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  • wildwomon,

    I am sorry that you met sag's that are that bad! I know LOTS of sag's besides being one myself, and of them all I know 2 who would possibly fit what you were describing. You must realize that in all signs you will have good and was just misfortune or fate (life lessons) that had you crossing paths with that type of Sagittarians. But you can't really judge a whole sign by a few bad experiences. Sagittarians are very opinionated but I have never known them to be judgemental.

    Also, all scorpios are not what they are stereotyped to be. My first love was Scorpio. He was a lier and a cheat but I look at it as a learning experience (the key is to learn the lessons so you don't have to keep repeating them) Its just that Scorpio and Sag are mostly different and probably will never understand each other. I personally have 3 signs in Scorpio (venus, mars & jupiter) which helps to keep me diverse.

    I hope that you can experience a good relationship with a positive sag (we make really good friends 🙂

    All the best to you!

  • im a sagittarius and its something i can say i am proud of because me my mother and my sister are sagittarius. i dated a sagittarius too. i want to say first that i think every one reflect their sign but no one is defined by their sign. the steps we take each day from the time we are a child shapes who we are each person under each sign is gonna have different traits or actions that maybe make them that sign or not.

    i am december 20

    sister is december 17

    mother is the 29 of november

    some down falls on being a sagittarius- we have insecurities- suicidal thoughts are a common thing i have seen. yes some times we might tend to make a mountain out of a mole hill or take words to heart that maybe werent meant like that, we act like this maybe because we care to much!!??

    i HATE being alone it makes me feel lonely and insecure and i "think to much"

    addictive personalitys are very evident in my mother

    my sister is a very difficult personality whining complaining being dificult and one way.(i think because she is influenced by my father a gemini)

    i can say i notice a pattern with myself in relationships i throw my self all into it then i just get bored and want to walk away. what i can say is that i have always been true about feeling when i say i love you i mean it i am an all in kind of person i give it my all but if its not returned i believe thats when i get restless and walk away.

    wonderful things about sagittarius- determination in a career- for a goal for a loved one or for a friendship

    independence i think is a beautiful thing in people- we can make up our own minds

    i am very nuturing and and very caring towards others i will do anything to make others around me comfortable and happy.

    sagittarius trust people and the ones they love they stay as true as possible but they do like adventure and do need stimulation and excitment...

    i have so much i can say about this......

  • SaggiGal89, my scenario is very similar to yours; My mom is Dec 8, my sister is Dec 11 and I am Dec 19. My dad is also a Gemini. That is wild. I also have Aquarius and Pisces brothers.

    I agree totally with what you said about sag's having insecurities (most can overcome them over time as I have) but my sister still has quite a few. Never really been any whining with any of us and no flare for dramatics, but we all have had the addictive personalities (mainly with men lol)

    My sister hates being alone but I actually enjoy it mostly.

    I have the same problem as you where I can really be into someone and genuinely love them but then fall out just as quick! I do tend to get bored or just lose the interest. Have to work on that one.... Do you have find it pretty easy to leave and still just want to remain friends or at least civil and no hard feelings?

    This being the Pisces board...I do have Pisces rising which I think makes me attracted to Pisces but we can just never seem to see eye to eye. I think pisces are way too deep and introverted for funloving extroverted Sag!

  • LOL Talk about a duh moment! I thought for some reason I was on the Pisces board and all the time I was on the best one around SAG!!!

    Well it still holds true...I think mainly that the Water signs can be too deep and introverted for most Sag's. They tend to be clingy and sometimes act too needy & possesive or jealous and for most Sag's that is like suffication. We don't deal well with that.

    Maybe I'm off base here but I doubt it. 🙂

  • Do you have find it pretty easy to leave and still just want to remain friends or at least civil and no hard feelings?..... yes i find that with people i care about i dont ever want to lose them... i have been told i let people walk all over me and i think its because once i care about you im probably always going to... i try very hard to forgive threw out my life there is one person that i can say i hate and would probably never forgive.

    sagittarius like confidence and independence, we are strong indepent and adventerus so we value others like that so yea some one clingy and possesive and jealous is definitly not some one we want to be around.. it has been done though its about the give and take in a person.

    some give to much some take to much

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Growing up as a Sag and becoming a well-balanced, happy, satisfied and mature Sag is a challenge to the Archer themselves as well as their families. The Sag child must be encouraged to develop WELL our enthusiasm, our wide-range of interests, our deep need to discover through both books and travel, and our very inner sensitive feelings. When our questions get answered about the who, what is, what if, how, why, and where, we are happy. We HAVE to know the answers, and when any situation or person stymies us from our search for knowledge, we get extremely frustrated. When we are derisively asked 'Who cares?', our feelings are very hurt. That type of question in response to our need to know deflates all that we are. WE CARE! Once families, friends and spouses understand and accept this major trait in a Sag, then everyone will get along well. Negative reactions and backstabbing tendencies are a learned response when others deride our needs and hold us back. As you read through the forum, you will see the Sag's enthusiatic take on life, and we are only sad when we are held back. We love to do things for others and really want to be part of the family. Sags love very deeply and often get hurt in personal relationships. I think this is a result of not taking enough time to make sure the person we fall in love with can be secure in letting us fly. I was very lucky to have a Leo Father who taught me to enjoy all the fun in the world even while working hard, and a Virgo Mother who showed me all the beauty in nature, music, art, books, and travel while always conducting my self in the most honest, faithful, mature, Lady-like manner. My suggestion to the Scorpio's response is to imagine your Sag relatives as kites.....we are always joyfully tethered to those we love but we have to fly!

  • Greetings... I am a Sag, and I've got 2 things to say.... Live and let live and don't fence me in... ok, one more thing HONESTY and loyalty are the 2 most important things in my realm of reality!!!!

  • Hi, I am a trip Sag born right in the middle of the cycle. Very much a typical sag and I was glad to see someone say we can't keep a secret. I inadvertantly always tell secrets. You can tell me something and 5 minutes later, right in front of you, I will let the cat out of the bag to someone else....

    As for the scorp's comments - People perceive some sags as actors or drama queens because some of us wear our emotions on our sleeves. We react to something right as it happens and then we get over it and move on..... It may seem dramatic to you but, I tell you, we really do feel those emotions as we are having them. It is our way to cleanse the soul and that is why we for the most part don't hold grudges, look past our past and keep cheerful dispositions.

  • whats up guys ima a sagg that has experianced life as my own creation... i was born dec.2 1988 three years after my brother whos born dec2 1985. first time i met him i was 18 at our birthday partie the family through for us.. my ma put him up for adoption when she was 18.. i met him when i was 18 (just noticed that one my self) my ma is born 11-27-67 and dads is th 19 of dec

    that storie gets deeper and deeper and there are alot more connections in..

    i myself have noticed this arrow they say we have ok.... that we posses the gift of how would you put it really???? all my thoughts take reality be them wishes, dreams or simlpe thoughts.... they happen..

    and i wonder if this happens to others in any way.

    i believe that we as sagg share a strong connection with the universe very strong with other forces are abitily is that of creation but then how we carry out our dream once it has been givin to us

    anyone else out there lol on a lighter side i live with a smile and love the mystery and wonders of nature but do hold dark secrets i dont know of in this life wich is were my struggle is but i see life as beautiful and full of whatever you want haha for me

    but i do give all i have to those close to me,, being born of the 13th zodiac i do share a bond with scorpio ive been involved with the occolt seince i was 12 and fit the description of the healer i recently read about the 13th sign and im interested to hear storoies of others born of this time

    as always theres alot more to say.. but im gonna give all the secrets away that would be foolish

    now its your turn tell me of this magikal world we part of it we are......

  • Wow, I have to say that is one of the most uplifting and enjoyable descriptions of what being a Sagittarius is to you that I have ever read. My father is a Sag. and he has always been very strong, honest, faithful family man and an unstoppable force in providing for his family. There were six of us kids and he worked up to three jobs at times to support us all. And he still found a way to take all ofus on wonderful vacations every year. Like Disneyland, San Francisco to see the ocean, exploring caves in Oregon, and he taught us to fish as soon as we could keep from being pulled in from what we caught, plus we would go play in the snow and ride on a tobaggon.

    Here is another kind of funny fact about me. I am a Libra born on Oct. 10th but was born two months early. This means I was meant to be born a Sagittarius not a Libra. But my ascendant is in Sagittarius, well here just let me list where things are in my chart. So you can see that my intended sun sign still has allot of influence on me.

    Sun Sign: In Libra

    Assendant: Saggitarios

    North Node: Saggitarios

    Midheaven: In Libra

    Moon: In Leo

    Mercury: In Libra

    Venus: In Libra

    Mars: In Virgo

    Jupitor: In Leo

    Saturn: In Scorpio

    Uranus: On Leo

    Neptune: In Libra

    Pluto: In Leo

    I know that is just part of the whole but I still think it may give you some idea of how blended I am between the two signs. I have only had the opportunity to pair up with one Sag. for a very short while and it was something I will never forget. I guess because of the particulars in our charts we seemed to be a match made in heaven. I have never connected with another person like I did with this one. The relationship was short lived because his ex wife decided she wanted to try to work things out with him one more time. They had a beautiful little two year old girl and I just could not even think of standing in the way of him being able to be with his daughter every day as he was missing her so very much. He felt going back was the right thing to do mostly for his small daughter and I agreed that she was the most important thing in his world as she should be.

    It did break my heart that we would never be able to see just where things could have lead us. But it did allow me to find out that this is a sign where things could work out very well. Leo is one other sign that I do very well with but still feel that a Sag would be the best fit for me from my experiences so far. One final thing I have read about is the connection between an Aquarius and a Libra. It is said to be the best paring of any of my compatible signs in as far as having an excellent chance have the relationship work. But unfortunately I have never been with an Aquarius so I don't have any real first hand experience as to what a relationship would truly be like. Gemini is said to be the most problematic of any sign I could pair up with for certain reasons.

    gosh I am sorry for rambling on and on, especially for not even being on the Libra section of this forum. I am totally new here so I guess I figured I would try and let everyone get to know me a little better. I would welcome any comments about my being born a Libra due to the complications that caused my early arrival at birth. It makes me wonder sometimes if I truly am a Libra because of my actual birth date or a strange blending of both signs. I say this because I strongly possess so many of the Sagittarius traits in addition to the Libra. I will always remember my mom saying that I am more like my father than I even realize and he is a Sagittarius.

  • Dear all Sagi,

    Need some expertise from you guys as i'm dealing with my sag ex.

    i'm a pisces (dragon) and my ex gf a sagi (tiger).

    Am thinking of patching thing up with sagi forgive and forget easily?

    Read some of your comment above...realised you guys dun like introvert & clingy person.

    i'm a pisces but definitely not an introvert...cos i have my ascendent in Leo and in Chinese horoscope, a dragon. Very active and restless person.....but i do agree sometimes i'm clingy..especially when i'm insecure.

    Hear from you guys soon.

    Advance thanks for the help render

  • How do you capture a Sag's heart????????????????????

  • twin flame, i cant help but feel for you!! losing that connection must have hurt alot, people say that Sags and Libras are really great together, (im a sag male, seeing a Libra girl) and i know i feel this crazy connection (im sure she does, but afraid to say it) trust me i know lol, but we just "friends" right now, .....yeah right now, she afraid of getting hurt so im being patient which for us sags is hard as hell, omg but shes worth it so ya.

    Buttrflykiss, well im different from most guys out there honestly, im sensitive lol funny that im 6'5 and a big softybut oh well, well for me i geuss, show them you care, and kinda need them but not too much,(i myself wouldnt mind clingy really but most dont), uhhh play hard to get, BUT again not to much cause then we will be like "ok seems like shes not interested like i am, i try and try and still nothing, i wasting my time" if that happens then you need to do something fast before they gone and moved on already. sags are also known for there crazy personality sometimes and be the life of the party so to speak,(but even u run into a shy sag like me, i can be the same way, if im comfortable), when sags for fall someone, we fall HARD and probably be very persistent to get what we want, we show whoever we are with alot of attention and really flirty sometimes lol, its nice to have it in return,

    well geez i cant really think of anymore, cause i dont know about your situation with this sag you like. more info please? lol you just met him recently? or long time friends? or what?

  • hi all


    well I am sag you asked( you sagi forgive and forget easily?)

    i really do not know so much about sag in general

    but let me tell you about me hm if someone hurts me yep i may forgive But forget NOT

    cause for me if Iam hurt it will be like (mistake)and if that someone did that mistake again I would just simply walk away , then I will forget lol

    anyway i hope other sag answer that , cause i wanna know do other sag feel the same way I feel , aso to help you answer your question

  • Wow, I'm aquarius also with a brother who is Sagittarius. We get along great. He's a programmer, I'm aspiring to be a programmer. He also sells houses on the side. I thought about that too. Maybe you just think you don't get along because he is to the books where we are not at all like that. For him law is law. For us laws are made to be broken.

  • Hi. I am a sag woman. Also with 4 other planets in sag. I love it but for some reason the men shy away from me. I'm too strong they feel intimidated. I feel this is an excuse, ha ha. And then the cancers seem to come out of their shell only to run sorry scurry away. Of course by that time I feel the need to get a dish of butter out and start boiling. I do put myself into my work which I love. Any advise.

  • I lived with the exact same problem! especially with the cancers! Until I found my Aquarius! he can handle me. you should go get one too. lol

  • I'm a Sag female married to Picses male for 21yrs now. When I get upset about somethng, I tend to usually get upset quickly but get over it quickly as well. Sorr keyboard is sticking. Lucky for me, he can usually look at me and tell how I'm feeling. I definitely tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. We communicate pretty well usually. Even when we argue, it's pretty reasonable. I'm actually amazed I married a Picses guy. Most friends were usually other fire signs or air signs. Lovers were Libras, Scorps.

    One thing I find interesting about Sag females in my case anyway is that I am a strong female, not a demure lttle dainty girl type female. But I like strong men. I am a big woman and I like big guys. I think I have always had a fascination for well muscled legs. I love to look at long, lean tan, hairy, beautiful legs. Sounds a little weird maybe, but I'm a leg gal. Watching a guy pumping a bicycle down the road a few weeks ago I almost ran off the road. He had the most gorgeous legs I've seen in awhile.

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