Hi Captain!

  • I saw a Dr Who display at my local bookstore and I thought about you. How are you? I am great. Had a routine physical and all looks good.

    I have 2 questions if you dont mind answering. I am excited to begin my flight instructor training in September and i am studying now. Do you see me passing on the first try? Most dont so im just curious.

    Also, i befriended a girk in Florida named Karly. I think shes interested in more than friendhip. what do you forsee? thanks and hope you are well

  • Pilotguy, if you put in some intensivee study, I see you passing your test on the first attempt.

    What sort of relationship are you hoping for with this Karly?

  • Thanks for the reply. I am stuying a lot and I think i will be ok once i get to the class. As for Karly, i think friendship is best. i was just curious if the "accident" you saw was, well, child related.

    How far into the future can you see? i ask because i fear small bowel obstructions years and decades from now and i argue with people who have similiar issues about it. they say i will have problems because of my scar tissue etc and i tell tell them my dr said i was in better condition inside then he thought. you called that!

    anyway, thanks again. are you getting ready for who?

  • "i was just curious if the "accident" you saw was, well, child related."

    In what way?

    "How far into the future can you see?"

    Depending on your free will, there are many futures open to you. I can only see one possible future for you at a time. In this present moment, I know that there is no chance of your problems returning. At the moment your attitude is mostly positive but I see signs of you slipping back into uncertainty and doubt. You get to choose which one you want by focusing your thoughts on it. If you focus on bad health, then that is what you will attract. But if you tell yourself you are going to enjoy brilliant good health forever - and believe it - then you will. But I can see that although your physical problems have been resolved, you are still in the grip of the bowel problems mentally through your fear of them returning. Don't obsess over this situation until it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You have to let go and trust spirit/God/the Universe to look after you. You are the only one who made yourself ill and thus you are the only one who can prevent a recurrence. Bowel problems are caused by a refusal to let go of or 'eliminate' certain attitudes, so if you cling to the idea of your illness returning, it will.

  • Who? 🙂

  • My mother in law had a feeling, well, it hit her like a brick that I will be fine. She is a devout Catholic, and it is pretty great that you both saw the same think.

    Now for a fun question, if you dont mind. I'd love more then anything to be a pilot for a major airline. I'd love to fly for American, but i wouldnt care. Do you see a major airline or a regional airline? Thanks!

  • Are you prepared to study for and get a four year Bachelor's of Science degree? Virtually every flying job requires an associate degree and almost every airline pilot job requires a bachelor's degree.

  • yup, have a bachelors degree and law degree too

  • To work for a major airline, you will need to have your ATP license. Major airlines typically require at least 3,000 hours total flight time including at least 1,500 hours multi-engine, and at least 1000 hours as pilot in command (PIC) of turbine (jet) powered aircraft, preferably in scheduled airline flying. These numbers are estimates and will vary depending on the airline. Also, while these may be the minimums required to apply for a job at a major airline, they may be far from the actual competitive numbers and the actual experience of successful applicants may be considerably higher than the minimums.


    With the proper ratings and as little as 500-1000 hours of flight time, you could get hired by any number of REGIONAL airlines flying turboprop and regional-jet aircraft. None of which require an ATP. So maybe you could try a regional airline first, then decide if you want to move on to a major airline. The more expeience you get, the more attractive you will be to the bigger airlines.

    Have you considered how the stress of the job will affect you? Especially working for one of the major airlines...

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