Reading for my brother

  • my brother is born 1991-04-04

    I would be so thank if anyone could do a reading for my brother about his future, i am worried about him and would love to have a insight of what will go on...

    I would be so thank if anyone could do this, if you guys have time 🙂

  • Hey Gina,

    We did a reading and wanted to share with you for your brother!

    He is in a time of deep emotional conflict in a relationship that is not working out- is a no go situation. He can get beyond this. Do not despair because there is someone that will be entering his life later that is secure with herself and confident, who will compliment his own strong personality.

    He is concerned with finances, but is being told not to worry about the money. At this time he must appreciate his own strength and move forward, be aware of what he wants and dive into creating what it is he desires most. He will accomplish his goal and cannot fail if he moves forward without hesitating or getting lax about it; but do not force issues or be overbearing about his situation. Be persistent, but mindfull and patient.

    All love and gratitude for your openness

  • Dear Path love, from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for taking your time to do a reading for my brother. it means the world to me. im having goose bumps now of how correct and 100% you have written about my brother, i am so shocked. so totally shocked. everything you wrote is him and his life.

    i am happy to hear this situation he is in, that he can get beyond it, gives me hope 🙂

    and i am even more happier someone is coming into his life, a girl, cause i know love will make him well,

    is it possible for you to see when this ´´girl´´ will come into his life? that will compliment his personality as you wrote.? if its possible to see?

    thank you so much, it means the world to me to get some HOPE for a better life for my dear brother 🙂

    thank you, thank you!!!!!!

  • Hi Gina,

    "We"...did a reading, meaning, a close friend read for you, while I took notes and helped to communicate it to you.We are so happy that you were helped by the reading, thank you for your letter.

    She will try another reading,but

    She would like to know his first name please. She has a brother with the same birthdate so she wants to make clear in her reading who she is getting.

    We are so happy to have given you, and hopefully him, help.

  • Dear patchlove, i see a close friend of yours did this for my brother, awww thank you so much both of you for this. it means a lot for me, truly it does. there is nothing greater in life than to have HOPE for a better future for someone in our families. my brothers first name is -alireza, and it is funny she also has a brother with the same birthdate as my brother.

    thank you and your friend so much, have a great day!

  • Hi Gina,

    BJ said Alireza must heal emotionally first before he is ready for another person. The person is around, perhaps through a friend...but he must concentrate on his own growth and producing results for himself at this time. When he is ready the relationship will bloom.

    She is feeling some blockages in your life also...there are things you must let go of in order for you to realize your own potential.

    Many blessings and love to both of you.


  • dear patchlove, from the bottom of my heart i thank you and your friends who did this reading. i have tears in my eyes now because im so thankful for this reading. everything is correct beyond words about my brother, and the blockage in my own life, is correct too, i need to let go, and i think im trying way too much in life.

    anyhow im positive for a better life for my brother,

    god bless you guys too and i wish you all the best, thank you once again for taking your time to do this!

    thank you

  • Hi Gina,

    You are very sweet, thank you for your blessed gratitude of spirit. May you have the same hope for your own future, for you are a beautiful soul.


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