Am I blocking myself from moving forward?

  • Thanks for reading my post, any insight appreciated. Wondering if I'm blocking my own forward movement especially the sale of my home? I decided to sell my home because its time to down size & move forward, its 100% my choice not due to financial reasons. I waited 5 yr for the time to be right for my sons & they support my decision. I've had a few disappointing/ hurtful things happen lately so I've really been working on positive thinking & surrounding myself w positive energy & people. I catch myself before saying/thinking things in a negative way. I continue to purge material belongings to prepare for moving which has included emotional purging. This past month, I've stepped up emotional purging to get through the layers of negative stuff I held deep within myself. Yet I feel as if I'm treading water, on pause from moving forward.

    Blessed Be

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  • Spiritually, I do get a strong sense of some emotional attachments that you need to free yourself from, but also a stronger sense of tooooo much control! You need to relax about this issue instead of struggling so much against what is at the current moment. It's good to catch your negative thoughts and to surround your self with more positive people, but you must also learn to just be happy in the here and now regardless of where you ae living. When you focus so much on the fact that the sale of the home hasn't happened yet, you just create more of the same -- the home not selling. Just relax and go with the flow more instead of trying to force things to happen. Trust that the home will sell at the perfect time and all IS and will be well.

    Practically, realize that this is a difficult time to be selling a home and it takes longer so just be patient. Also, ensure your asking price is in line with what the market will bear right now instead of sticking with the price you want or feel you should get.

    AFFIRMATION: My home is selling to the perfect people at the perfect price and at the perfect time.

  • Thanks Watergirl. I have followed all suggestions from the realtor regarding my house & the price, I have accepted the market as it is now. I realized recently I had put a lot of myself into moving & need to get back in the moment. There have been a few other disappointments lately so my emotions were balled up but I'm finding it easier letting it all go. It is true, I have no control regarding the sale of my house or the other situations - except to let go & let things unfold as they are meant to.....getting easier, but I need to be more patient w myself & where I am now.

    Thanks for the affirmation I find they help a lot

    Blessed Be

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