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  • I have known a Sag. man for about 8 years and lived with him for 2 and 1/2 years. He is a traveler and has been many places in the world (hiking Europe, etc) but mostly now he travels in his mind and on the internet. He is the most energized, hardest working man I've ever met. He can get so many things done in a day, I am constantly amazed. He is truthful in what he tells me - problem is - he hardly tells me anything. He chooses to live a separate life that I know almost nothing about until one of his buddies lets something slip. He is very loving and caring physically but many times leaves me cold emotionally - he rarely shares any feelings - he prefers to clam up and storm out when I ask him to share. He seems to hate that I'm always sharing (I'm Cancer) though he does always listen. I say he hates it because he usually turns what I've said all around and throws it back in my face when I am only trying to get to know him better. I'm a caretaker and homebody and I need my stuff around me but he rejects that part of me. He prefers to do things for himself but then seems to want to make me feel inadequate because my priorities are different. He all but refuses to say "I love you" and certainly not, "I'm sorry". If he doesn't grow up soon, I'll be forced to leave. I'm hardly here (my stuff is in storage) anyway. I've never met a more self-centered, angry man though he can be all peaches and cream when he wants to be. Very reliable, he's been 27 years at the same job and was 30+ years with the same woman though he says he hated her. The only real reason he's given for hating her is because she went from a gorgeous body-builder to overweight but certainly not grossly so. He seems to mainly want me because I have a nice body and he likes the way other men look at me. He wants me to dress slutty to attract attention. I did at first because it was fun but my better self took over and I've gone back to looking 'nice'. He takes care of me in that he provides a small apartment (even though he owns the entire house which includes a larger nicer apartment - and owns 3 other houses) and pays all the bills. He gets upset when my belongings cross into his line of site. I'm supposed to keep my "shit" out of his way. A good companion when we're out, we have a lot of fun on trips and just out to eat and at home we sit side by side to watch movies. So it seems he likes my physical self and cuddly sexual self but not my stuff or my sensitivities. I was hoping that we would prove the sceptics wrong and show that a Cancer woman and Sagitarian man could be good together but it only works when I deny my true self and allow him to be his best and worst selves without much comment.

  • I am really sorry to hear this. I have never known a Sag like this. Male or female. I know they are out spoken and straight forward but this takes the cake. And I never knew a cancer who didn't voice an opinion and let you know about it. I can understand keeping your mouth shut if he is your sole support but I don't know of a cancer who would take that for long. And people need their things around them. Its who you are. I would loose my idenity without atleast some if not most of the things with me. Do you know that's when elderly people die? You put them in a home without their things and they are lost and don't live long without them. I have sag rising and I know he would hear what I think about this and then I would find a way to hit the road. If I didn't have a job I would be out there finding a way to take care of myself. Move in with a friend or family member for a time just till I could do something else. And get you back.

  • hi all Sags here and others,

    am a Sag/Leo/Aries, a total fire sign and freakingly crazy and have my birthday on the cusp on the 21st of Dec. well am everything about a Sag, fun loving, loves the outdoors and enjoys my quite moments and disappears to the magical mythical world and always seek people who are intellectual and not just rubbish. along with all the good qualities of honesty trustworthy etc etc. i have found a few negatives in me, and it is something to actually do with my honesty. again the problem with stuck your foot in your mouth thingie. I once found out that I when honsetly speaking about my feelings and emotions and needs unfortunately manipulated a friendship. it wasnt my intention, but that hapened because I only spoke from my part. now if you call a sag manipulative for that I guess every sag is it then.

    on the other hand I have got all the healing properties and am extremely optimistic. I can make any heart sadened person smile and bring sunshine in their lives. I have done it many times and always new wonders and miracles happen in my life, thanks to jove.

    every sign has got it negative and positive sides and living both and finding our truth paths is my aim. everyone is afraid of my unpredictability and being a triple fire sign am more than unpredictable.

  • I am a Sagittarius in more way than one! I am honest,trustworthy and very adventureous!

    I take my relationship with family and friends to the heart.

    When it comes to converstations I am very direct and people don't understand me!

    The one thing is this if you lie or do any harm to me. I will find you and cut you off for life!

    We tend to love life to the fullest !

    As a Sagittarius we are strong,bold and know our place in the world, so look out!!!

    I do not like to fell like I am in a cage , love the freedom of life.

  • My last relationship was with a Sagittarius man. I am a virgo. Like you said you have an amazing connection with your Sagittarius man that is like nobody could understand, we too had a connection I've never had with anyone else. We were together for over 9 years and he never could settle. There are a lot of characteristics that I loved about him but he seemed to be afraid to settle. And he too needed a lot of stimulation.

  • Thank you for having the courage to speak the truth about the truthful sag .I have to say I have experienced all the above as well and sag is my marriage sign as I am a Gem .However due to past experience with one it only took one I am very hesitant to get involved with another .Please know that as this forum is for understanding of each other it is always inportant to say both sides and for that I am glad this topic was exporessed don't look at who is saying it but at what is being said .I would like to know why these personality flaws come out of Sag as well to further understanding .Thanks.

  • I am a Sagittarius and often disagree with what they say about us. I realize that our rising and moon play a big roll in our characteristics as well. I think the one thing that I really don't like is the "risk taking" aspect they always associate with being a Sagittarius and that we are terrible with money. I am quite the opposite of both of those traits. I've always been attracted to Aries and Leo and now find myself in a relationship with a cusper Leo/Virgo. What trials and tribulations here, but exciting....We will see....

    Any ideas?


  • Hello. I am a Sagittarius and I definitely fit many of the so-called sterotypical traits of the archer. The main characteristic is I am extremely and brutally honest.This is an area which causes me many unfortunate heartaches as I have come to learn that most people actually "don't" want to hear or know the truth. I am very intrigued with cultures all across the world and my truth seeking is more internal and individual.

  • Hello. I am a Sagittarius woman with a Cancer rising. Ironically my significant other is a Cancer man. Ironically he displays the characteristics of your partner and I am more like yourself. Sometimes the issues within a relationship are much deeper than astrology. If indeed you intend to look further into the stars perhaps you should try a "composite chart" or relationship chart with both of you. The sun sign isn't the only sign to ponder.

  • From your segment I found this to be really good.

    What's important to me now is dedicating myself to the journey of self discovery. I study energetic healing, reiki, toning, taking orb photos and so much more. Knowing there is so much more out there than I once perceived, my heart has expanded, past wounds heal far more quickly and basking in the "purple universal energy" is the greatest high I've ever experienced. What are orb photos, purple universe energy and I suck at creativity. I live near the water too, but I always help the wrong person, get hurt, end up broke and in trouble lately. Am supposed to be learning patience and discernment now in my life. Yea I talk to an occasional psychic. I guess life isn't too bad, but I am also taking the slow road to meeting the right man. Been separated for four years, only been with one in that period of time and he was a player that used me. I thought he was the under dog who needed my help. wrong. any advice or books, music to suggest. my only creative outlet has been stain glass.

  • Hi! I am a Saggi with Gemini Rising and a Cancer moon with venus in Scorpio! Pretty lethal you may think! But the Cancer means I am home loving with family and caring to people. Cancer Moon is in its own house so this tends to calm the fire of Saggi down. However, I hate being lied to and never trust again if lied to or betrayed. I guess my own shortcomings are a naivety about relationships and assume that everybody is honest, which they aren't! I think Saggies are a bit like labradors: all wag and enthusiasm until hurt then they bolt the way a horse does.

    I love literature, higher learning (two degrees) travel and animals. Hooked on books, travel and learning and love esoteric things. I read tarot, love astrology and am learning to read a crystal ball. I can be faithful and loyal but must admit that if betrayed, the Scorpio has in the past kicked and and I have finished what the other person started by going elsewhere before finishing the relationship. I cannot stand being lied to and my trust and respect, once lost, is lost for ever. A bit punitive but I think thats more Scorp than Saggi. I am loyal and will fight a cause for justice to my own detriment.

    I know Saggis can be thoughtless and tactless - usually good at the foot in the mouth stuff but at least when we give a compliment we mean it, even if it comes out the wrong way!

    I think Linda Goodman's Sun signs is a particularly good book on the signs and very true of each. Worth a read!



  • (firstly, my post name is guidedogs because it's one of the many causes I support...along with World Vision - sponsoring makes me feel great; contributing to the greater good and caring on a global level 🙂

    Anyway, now I will get to the core of this post. I've read through the responses regarding sag, and as a spiritual sag myself I can only agree that generally speaking I have all the traits; and at times I've not been happy about this. Firstly when I was younger I found it difficult to stay focussed on a home life. Career was important and i was constantly fighting off the boys and I DON'T say this in an ego manner. I had no intention of settling down, and travelled extensively by the time I was 20, having worked two jobs whilst going to Uni. Finally I was pressured to marry a Cancerian who was lovely and cuddly, but it lasted a year as he was not a 'big picture' person like me - he left! (weak; lack of communication; lied about having the same dreams;- but we were young and it was pressure from family too) anyway, after years of acceptance and healing and realising that I too played a part in choosing to be with him (so the key now is to listen to intuition and stay true to one's own nature) I then met and dated a Sagg for 5 years. This worked for us both because we were both fun loving and didn't want anything too serious. However, we did love each other but a Leo danced into his life and he got a little secretive. Maybe this is partly a male behaviour but I know it was never his intention to hurt me. I guess by not telling me the truth, he wasn't lying! 🙂 very clever of him. Mind you, when it got to be more serious, I DID head off overseas for a trekking adventure... left my big paying corporate job for freedom. Anyway, 5 years later he has since seen my Facebook listing and said 'hi'; which was nice. We both learned valuable lessons; and regardless of astrology I do believe that we both needed to mature... and as a Sag I believe I'm a late starter when it comes to 'getting the lessons in life.' Anyway, I do have a lot of water signs in my chart, and as a middle aged (but still sexy, fit and gregarious fun loving/life loving gentle soul), I'm more than ready to settle down. The superficial aspects that scorpio may envisage are simply the sag's need to 'actively participate largely in life i.e. 'live life to the full' and my closest friend is a Scorpio; she puts up with my outspoken-ness and my pisces sensitive friends/family have also over the years retaliated at times to my honesty...which DOES hurt me deeply and see me bunker down for months alone (see? lots of water / lots of forgiveness and love over the years) so those people who love us will always see the bigger picture and not judge.

    Lastly (as you can see, I do love to 'talk') I've fallen in love with a much younger man who happens to be a Cancerian!!! I felt a little panicked but see this as a test by virtue of what I have learned. He wants to have a home and family - and I'm more than ready to oblige 🙂 It's that 13 year cycle coming to an end... very auspicious month! Hang in there if everything is sincere and equal. (cancer girl with older Sag man... my sense is that you are giving up your own personal energy and he will take advantage of this as it creates more freedom for him. What makes you happy>?)

  • Hello Fellow Sagittarians !

    I also am a Sag, a double Sag, and I fit the profile perfectly. Honest to a fault (what my Mother always said), I think the problem with our Honesty and why we are always seemingly in trouble with one person or another is because most people are Not Honest and they just plain don't know how to deal with it. And we on the other hand just plain don't know how to be any other way,our honesty comes out even in our sleep, although we consiously would never hurt another person's feelings, we seem to do it all the time without even being aware of it.

    Fun loving, people loving, animal loving, travel loving, learning loving, experimenting loving, freedom loving, laugh loving.....What's not to Love about a Sag ?

    The comments I have read especially the ones from the stinging Scorpios, are so wrong.

    I have yet to meet a Scorpio that isn't a manipulative, deceitful, back stabber. This would include my Sister & my Brother and the numerous scorpions I've met in my 55 years. Now when I meet one, I make sure I do not seek out a new relationship, I just say nice to meet you, and back slowly away. I don't like making unkind or general statements about anything, but the comments I read really touched me off....especially reflecting on my experiences.

    Well back to packing, something I do alot of..I am embarking on my 12th move in the last 18 years....back to New England I go for a brand new adventure !!

  • Hi I am a Pisces, Sag, Sag with 2 other Sag signs in my horoscope as well. I am with a Sag now and it is the most open, honest and greatest relationship I have ever been in. We both give each other the freedom to do what we both want to do with out judging and the honesty is superb - in fact how can anyone think they can have a relationship with anyone without honesty. I beggars belief that anyone would want anything else.

    Don't change anything, I love my sag and all her great great love of life

  • Hi! I am a Sag/Libra/Sag with MANY other Sag influences in my chart. I am loyal and honest; altho there have been times I have exagerated, it was mostly in my youth. I love to learn - so totally! I will defend the underdog, but ONLY if I believe they are in the right. I cannot defend, sell, or champion anything I cannot believe in. I love to love, physically, mentally and emotionally. However, it takes a LOT for me to take that last step over the barrier of believing that I will be 'penned in", and lose my individual identity. I was with an Aquarius for 18.5 years, and the only reason I stayed was that we had kids together. I finally left when I realized his attitudes and behaviors were hurting our children. But he married me, and then proceeded to live as if we were not married. No value to who or what I was or did. So glad I am out of that one!

    As far as Scorpios, the thing you need to remember about them is that they have three levels to who they are: the snake, the scorpion, and the eagle. They can be noble as all get out, but they can be sneaky and nasty like a snake, too. And don't even get me started on the scorpion side of them! LOL! Just keep those levels in mind whenever you deal with a Scorpio.

    I have perpetual "foot in mouth" disease, altho I am getting much better as I grow older. I travelled extensively in my late teens and throughout most of my 20's. Hitchhiked all over this great country of ours over a few years, and met a lot of really awesome people, and had the time of my life. While all my classmates were raising kids, I was traipsing the nation and the neighboring countries. Got married and had kids in my early 30's. Finished raising them until they were legal, and am embarking on one of the best phases of my life yet.

    I am very physical and very verbal. I love to read, as my mind can bring the word images to life MUCH better than most movies can. I literally consume books in large quantity. And often re-read my favorites. Anne MacCaffrey is one of the best authors of all time! And Jim Butcher with his Dresden series is right next to her! WOOT! WOOT!

    I NEED both alone time and time with people in a social environment. I get antsy sometimes, and don't even know why, just that I need to DO something - anything, for goodness sake! LOL! We frustrate ourselves, so sometimes I wonder how the rest of you guys deal with us! Don't EVER try to tell me what to do, or think, or how to behave. I will be gone so fast you won't even be able to say goodbye! Cherish me and love me. I need to also feel that you hold me not with a closed hand, but with an open palm. Much as the words to the song, "The Rose", 'lose your love when you say the word "mine"'. I will be faithful to you at all costs, as I truly feel I cannot hold you to a standard I cannot uphold. But if you doubt me, or act jealous, I will run. You must love to learn new things nearly as much as I do, although it is okay if you simply appreciate my fervor over it. But laugh with me, love with me, and share with me what you are. I can do no less, but do not expect to ever know ALL I am. Somethings I need to keep for myself.

  • I am a piscean married to a scorpio & i know exactly what you mean about the scorpion bit. Lets not go there!!!

  • Im a taurus

    and i love honestly also, but i do not like how saggitaruis cannot keep a secret.

    every experiance i had with one didnt do to well.

    i love travel too, but sagg just isnt that relyabe, they are like everywhere at once, and they flirt ALOT with other people when they have a bf, or gf.

  • Hello, Full Sag here with a Leo rising... two fire signs equals some serious flames 😉 I am honest to a fault, some may say I am opinionated but I say I always speak my mind and if something bothers me, I promise I will have something to say about it. The Leo in me is the part of me that loves to look good and the Sag in me is the part that makes me love travel. I have been fortunate enough to have travelled all over the world to places some only dream of. But im not done yet, I still have places to go on my "to do" list. I also love freedom and hate feeling restricted. My fiance had to learn how to deal with that because his nature is possessive but he learned that being possessive only makes me want to break free more so he learned a very useful tactic which is to give me my space. Doing so has made it all better for us... he trusts me and that's important because I do not lie, i'm a terrible liar and frankly its too much work to remember all your lies, I much prefer to tell it like it is... and if someone doesnt like it, well, that's just too bad, but at least you know where you stand with me.

  • Hi...I'm a Sag with a Virgo ascendant and Leo moon. I agree with you about Scorpio....they are the most manipulative, secretive and vengeful people I've ever met and I can pick one out from miles away. they are also control freaks. sag's are known for :hoof and mouth" disease but it also well known that they never mean to hurt anyone's feelings. On the other hand, Scoprio means to sting and hurt with their comments. If someone asks for my opinion on something I always ask them if they really want the truth because that's what they'll get from me.

    I think the biggest failing of a Sag is trouble with commitment in relationships....which probably comes from our undying need for freedom and independence. Any attempt to tie me down meets with instant defiance and I will bolt. I've heard it said that only another sag makes a good mate.

    My best friend is a virgo and we get along great.....probably because I am a Virgo ascendant and Virgo definitely tones down the fire sign of Sag. and grounds me a bit more.

    To me the big question I've had for years is why is my twin sister so completely different from me and we were born only minutes apart????? No astrologer has ever been able to answer that. I chalk it up to different Karma from past lives (yes I do believe in reincarnation).

    Sun signs only give part of the picture, esp. when matching two people up. But the one sign I have problems with is Cancer and probably because they are so moody and Saggies are the eternal optimists. Cancer is also too much of a home body and for me, home is wherever I happen to be. I do love to travel and love animals, love adventure and the riskier the better. Education and learning are very important to me and I have to know "why" and won't rest til I get answers.

    Does anyone have any ideas about the "twin thing" and why we are so different???

  • Hi all, I am a female Sag 12/19/70 and love every minute of it! I have most all the general sag traits good and not so good lol, very independent, love to travel, blunt and brutally honest (have learned some tact over the years though), trusting, positive attitude & optimist, love to learn any and everything, abundant sense of humor, love sports and being active, all things metaphysical, very social & friendly, reluctant to commit to things and people, need my space, philisophical, sometimes too lax on things etc

    but I do have virgo moon to help me organize and plan better, and helps keep me kind of grounded and pretty analytical... pisces rising, over all I have a good mixture in my chart, lacking in air signs.

    I have found that a lot of sag's tend to learn major life lessons early and my motto is " I don't get older I get better!"


    i'm not sure what your experiences with sag's have been but in my whole life I have only met 1 sag that could not keep a secret and we are brutally honest to a fault...and yes sag's can be kind of scattered at times and we absolutely LOVE to flirt, its really mainly innocent with nothing intended...its is just part of who we are! ( I will speak for myself of course since not all love to flirt but most do! lol)

    We never intentionally mean to hurt anyone, sometimes we just don't realize how our words or actions will affect others that are not like ourselves.

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