Blmoon... What do you see?

  • Dear Blmoon,

    It was my son's birthday on the 4th, he is 24. Would you do a reading for him? I would like to know if he will get into the university of his choice for further studies... and whatever advice you may get for him...

    I don't know if your knowing so much about me would be a problem... if you so, I understand.

    Thank you

    Much love

    Radiant Sun

  • I'm being shown a path that wanders--sharp turns--not a straight path at all so do not get yourself "attached" to any one plan or outcome for him. I see that two years from now will be the most startling change in plans for him. There is no talking this one in or out of anything---maybe temporary but he will always do what he is going to do. This two year shift will involve his attraction for someone--intensly. Up until then he will not be one to fall head over heals--in fact he presently has little faith in the "love" department. In fact he is logical and smug with his observations of other people's weaknesses in that department. His ideas about the future change and are not nessasarily a bad thing--he just does not get attached--he has faith in himself--even when things go wrong--his ability to rationalize anything is both a gift and a curse. A gift because it keeps him moving forward but it also cam be a stubborn blind spot. He has rightouse high ideas he stands by but reality is he does not have the life lessons yet to test those ideas so his life path will indeed seem all over the place to others but really for him it's nessasary. He will be humbled. Whatever university you are talking about all I can see is that where ever he goes he will change his mind and you will have no control over that. Part of his delima in career choice is he is capable in many areas--and has not yet discovered them all yet. I'm being shown that at the moment his technicle talents are in the forfront. He will find this carreer path isolating and will want more people contact--interaction---this is part of his life path---testing his "wisdom" about people. After many twists and turns deciding there is a very high chance of going into some kind of counseling field--a doctor oriantated career. This is at least three years away for that seed to take root. For you--best to be very involved in your own "projects" or passion as he will otherwise worry you. You may at times misinturpet his impulsive desicions as lack of focus or being lost but try to stay attached to the big picture. This one is stubborn and the more stubborn a brilliant mind the more learning curve called for. He does tend to think he knows it all. Many brilliant folks do! BLESSINGS!

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