Tell me who you love

    And I will tell you who you are

  • I am glad to be of service. You never know what affect laughter is gonna have on some ones day.

    It just might be that one moment that helps them get through the rough part.

    Besides that smile looks good on you.

    Don't ever say that I ain't gave you nothin!

    It is grammatically incorrect.

  • Hello Sunshine 275.

    So you are feeling restless huh?

    Well asking a bunch of Sags ain't gonna help that situation. We will probably give you one hundred different answers and pull you in one hundred different directions.

    You know what.......that just might be the cure to what ails ya.

    At least it will give you something to do for a little while. I mean, you will be busy trying to figure out who's advice to take. Who's advice not to take. Making new friends. I am pretty sure that being Sagittariuns we will pose more questions to find answers to.

    Thus starts your new adventure.

    Wow that was easier than I thought it was gonna be.

    Glad to help Sunshine 275!

  • Hey there..

    Im new to the forum.. Another proud sagittarian.. Deep, philosophical, artistic, spontaneous and restless.. I love my sag traits however Im cursed with scorio rising which creates a constant dissonance between wanting to love deeply and wanting to be free.. Love to hear from any other sag's who battle this paradox..

  • Good to meet fellow Sagis on here

  • KImodragon, thats funny:)

  • I'm a cancer surrouned by sags, its okay for the most part, sometimes it gets confusing:)

  • bluecat123 🙂 I am a Sag surrounded by Cancers! Maybe we can help each other lololol! (Hope you are doing well :))

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