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  • lmao! you funny sag you! I wish I could find a pisces...I knew one once. I'll even say his name Jordan...ummummmumm woulda coulda shoulda very s e x y!

  • ButtrFlyKiss: As a male Sagittarius, I can tell you that we WANT to forgive. We really, really do. But it depends on what were asked to forgive. When I've been wounded, I tend to curl up and get into my head a bit too much. Mulling over the direction I should take. Deeply introverted. If we feel we've been betrayed to the extreme, like being cheated on, it's hard to let go of that.

    How do you capture a Sagittarius' heart? Boy, I wish I knew the answer to that question as I'm currently trying to capture one myself!!!! Check out the thread I started.....I've gotten myself into a big ol' mess!! LOL!!!!

    All the best


  • HI!

    I'm also a Sag female.

    The answer to your question about Cancer guys, I think Cancer and Sag makes great friends . . . sometimes it's better left like that.

    It's more about the Venus and Mars than it is about the signs, I believe!

    I'd love to find someone with the same b'day . . .Mine is Dec 13th.

    You'd have more in common with an astro twin than if you had been born with a twin. Those minutes do make a difference.

    I wanted to do this just to compare one's life with mine. SO please contack me Dec 13ths, OK?



  • I am a saggitarius, and have just completed my second university degree, the first in philosophy and this one Law, and now I am yearning to travel. In these ways I represent the typical saggitarrius. I have a big smile, lots of energy , and create from my visions.

    I have a lot of women friends, but I think that I intimidate a lot of males, and also I find that now I am 55 I accept that I am impatient, don't suffer fools gladly, and perhaps come across as an arrogant know all.

    If I believe I have been betrayed (after of course checking all the facts) I send the the dishonest, disloyal person on their way for good.

  • Fishy 76, In my experience, its nice for just a short time. Either the sagg makes the pisces' 'water boil, or the pisces becomes a wet blanket trying to quell the sagg fire. Sagg's will walk all over your sensitive insecurities and at the same time be deeply hurt that you don't offer your passionate support for our widerangeing interests.

    On the odd occasion you can get the temperature right, then there is an amazing short lived conncection. Butterfly, Sagg's will do the choosing, its doubtful whether you can lure them and get them to stay, bit like feral cats!

  • noorisnow,

    thanks for your explanation. You have been a great help.


    Its great and heartwarming to knw that you lived 21yrs with your pisces husband.

    i learn that its will be perfect match if your moon sign is same as your partner's sun sign.

    example: i'm pisces and my gal is having pisces moon.

    is yours this such match too?


    Thanks for the feedback. Might not be that bad for me as i have plenty of Sag goodfriends.

    So, somehow...i know their characters and temper well. I know when to go 'missing'...and when to come back when they need me.

    when the temperature of the fire is control well over the water...the combination will be power = steam! ;D So i guess it takes both the fire and water to make things work.



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  • This post is deleted!

  • Dramysag>>HI!

    I'm also a Sag female.

    The answer to your question about Cancer guys, I think Cancer and Sag makes great friends . . . sometimes it's better left like that.

    Sandran>>I agree that Cancer and Sag make great friends.But,not a good match for relationships.I dated a Sag.He always wanted to run around.Can't stay in one place like a Cancer does..And a Cancer can't rest their minds because we keep thinking they are going out and using us Cancer's..LOL.They act so secretive.But, I know they aren't.My intuition just tells me.Sometimes they are faithful sometimes not.My brother is also a Sag.And my brother and I can have a conversation.But we are not close..

  • If I believe I have been betrayed (after of course checking all the facts) I send the the dishonest, disloyal person on their way for good.

    Sandran>>A Cancer feels this way too.And even tho a Sag feels this way.They also have their share of playing around.And it's a visious circle.I mean you said you have alot of female friends.And this is what a Cancer hears and we jump and run.We feel intimidated.And the trust is gone.We just don't attempt or try.We back off because we feel what is the use?Too many women so little time..

  • soapmaker,

    Im a sag/virgo/gemini and reading your post gives me hope about this Libra girl im dating/friends with hoping it works out,(i dont see a reason why it wouldnt but nothings for sure) we have so much in common and i consider her one of my best friends(only 3 months of knowing her), i can tell her anything(doesnt judge) and she understands me completely (things no one else knows), even though shes not quite where i am yet, i can tell shes getting more open with me about things slowly. it seems too good to be true for me, and im sure for her also

    i too am an optimist, extrovert, compassionate, always ready to defend the underdog(im a big guy and always want a fair fight), have a high intuition and love to gain wisdom and knowlegde anywhere i can. I love nature. i love animals and i have a rescued cat that just loves me and follows me around the house. im very blunt and honest when talking which can hurt peoples feelings or get them angry. i HATE being lied too and i can tell if you are, BUT i can lie very well if i need to get out of a jam, me and my brother are sags and we get along but when we dont its world war 3. my mom is virgo and dad is Libra still together but its been really rough for them being so different, my other brother is scorpio and me and him are alot alike(believe it or not lol) and get along great, i look up to him and want a good marriage and kids one day like he's got. scorpios are hard workers arent they? cause he is big time, he's always on the go, male sags tend to be lazy i heard (and yes i am to a point) but im 315lbs, and once i lose weight i will be full of energy and once i get started working im very hard working and tend to over do it............i sometimes think i got it all figured out (a know it all), then when i get proved wrong i dont get mad, thats just another thing i learned which us sags love lol

    being a sag male, ive never been short of girls thinking im cute but because of me being insecure about my weight, i have never done anything about girls liking me until recently lol

  • chevelle>> i HATE being lied too and i can tell if you are, BUT i can lie very well if i need to get out of a jam,

    Sandran>>This is why I get emotionally drained.Because this is a typical Sag behavior.The get out of a jam usually means to a Cancer that you are really screwwing us over.A Cancer hates to be lied to.And a Sag are good at lying.Sags are good listeners.But,bad move to a Cancer with a relationship.

  • Hi Dreamysag! I'm a dec 13th birthday girl too!!! I get so excited when I find another one of us around. I think I've only met 2 others in my 30 years. I'm such a typical sag...optimistic, idealistic, a seeker. I would be happy being a student forever. Really I could talk forever about myself, as could any sag I guess... but I'll stop 🙂

    I'm not sure what's happening with my life right now...going through some huge emotional issues...anyone else feeling that?

    Dreamysag, what is it that you're wanting to compare with another thirteener? I'm all ears......

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  • soapmaker>>My son is a Sag and can be lazy, but when it calls for it he works very hard!!

    Sandran>>My brother is a Saggitarius..This sounds like him.LOL..He has a temper that scares a Cancer(like me)lol.I feel somwhat close to him.But, are worlds apart.

  • wow. this fits me exactly.

  • Hello all. I am a sag with libra moon, cancer rising. And indeed I am very sag. Very honest to a fault and trustworthy and all the bad things with i too. I am a December 10th baby and get along great with other sag's . Can't wait to keep learning although when I say bad above I really didn't mean bad because to me there isn't one negative trait in sag;s description. I love my sign.

  • I do adore you fun loving Sagittarians. You're a wealth of knowledge, non-stop excitement and humorous. Keep doing what you're doing, I'm intrigued.

  • Hey, fellow sagg's/sagg lovers, I am writing about a few personal issues I am having with my virgo friends. I am a true saggitarius even down to some of the traits that our scorpio friends dislike so much, including somewhat power dominance and control and secret keeping when i feel like I might need to withhold information for my own good. However I am truly trying to handle this new found thing we call "patience". My current boyfriend is a virgo, as is my ex and my roommate, who is still partially my best friend. My boyfriend is a work-a-holic!! HE is busy 17hours of the day, leaving the remaining 5 for sleep, I am finding it hard to maintain on love alone, yet i know how much taking car of his family means to him... I don't know what to do there and am currently fighting most people on the "drop him" mindset over the wait and be patient mindset... i dont know, i feel lost.. and then there is more.. will someone please offer some wise advise. I am strongly trying to overpower my instinct to leave when things aren't going my way, but for example, I moved closer to be near and i see less of him, "I.E. I havent seen him in two months" as of this post, so can anyone help steer me in the right direction.. thanx.

    Blessed be

  • I hope all of you come to my post Merry Christmas which wishes everyone in the Zodiac a Happy Holiday regardless of which sign you are!

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