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  • Welcome, Archers. As lovers of travel and adventure, we hope you'll think of this topic as just one more step on your journey in life.

    What's the goal? To create greater awareness ... for you, for other Archers, or even for those who happen into the forum looking to understand what it's like to be a Sagittarius.

    You might start by telling us how well you fit the typical image of a Sagittarius (honest, enthusiastic, resilient, seeking) or, if you don't, what about those ideas are challenging to you. Is the globe-trotting image an ideal that you hope to achieve, or are you quietly comfortable with your life as an internal explorer?

    If you're not a Sagittarius, you might still find something useful here. The Sagittarius motto is "It is better to know how to learn than to know," so don't hesitate to ask for some Sagittarian wisdom on whatever you're wondering about.

  • Hi, I'm a Sagittarius and I certainly reflect many of the normal traits. I attribute this to having multiple planets under the good ole' archer. I am very honest and trustworthy. My friends trust me with all their secrets. I have very large goals though. I seek power and knowledge through years of hard work, probably attributed to my capricorn planets, which are equal in number to my sagittarian planets. One day I hope to travel the world and experience all I can before I die.

    Looking forward to learning about other Centaurs,


  • hey,i'm a Sagittarius as well .yeah i like travell so much i love to discover things i just love freedom and something strange heh i have only 3 friends and all of them are Sagittarius !!!

    somethgin frustrating me in life i mean the situation and everything .cause i really wanna travell live alone and enjoy happyness that is my dream..even if u r Sagittarius some things will effect your life ....hope all people well make thier dreams comes true

  • I have a very close friend at work that's a Sagitarius. I can trust her. She has a very nice family--5 kids. Very pretty girl. She's always trying diets--she's overweight. If she gets upset w/someone, she expresses her views. A very strong woman. A good friend.

  • am a sagitarius and i love it, But i'm not so keen on the travel side of it when younger did some now not so much. I do love the seeker side to this, i love to find out and to understand things i enjoy my seeking mind always waiting to be inspired.

    We've had pluto in our sign for the last 13 years and i did find pluto a very big struggle it 's influence i can say did break down my barriers and now its time for a come back.

  • Hi

    Pluto has crossed my ascendent, conjucted my Jupiter, then my Mercury and now it has been on my Sun on and off for a year!!!. I am going through hell at the moment and the only thing that keeps me going is knowing that it is moving into Capricorn.

    I fully sympathise with any other Sagitarians who have had a rough ride.

  • Hi! I am a triple Sagitarius. When people find out I'm a triple Sag, some folks take a step back and wonder what's going to come out of my mouth.

    My traits? I'm honest & straighforward. I don't appreciate dishonesty and will always fight for what I perceive to be the "underdog". I have great abundance of enthusiasm and am a true optimist. If you hand me lemons, I will show you every way you can made lemonaide and so much more. I see nothing but possibilities. The success of my physical well being (and survival in this world) is directly dependent on how I manage/balance my creativity. If I don't do something creative to express myself, my health suffers. And I love to be creative. I love the challenge of taking anything and turning it into something that expresses my true nature and espcially if it benefits others. Creativity can be anything to me: playing music, composing, singing, painting, gardening, cooking, writing, teaching, I have the abiity to see "outside the box". However, if I don't pay attention, I become clumbsy. I've had my fair share of physical aliments but have powered through them.

    I love people, children, animals and the outdoors. I love hanging out with new humanity. They have much to teach us. I feel blessed animals love me and much as I love them. I love the wooded areas, the mountains, hearing the song of the morning and am drawn by the glow of the moon. The planet is one big playground for me. If I get a little too firey, I stick my feet in water right away. This is why I live by the ocean.

    I love to be the life of the party as much as I cherish my quiet time. Because I'm outgoing, people assume I'm a wild woman - not so - and they're surprised to learn this facet of my personality. Playtime and quiet time are equally important to me.

    Relationships? At one time I couldn't seem to make up my mind about any guy. Took me years to find the "perfect one for me" - and now I have him! We've been married 11 years and he's great! It takes a lot to win my heart. But once you do, I'm faithful and I would go to the ends of the earth to help you. I am a solid, trustworthy friend. People share their heart's desire or secrets with me and I carefully guard them.

    I crave knowledge and I actively seek it. Phiosophy, humanity and religion intrigue me, I want to help to make the world a better place. I also have a great need to express myself. And sometimes this means I do stick my "foot in my mouth". I always have the best intentions when I say or do something...and I do end up appologizing a lot. I can be rather blunt about things. However, I'm not afraid to say I'm love you, I'm sorry, please forgive and thank you for pointing out how I hurt you". Before anyone enlists my support on something, I always ask, "Are you sure you want me to tell you the truth?".

    I wouldn't say I exacly fit the typical Sagitarius "globe trotting image", I have traveled a lot and I enjoy visiting & exploring new places. I think there are many ways to travel. What's important to me now is dedicating myself to the journey of self discovery. I study energetic healing, reiki, toning, taking orb photos and so much more. Knowing there is so much more out there than I once perceived, my heart has expanded, past wounds heal far more quickly and basking in the "purple universal energy" is the greatest high I've ever experienced.

    And yes, I do agree with the Sagittaruis motto: "It is better to know how to learn then to know". Through actively participating in learning, you are afforded to engage fully in what life can teach you. I see nothing but possibilities. There's a lot of change going on right now. Instead of fighting the waves, go with the flow and work through it. Be fearless! There is so much to be grateful for. I encourage all of you to embrace the wisdom of life lessons. For this Sagittarius, experiencing life is the true journey.

  • hi dalia, inregards to your friend who is a sag, well she might be overweight like many other sagittarius people. our ruler is jupiter the daddy of all planets. he is big and everything associated with this planet is going to be big! not always with weight but a person maybe tall or a very outgoing personality. they do things in excess like eating or drinking. i to am a sag and am a little overweight however since i like to outdoors walking and hikeing are my enjoyments. if she feels bad maybe she could talk to a doctor for some diet pills. they are available but just show her an article about sagittarius and their traits and maybe she will not be to hard on herself. just trying to help out a fellow sag.

  • hi all, zox here and i am new to this forum. i am a sagittarius born december 21 and i had my chart done and i am a sag! missed being a goat by a few hours. my riseing sign is cancer and my midheaven is pisces. i have all the traits of a sag. i consider my self honest and a helper of mankind. i stand by the underdog if i see injustice and i always have to say what is on my mind. i know i hurt people by telling them the truth however they find that they can always trust me and know that i am looking out for there best intrest. never sugarcoat anything and i do put my foot in my mouth a lot. i do say i am sorry if i go a little to far. i love the outdoors, the mountains and just hanging out in the woods. i like to hunt,fish ride motorcyles and gardening. i have dogs and a ferret. i have traits also of cancer. very homebody sometimes. i enjoy doing things for my family and i am very close to my son. he is a libra and we do clash. i have to much of a sence of humor and he has a dry humor. pluto leaving our sign yea!!! actually i have learned so much over the last few years and underwent so many changes in my life. not all good but i am glad that i have experienced all that i went through. i am always looking around the corner to see what comes next in life and i find that very exciting. you cant be scared of things to come. just embrace what ever life throws at you and learn from it. i have learned so much about astrology through my father. i am still learning but when i meet people i try to figure out what sign they are and some of them are amazed how i know what they are. i think astrology is a helpful tool but never forget you have freewill to think for yourself. i use my chart as a guide. the astrologer i went to no longer gives readings due to his health. so i have been trying to figure what is next . i do belive in karma and am trying to learn more about that. to all my sisters and brothers of sagittarius enjoy your life. some people live life we enjoy life. embrace all that comes to you good or bad however nothing is really bad if you put a positive spin on something that might be negative. jupiter is our father ruler and whatever he may be have faith the universe will take care of you if you take care of it. thanks

  • I am a Scorpio and so is my partner we had both been married to Sag's, my dad and brother were both, my daughter in law is and other people that are a working part of my life are. They are not at all what people think they are when you are on that personal level with them. Very manipulative, sneeky, stab you in the back and take you to the er. Moody and will talk suicide if they don't get their way. Everyone talks all the good about them but this is the reality of every Sag I have ever met. Love to overindulge if they indulge if not they will put it down if you do.

    Now its not just me who feels this way I have studied this at length and others have noticed the same things. They lie even as far as saying they are having a child and not and as far as romance goes only if they want to or are intoxicated. And that is not the way to go. The truth blinds them. Now on the work front they are incredible workers, will go out of their way for the "strangers" in their life but at the same time all the way home they complain about it all.

    I am reading the other messages but no one seems to want to say it how it is on the down side of a Sagittarian. Yes I know most people don't care for Scorpio's but honestly we get stung by ourselves more than we sting anyone else.

    Thanks and please dont aim your arrow at me I am just the messenger.

    Blessings on this WInter Solstice

  • My brother is a Sagittarius and a lawyer. Unfortunately we don't get along well, even though I'm an Aquarius.


  • @bliss4all, I too am a triple Sag and your description is accurate to a TEE. I am a humanitarian, spiritual teacher, and pursuing of the TRUTH. Sags are truth seekers and if one finds a Sag that lies, there must be underlying planets. Now, a Sag may exaggerate for they are ruled by Jupiter which gives one the "big picture" whether you want to believe it or not.

    I also noted the responses from Scorpios about Sags and I find it interesting that the one sign that continues to have negative comments about Sags are Scorps. I get along with Scorps very well and it may be that even though I'm a triple Sag, I have Mars and Mercury in Scorpio so my passion and communication style are very similar to Scorps. I can be mysterious and secretive about my deepest feelings, but when asked, I will relay my thoughts. I'm also prone to going to the other extreme and have no qualms about crossing your boundaries and this is where Scorps do not like Sags for a Sag will bluntly corss over a Scorp's boundaries in a heartbeat.

    The Scorps in my life love me, but I have "put my foot in my mouth" and hurt them at various times. I do find myself apologizing and due to the heart of gold that a Scorp has (and yes they do have hearts of gold and are extremely compassionate), I have been forgiven numerous times. I now try to be a bit more tactful and respective of boundaries, but the Scorps in my life (from friends, family members, and lovers) never leave me and are always loyal to me as I am to them.

    My birthday is Nov. 30th so I am a November Sag and oftentimes we do have some of the remnants of scorp permeating our very souls. Many people mistaken me for a Scorp because of my mannerisms and my passions; however, my humanitarian instincts, my belief in the truth at all costs, and my love of travel, inspirational messages and so much more reminds folks that I truly am a Sag.

  • I am a Sagittarius, and would have to agree with what youve said about scorpio loyalty as much as their prickly natures get on my nerves, they are very loyal, and I have found that reciprocated in all of my dealings with them. I actually always find myself really attracted to scorpio men. their is a quiet to their nature that turns me on and makes me feel comfortable. unfortunetly I have never actually managed to get into a relationship with one.

    I seem to be addicted to the Aquarius Man. I love his mind, and HATE his hypocrasy!

    has anyone else had this same problem?

  • I have had a relationship with a Sagittarian man for a while now, lol and I'm a virgo ( my rising is Sagi tho, maybe its why we usually get along so well)..The one thing I have found with him is that he cant seem to settle, he must find people to stimulate his mind ( in more ways than one!)..There are things I find about him that I do not understand, like his constant need for stimalation, for tho he likes to be alone physically and handles it well, mentally he gets lonely and has to play with fire,.I love him dearly, he is my best friend and I believe we have a connection that no one else could possibly have, we pick up on each others emotions so easily, even from hundreds of miles away. But I can't trust it my over analysing as a virgo, or the fact that his acsending sign is Aquarius...HELP!

  • Hello everyone! I am a sagi with libra as my what do you call it... ascending sing? I have travelled much when I was in my late teens and early adult years, but now I feel I would like to settle down and have my own house...

    I 've always been what you would say 'alone but not lonely' I've always been very solitary, although I was once married to a scorp... we fell out of love. Perhaps because I've always been more ambitious whereas my then scorp was more 'live with what you have and be happy with it' -not ambitious to 'grow' as a human being.

    My true love is music, which I try do do as much as possible... but right now I am in a state of being 'stuck' in life... I don`t have a home to call my own... I am not in the career I truly wish to be - which is anything pertaining to music - The work I do needs to mean a lot to me, as I put my all into achieving the best of what I can do. My dreams are big, but my fear of going forward is pulling me back...perhaps I fear rejection.., being scoffed at.

    I am presently in a great relationship with a wonderful libra man. I wish we had found each other 15 years ago, we think much alike... who knows what our lives would have been like had we met long ago! I know, I know, do not dwell on the past... the future shines ahead with great possibilities. But I am afraid. It seems something is holding me back, but WHAT?

  • Hello again...I just read my horoscope for today...'As long as you keep up a shell of external appearances, no one will miss you while your mind is traveling to faraway places'.

    My mind is in constant travel to 'faraway places' - mostly magical and imaginary places...

  • i love being a sagitarius and i fit the description of sagitarius i am extremely optmistic, love to travel although i never left ohio its is my desire to travel the world, love the earth & its people and i am always sticking up for the underdog even if its my friend's enemy i always have to speak for them i truly believe in our motto and and as i am always learning new truths sometimes i dont want to kno the truth but truth finds me so thats why it is better to know how to learn than to know because everything you dont wanna kno and its okay if u dont because ur able to learn. but what i find difficult is im sumwhat of a shy sagitarius although i truly would like to be the life of the party i jus feel as though i cant compete with most people personality so i go in my own world it takes time for people to know me because i dont speak much and its like sometimes i only can speak truth and who wants to hear truth all day so keep my thoughts but i kno my personality is worthy but i lack confidence probably from my upbringing but even as shy as i can be people are really like me & that always makes me smile. and i like the scorpio's comment about the badside of sagitarius it is sumwhat true but the lying part no i dont lie never really did but ppl always think im lying especially about the stupidest things but always come to find out i told u so i dont even think i exagerate that much but somtimes i swear i saw something a bit more exagerated & then if it was a recoreded event it didnt seem as big as i thought. and at times i do alot for "strangers" and my close circle seems to have negative feelings about it but what they dont kno is we appreciate strangers and treat them so good because they usually are good to us and they dont have to but somtimesthe circle arent as generous as we would like and they are supposed to treat us like the strangers who arent obliged and my motto about that type of situation is I WILL BEG A STRANGER IN THE STREETS OF NYC BEFORE I BEG MY FAMILY/CLOSE FREINDS FOR SOMETHING I NEED ESPECIALLY WHEN ITS OBVIOUS IM OF NEED. that doesnt mean i will not ask im just im not beggin you cuz u kno me and my situation but a stranger doesnt kno me so begging them is okay and sometimes a stranger treats u better than anyone u trully kno

  • Greetings all you Sagitarians! 🙂 I am a Gemini lady who's mate is a Sag. I am looking for some insight to my relationship with him. I have been with him for a very long time, but we are not on the same page with anything, other than we both love travel( but not together) and nice restaurants. Ha! There's seems to be a lack of caring and concern on his part for anything that is important to me. It's like I am just a 'walk on' in his play. I don't know where I fit in. He is the important one... I am just here for whatever. Is that normal??? This just isn't 'OK' for most Gemini to live in a shallow relationship, even though many think of us as choosing shallow relationships. So, I wonder if I am just missing something simple here. I would ask him, but it always leads to a fight. He only like to talk about things outside of relationships. , and my chattiness drives him away anyway. Some insight from any of you male Sags would be so helpful.

  • i never dated a gemini or kno much about geminis even though my sister is one but geminis are even harder than scorpios to figure out to me but i also dont think gemini and sagitarius are good matches but my insite about a gemini and sagitarius would be that the attraction for gemini is strong and fun in getting to know the gem but i dont think a relationship would sustain becuz sag mite enjoy chatting wit the gem at times and have alotta fun but sags dont like to talk all the time we have to get back to our thoughts and geminis can talk on n on and beyond that sags are deep and have depth to what they say or they beleive they do and when ur sag says something you prollly dont give or recognize enough depth for the sag's interests and what u say prolly isnt deep enough for him

  • Oh I will probably hear some flak for this. My grandmother was a sag and my brother and an x husband are Sag. I also have a cousin who is and a few girlfriends who are. I now remember saying I used to say that sags were people who made mountains out of molehills. And they missed their calling to be actors. Ok smooth the hair back down. By that I mean everytime my grandmother found a new gray hair or new wrinkle you would think the world was coming to an end. And my brother would blow everything out of proportion. Just make it much bigger a deal than it was. Hense that's how I saw the sign. Its been my experience that the women are very hard workers, where the guys well not so much. Now a few years ago I got my natal chart and found out that I have Sag as my asending sign and my sun is Libra. Oh yes I see that personalitity wise I am a lot like the Sag. I have always wanted to know. And I will find out. I keep searching until I find out and have enough info so that I can move on to the next question. As for travel I would like to but money has always prevented that. But adventure for me is as simple as what can I do to my new place to make it better than it was when I moved in and that is my adventure. I am a full fledged home body but I thought that was because I am so close to Scorpio being at the cusp. I am also truthful and not tactful. Always for the underdog. But I wouldn't call me someone who exaggerates either. If anything I might play thing down. Funny and I don't see all of those negatives in the sag as someone else was talking about. But maybe its because I don't get out that much and look for it.

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